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Genre: R&B

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1 Lovely Day"(feat. Busta Rhymes
2 There's Nothing Better Than Love
3 I'm Only Human"(feat. Cassandra Wilson & Bob James
4 The Closer I Get To You"(feat. Beyonce Knowles
5 There's Nothing Better Than Love"(feat. Gregory Hines
6 Impossible Dream
7 Get It Right"(feat. Precise
8 I (Who Have Nothing) (Duet w/ Martha Wash)
9 The Closer I Get to You
10 Say It Now
11 I'd Rather (Metro Edit)
12 Give Me The Reason - Single Version
13 She Won't Talk to Me (live)
14 O' Come All Ye Faithful
15 Can Heaven Wait (Harris & Cox Tribal Club)
16 Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
17 Any Day Now
18 Ain't No Stopping Us Now
19 The Closer I Get to You (with Beyoncé Knowles)
20 Stop to Love (album version)
21 I Gave It Up
22 The Thrill I'm In
23 May Christmas Bring You Happiness
24 She's a Superlady
25 I'm Gonna Start Today
26 Got You Home
27 A House Is Not a Home
28 'Til My Baby Comes Home (Dance Version)
29 They Said You Need Me
30 Hustle
31 If This World Were Mine (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
32 Promise Me
33 Love Forgot
34 I Really Don't Mean It
35 So Amazing - Single Version
36 'Till My Baby Comes Home
37 Creepin'
38 I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo Global Club)
39 Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
40 Like I'm Invisible
41 See Me
42 The Lady Is a Tramp
43 Searching (Performed by Change)
44 Shine (Freemasons radio mix)
45 Come Back
46 May Christmas Bring You Happiness (1991 remix)
47 She’s a Super Lady
48 Emotional Love
49 Shine (Freemasons Mixshow radio edit)
50 Since I Lost My Baby
51 Power of Love / Love Power (The Dance Radio Mix)
52 Hit It Again
53 Are You Gonna Love Me
54 Dance With My Father (album version)
55 She's So Good to Me
56 Stop the Love
57 Bad Boy / Having a Party (Single Version)
58 Hearts Get Broken All the Time.
59 She Loves Me Back
60 So Amazing (Intimate Mix)
61 Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
62 Are You There (With Another Guy)
63 I Gave It Up (When I Fell in Love)
64 Bad Boy/Having a Party
65 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now ('95 remix)
66 Treat You Right
67 Forever, for Always, for Love
68 Never Too Much
69 She’s a Superlady
70 It's Hard For Me To Say
71 Busy Body
72 Superstar / Until You Come Back Home to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
73 Superstar / Until You Come Back to Me
74 Can Heaven Wait (David Harness Soulful Club Mix)
75 Give Me the Reason (From "Ruthless People")
76 I've Been Working
77 Take You Out (Allstar remix)
78 Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)
79 A House Is Not a Home (Live)
80 Wait for Love (Single Version)
81 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
82 The Night I Fell in Love
83 Medley: How Deep Is Your Love/Love Don't Love Nobody
84 Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
85 For You to Love
86 I Really Didn't Mean It
87 How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (Duet with Dionne Warwick)
88 Heaven Knows (Classic 12" mix)
89 Better Love
90 I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo mix)
91 Heaven Knows
92 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire)
