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Genre: Rock

Magnum Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Sacred Hour
2 Kingdom Of Madness
3 When We Were Younger
4 Tonight's The Night
5 Walking The Straight Line
6 Time To Cross That River
7 Pray For The Day
8 Sacred Hour
9 Out Of The Shadows
10 Dragons Are Real
11 All England's Eyes
12 Wild Angels
13 Spin Like A Wheel
14 Wild Swan
15 One Step Away
16 Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping) [Remix]
17 Dance of the Black Tattoo
18 Eyes Like Fire
19 Live 'Til You Die
20 Days Of No Trust - Live Version
21 Master of Disguise - Live 1976
22 On The Edge Of The World
23 If I Could Live Forever (Live at the Marquee, London)
24 On A Storyteller's Night - Live Version
25 All of My Life (Live At The Marquee, London)
26 Stormy Weather (Live)
27 The Last Frontier
28 Love Is a Stranger (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
29 All England's Eyes (On a Storyteller's Night demo)
30 Kingdom of Madness (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
31 Wild Swan (Live from Koln, Germany)
32 Shadow Town
33 We All Need To Be Loved
34 On a Storyteller's Night
35 Different Worlds (live)
36 Kingdom of Madness - Live 1976
37 Soldier Of The Line
38 Changes (Live from Koln, Germany)
39 Kingdom Of Madness - Live Version
40 Black Skies
41 Les Morts Dansant (Live from Koln, Germany)
42 Midnight (Live)
43 Freedom Day
44 Two Hearts (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
45 Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping) (12" single remix)
46 You're the One (Live - Christmas TV Show) (Bonus Track)
47 The Last Dance (Live)
48 Spirit (Live from Koln, Germany)
49 Putting Things in Place
50 Midnight Angel
51 On a Story Tellers Night
52 Don't Wake the Lion (live)
53 Universe - Live 1976
54 The Lights Burned Out
55 Lonesome Star (7" Single B-Side)
56 Sacred Hour - Live Version
57 Just Like an Arrow (Live from Koln, Germany)
58 On Christmas Day (Live)
59 Mother Nature's Final Dance
60 Rock Heavy (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
61 Maybe Tonight (single B-Side)
62 Moonking
63 The Tall Ships (Live from Koln, Germany)
64 Broken Promises
65 Burning River
66 On a Story Teller's Night
67 Dragons Are Real (Live)
68 Baby Rock Me - Live 1976
69 If I Could Live Forever (Live Version)
70 When The World Comes Down - Live Version
71 C'est La Vie
72 When We Were Younger (Live)
73 Love Is a Stranger (live)
74 Midnight Kings
75 The Battle (Live at the Marquee, London)
76 Heartbroke and Busted
77 Out of the Shadows (Live)
78 Rock Heavy (Live from Koln, Germany)
79 See How They Fall
80 Sacred Blood, Divine Lies
81 On a Storyteller’s Night
82 Lonesome Star (7" Single B-Side) [Bonus Track]
83 Find the Time - Live 1976
84 The Spirit
85 Rockin' Chair - Live Version
86 Just Like An Arrow - Live Version
87 Les Morts Dansant
88 How Far Jerusalem (Demo Version)
89 So Let It Rain (Radio Edit)
90 Reborn (Live at the Marquee, London)
91 Hanging Tree (single B-Side)
92 Maybe Tonight (acoustic version)
93 Hold Back Your Love
94 Two Hearts (Live from Koln, Germany)
95 From Within
96 Crazy Old Mothers
97 Just Like an Arrow (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
98 Stormbringer - Live 1976
99 The Teacher
100 Vigilante - Live Version
101 Unwritten Sacrifice
102 Back Street Kid
103 Pray for the Day (Live)
104 Midnight
105 A Face In The Crowd
106 So Cold the Night (Live at the Marquee, London)
107 The Last Dance (live From the Farewell Tour)
108 Endless Love
109 Sacred Hour (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
110 Blood Red Laughter (acoustic version)
111 Gypsy Queen
112 Les Morts Dansant (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
113 Without Your Love - Live 1976
114 How Far Jerusalem (Live)
115 Too Many Clowns
116 Must Have Been Love (live)
117 Vigilante (Live At Srf)
118 In My Minds Eye
119 Two Hearts (Live)
120 Sacred Hour (live From the Farewell Tour)
121 Baby Rock Me
122 Only In America (Live - Christmas TV Show '92)
123 We All Need to Be Loved (live From Prague CZ)
124 Princess In Rags
125 How Far Jerusalem (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
126 Lords of Chaos - Live 1976
127 We All Play The Game
128 Endless Love (Live)
129 The Art of Compromise
130 Like Brothers We Stand
131 One Step Away (live)
132 Didn't Like You Anyway
133 The Last Dance (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
134 The Moonking
135 Rocking Chair (Live from Koln, Germany)
136 Vigilante (Live from Koln, Germany)
137 Shadow Town (acoustic version)
138 Your Dreams Won't Die
139 Changes (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
140 In the Beginning - Live 1976
141 Days Of No Trust
142 Before First Light (Live)
143 Wisdom's Had Its Day
144 Start Talking Love (Live from Koln, Germany)
145 Didn’t Like You Anyway
146 All My Bridges
