Macy Gray Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Macy Gray Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Try
2 Caligula
3 Things That Made Me Change
4 Sweet Baby
5 My Nutmeg Phantasy
6 Forgiveness
7 Glad You're Here
8 The Letter
9 When I See You
10 My Fondest Childhood Memories
11 Every Now And Then
12 Everybody
13 Freak Like Me
14 "Hey Young World, Pt. 2"
15 It Ain't the Money
16 A Moment to Myself
17 Treat Me Like Your Money
18 Demons
19 Time Of My Life
20 Happiness
21 Love Is Gonna Get You
22 Relating to a Psychopath
23 Speechless
24 Boo
25 Matic Venus Freak
26 Do Something
27 Gimme All Your Lovin' or I Will Kill You
28 The World Is Yours
29 Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
30 Lost
31 Strange Behavior
32 Beauty In The World
33 It's Love
34 Positions And Whip Cream All Over My Skin
35 Sail (Dirty Plastic Hits Remix)
36 Oblivion
37 Maybe Your Baby
38 Help Me
39 Smoke 2 Joints
40 Walk This Way
41 I Can't Wait to Meetchu
42 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
43 You And I (We Can Conquer The World)
44 Blowin' Up Your Speakers
45 The Sellout
46 Stalker
47 Maps
48 Lie to Me
49 Still
50 You've Got It Bad Girl
51 Tuesday Heartbreak
52 Lately
53 Coming Back To You
54 Wake Up (Arcade Fire song)
55 Don't Come Around (Featuring Sunshine Anderson)
56 I've Committed Murder
57 Stoned
58 Superstition
59 Kissed It
60 Don't Forget Me
61 Teenagers
62 Sleep to Dream
63 Bang Bang
64 Come Together
65 Big Brother
66 This Christmas (Hang All The Mistletoe)
67 Creep
68 Sail
69 Hands
70 She Don't Write Songs
71 Blame It On The Sun
72 I Want To Be Your Mother's Son-In-Law
73 Love Lockdown/Buck
74 Nothing Else Matters
75 Sexual Revolution
76 I Miss the Sex
77 Jesus for a Day
78 Looking For Another Pure Love
79 Ghetto Love
80 On & On
81 Here Comes the Rain Again
82 First Time
83 I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
84 Do Something (Organized Noise Mix)
85 I've Committed Murder (Gangstarr Remix)
86 Bubbly
87 She Ain't Right for You
88 The Way
89 Hey Young World, Part 2 (Featuring Slick Rick)
90 Slap A Bitch
91 Winder Wonderland
92 Power Of Love
93 Queen of the Big Hurt
94 Sweet Baby (With Erykah Badu)
95 She Don't Write Songs About You
96 Let You Win
97 La La La (Teaching The Kids)
98 Me With You
99 Screamin'
100 Winter Wonderland
101 Finally Made Me Happy
102 That Man
103 You Want Them Nervous
104 Hey Young World Part 2
105 Need You Now
106 When I See You [Bonus Tracks] (Bugz In The Attic Remix)
107 Slowly
108 Real Love
109 Why Didn't You Call Me
110 Mel Rap
111 Harry
112 Life
113 My Nutmeg Phantasy (Morello Mix)
114 What I Gotta Do
115 The Comeback
116 Really (Skit)
117 I've Committed Murder [Bonus Tracks] (Gang Starr Main Mix)
118 One For Me
119 I Try Is Cool and All, But (Skit)
120 Don't Come Around
121 Shoo Be Doo
122 Still Hurts
123 Stand Up
124 Here Comes The Rain Again (Dirty Plastic Hits Remix)

Macy Gray Bio

Macy Gray (born Natalie McIntyre, September 6, 1970) is a Grammy Award-winning American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress, famed for her distinctive raspy voice, and a singing style heavily influenced by Billie Holiday and Betty Davis.

Gray has released five studio albums, with her fifth studio album, The Sellout, released on June 22, 2010; and has received five Grammy Award nominations, winning one. She has appeared in a number of films including Training Day, Spider-Man, Scary Movie 3, Lackawanna Blues, Idlewild and For Colored Girls. Gray is best known for her international hit single "I Try", taken from her multi-platinum debut album On How Life Is.

Macy Gray, was born to Laura McIntyre, a math teacher, and Otis Jones; Laura later remarried Richard McIntyre, who adopted Macy and fathered her brother Nathon and sister Nehlia. Gray was born in Canton, Ohio, where she briefly worked at age 12, before being fired for lateness. She decided to pursue a career in music after being expelled from Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, which she had attended from the age of 14. However, Gray's initial success came as a surprise.