93 Whether Or Not The World Gets Better"(feat. Lisa Fischer
94 I'll Let You Slide
95 The Closer I Get to You (feat. Beyoncé)
96 If This World Were Mine
97 Take You Out (Radio Edit)
98 Secret Lovers
99 They Said You Needed Me
100 Bring Your Heart to Mine
101 Never Too Much (live)
102 Love Is On The Way (Real Love)
103 Glow of Love (Live)
104 Any Love (Single Mix)
105 If I Was the One
106 If the World Were Mine (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
107 Can Heaven Wait (SAF Rhythm Radio Mix)
108 Endless Love (Duet With Luther Vandross)
109 Killing Me Softly
110 Anyone Who Had a Heart
111 There's Only You
112 It's Over Now (dance mix)
113 Because It's Really Love
114 Your Secret Love
115 Sometimes It's Only Love
116 Think About You (Radio Edit)
117 Make Me a Believer
118 Never Too Much (12")
119 Going in Cirlces
120 The Closer I Get to You (Radio Edit)
121 You’re the Sweetest One
122 If It Ain't One Thing (feat. Foxy Brown)
123 The Best Things in Life Are Free (feat. Janet Jackson)
124 Here and Now (Live)
125 I'd Rather (Radio Version)
126 Goin' Out of My Head
127 How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (feat. Dionne Warwick)
128 I'd Rather (Metro Mix)
129 Shine (club mix)
130 You're the Sweetest One
131 I Know You Want To
132 Bad Boy / Having a Party
133 Stop to Love (12" mix)
134 I Wanted Your Love
135 She's So Good to Me (original album version)
136 Don't Want to Be a Fool
137 Give Me the Reason (live at Wembley)
138 I (Who Have Nothing) [Duet With Martha Wash]
139 Your Secret Love (single mix)
140 So Amazing
141 Shine (Freemasons Mixshow)
142 If It Ain't One Thing
143 Hearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem...
144 Give Me TheReason
145 I Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This)
146 If Only for One Night
147 Take You Out (Live)
148 Here And Now - Single Version
149 I Want the Night to Stay
150 At Christmas Time
151 Never Too Much (Original Remix)
152 Shine (dub mix)
153 The Christmas Song
154 For the Sweetness of Your Love
155 Ready for Love
156 Your Secret Love (Urban remix)
157 If I Didn't Know Better
158 When I Need You
159 I Can Make It Better
160 Give Me the Reason (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack "Ruthless People")
161 Nights In Harlem"(feat. Precise
162 Glow of Love
163 Your Secret Love (remix)
164 Stop to Love
165 Superstar / Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
166 Power Of Love
167 A House Is Not AHome
168 Lady Lady
169 Think About You
170 Love Won't Let Me Wait (Live)
171 Wait for Love
172 I'm Only Human
173 I'd Rather
174 Power of Love/Love Power (The Frankie Knuckles Radio Remix)
175 Shine (dub instrumental)
176 Lovely Day
177 If Only for One Night / Creepin
178 Searching (Live)
179 The Rush (Morales 12" mix)
180 She Saw You
181 Keeping My Faith in You
182 'Til My Baby Comes Home
183 Power of Love / Love Power (Master Single Version)
184 Don't You Know That?
185 Power of Love (Love Power) (remix)
186 Love the One You're With
187 Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
188 When You Call On Me
189 Power of Love / Love Power (Single Version)
190 I Can Tell You That
191 Buy Me a Rose
192 Stop to Love (Live)
193 Power of Love/Love Power
194 Let's Make Tonight the Night
195 Always and Forever
196 I Gave It Up (When I Fell in Love) (Marcus Miller extended mix)
197 Shine (club instrumental)
198 What the World Needs Now
199 Searching
200 If You Can't Dance
201 Take You Out (album version)
202 Apologize
203 Isn't There Someone
204 She Won't Talk to Me
205 Shine (Main)
206 Never Let Me Go
207 I Listen to the Bells
208 Are You Using Me?
209 Power Of Love/Love Power (The Dance Radio Mix)
210 [emotion 98.3] Never Too Much
211 I Wonder
212 Give Me the Reasons
213 Dance With My Father
214 If Only for One Night (Live)
215 Power of Love / Love Power
216 Sugar and Spice (I Found Me a Girl)
217 It's Over Now
218 Power of Love / Love Power (The Frankie Knuckles radio remix)
219 Shine (Mixshow instrumental)
220 Never Too Much (album version)
221 The Glow of Love
222 Always and Forever (Live)
223 I'd Rather (Album Version & Radio Version)
224 Right In the Middle
225 Religion
226 Love Don't Hurt You Anymore