147 Only In America (Live - Christmas TV Show '92) [Bonus Track]
148 You're the One (Live - Christmas TV Show '92) [Bonus Track]
149 Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping) (Previously Unreleased)
150 The Prize (Live)
151 Reborn (Live Version)
152 Eyes Like Fire (Full Version)
153 Afraid of the Night
154 Back to Earth (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
155 All of My Life - Live 1976
156 Different Worlds
157 Everybody Needs (Live)
158 The Valley of Tears
159 Vigilante (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
160 How Far Jerusalem
161 No One Knows His Name
162 The Lights Burned Out (Live)
163 The Spirit (Previously Unreleased)
164 One Sacred Hour (live)
165 On a Storyteller's Night (Live)
166 Moonking (Live From Mannheim D)
167 Forgotten Conversation
168 Back to Earth (Live from Koln, Germany)
169 The Battle - Live 1976
170 Don't Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young)
171 Kingdom of Madness (Live At The Marquee, London)
172 Wisdom’s Had Its Day
173 Vigilante
174 Tell Tale Eyes (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
175 What Kind of Love Is This
176 If I Ever Lose My Mind
177 On a Story Tellers Night (Live)
178 Must Have Been Love
179 Steal Your Heart
180 Wild Angels (Live in Aschaffenburg)
181 The Prize (acoustic version)
182 Quiet Rhapsody
183 Lords of Chaos (Live at the Marquee, London)
184 Pray For The Day - Live Version
185 It Must Have Been Love
186 Invasion (Live At The Marquee, London)
187 Falling For the Big Plan
188 Rocking Chair (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
189 The Moon King
190 The Last Dance (Live from Koln, Germany)
191 All the Dreamers
192 The Word
193 Love Is a Stranger (Live from Koln, Germany)
194 One Night of Passion (acoustic version)
195 Twelve Men Wise And Just
196 Foolish Heart (Live at the Marquee, London)
197 Les Morts Dansants - Live Version
198 Matter Of Survival
199 Kingdom of Madness (Live from Koln, Germany)
200 Crying In the Rain
201 Spirit (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
202 Find the Time (Kingdom of Madness session outtake)
203 The Visitation
204 Sacred Hour (Live from Koln, Germany)
205 Blood Red Laughter
206 Breakdown
207 All England's Eyes (demo)
208 Just Like an Arrow (Live)
209 Don't Cry Baby
210 In the Beginning (Live at the Marquee, London)
211 Reckless Man - Live Version
212 Rockin Chair
213 Great Adventure (Live At The Marquee, London)
214 Don't Fall Asleep
215 Start Talking Love
216 Wild Swan (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
217 Changes (7" single remix)
218 Doors To Nowhere
219 Only in America (Live - Christmas TV Show) (Bonus Track)
220 On the 13th Day
221 Mama
222 Dance of the Black Tattoo (Live) [Bonus Track]
223 So Cold the Night (live)
224 Invasion - Live 1976
225 Like Brothers We Stand (Live)
226 How Far Jerusalem - Live Version
227 Days of No Trust (Live from Koln, Germany)
228 Don’t Fall Asleep
229 Start Talking Love (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
230 The Lights Burned Out (Chase the Dragon session outtake)
231 You're the One (Live - Christmas TV Show '92)
232 Rock Heavy (live)
233 So Let It Rain
234 Those Were The Days
235 Dance of the Black Tattoo (Live)
236 Feels Like Treason
237 Everybody Needs - Live 1976
238 Changes (Live at the Marquee, London)
239 The Spirit - Live Version
240 Tell Tale Eyes (Live from Koln, Germany)
241 How Far Jerusalem (Live from Koln, Germany)
242 You're the One (Live)
243 The Tall Ships (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
244 Long Days, Black Nights (7" single B-Side)
245 Days of No Trust (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)

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Magnum Bio

Magnum are a British progressive rock band from Birmingham, England. Formed as a four piece by Tony Clarkin (guitar, songwriter), Bob Catley (vocals), Kex Gorin (drums) and Bob Doyle (bass) in order to appear as the resident band at The Rum Runner night club in Birmingham. Magnum have undergone several changes in personnel over the years; however, the core of Catley and Clarkin remain.

Magnum's most notable success during their early years was Chase The Dragon in 1982, which reached #17 in the UK Albums Chart, and included several songs that would be mainstays of the band's live set, notably "Soldier Of The Line," "Sacred Hour" and "The Spirit".

Their breakthrough came in 1985 with the gold certified album On A Storyteller's Night, which featured the single "Just Like An Arrow". This success continued in the following years with the Roger Taylor produced Vigilante in 1986, the Top 5, silver certified album Wings Of Heaven in 1988, which featured three Top 40 singles, and the Keith Olsen produced Goodnight L.A. which reached #9 in the UK Album Chart in 1990.

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