227 Dance With My Father (Album Version and Radio Version)
228 Hit It Again"(feat. Queen Latifah
229 There's Nothing Better Than Love (with Gregory Hines)
230 One Night With You (Everyday of Your Life)
231 When You Call on Me / Baby That's When I Come Runnin'
232 Power of Love (Love Power) (The Radio Mix)
233 Shine (Instrumental)
234 The Closer I Get to You (Duet With Luther Vandross)
235 The Second Time Around
236 Don't Wanna Be a Fool
237 Lovely Day, Part II (feat. Busta Rhymes)
238 I'd Rather (Live)
239 Power OfLove/Love Power
240 Reflections
241 My Sensitivity (Gets In the Way)
242 The 2nd Time Around
243 Shine (radio mix)
244 Shine (Freemasons remix)
245 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Morales remix)
246 Never Too Much (12" version)
247 You Really Started Something
248 Going In Circles
249 Dream Lover
250 Knocks Me Off My Feet
251 Take You Out (Radio Edit & Album Version)
252 Going Out of My Head
253 Get It Right
254 I Won't Let You Do That to Me
255 The Best Things in Life Are Free (Classic Club edit) (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack Mo' Money) (feat. Janet Jackson)
256 Shine (Radio Edit)
257 Superstar/Until You Come Back
258 Power Of Love/Love Power - Original
259 Once You Know How
260 With A Christmas Heart
261 Little Miracles
262 Any Love
263 Emotion Eyes
264 Other Side of the World
265 Everybody Rejoice
266 Shine (radio a cappella)
267 For Ever, for Always, for Love
268 I Gave It Up (When I Fell in Love) (Marcus Miller mix)
269 Endless Love (Duet with Luther Vandross)
270 Never Too Much (original remix ’81)
271 All the Woman I Need
272 Are You Mad at Me
273 Here and Now
274 Got You Home (Main)
275 What The World Needs Now Is Love
276 I Know
277 It's All About You
278 The Rush
279 It's Hard for Me to Say Goodbye
280 Never really wished on a star
281 If This World Were Mine (with Mariah Carey)
282 Endless Love
283 This Is Christmas
284 I Who Have Nothing (feat. Martha Wash)
285 I'd Rather - Radio Version
286 Grown Thangs
287 Love Won't Let Me Wait
288 I'd Rather (Radio Edit)
289 Shine (club a cappella)
290 Once Were Lovers
291 Power of Love - Love Power (dance radio mix)
292 Power of Love - Love Power (The Power reprise)
293 Stop to Love (Special version)
294 Crazy Love
295 Now That I Have You
296 Take You Out
297 Power of Love/Love Power (Master Single Version)
298 The Mistle Toe Jam (Everybody Kiss Somebody)
299 Nights in Harlem
300 The Best Things in Life Are Free (Classic club edit)
301 I Know (feat. Stevie Wonder)
302 There's Nothing Better Than Love (feat. Gregory Hines)
303 How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
304 Dance with My Father - Album/Radio Version
305 7. Dance With My Father
306 The Mistletoe Jam (Everybody Kiss Somebody)
307 Every Year, Every Christmas
308 Here and Know
309 I'd Rather - Radio Version
310 Can Heaven Wait
311 Superstar
312 I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo Global Mix)
313 Here & Now
314 You Stopped Loving Me
315 Always & Forever
316 Power of Love - Love Power (Colin Peter & Carl Ward 7" vocal remix)
317 It’s Over Now (Special version)
318 Too Proud to Beg
319 Nights in Harlem (A Darkchild extended mix)
320 Evergreen
321 Shine (Freemasons Radio)
322 My Baby Comes Home
323 Love Me Again
324 Hello
325 Give Me the Reason
326 Dance With My Father (Radio Edit)
327 Always And Forever - Royal Albert Hall 1994
328 Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
329 Sugar & Spice
330 My Favorite Things
331 Can Heaven Wait (SAF Deep & Dark Mix) [Short Club]
332 I'd Rather - Radio Version
333 Hearts Get Broken All the Time (But the Problem Is, This Time It's Mine)
334 Power of Love / Love Power (The Absolutely Fabulous Club mix)
335 Shine (The Freemasons Mix)
336 Dance With My Father (Radio Version)
337 The Impossible Dream
338 Power of Love (Love Power Original)
339 Power of Love - Love Power (Uno Clio 7" vocal remix)
340 Never Too Much (extended remix ’89)
341 Medley: How Deep Is Your Love / Love Don't Love Nobody
342 Nobody to Love
343 Shine
344 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
345 Take You out Tonight (Allstar Remix Radio Edit)
346 Can't Be Doin' That Now
347 Love Don't Love You Anymore (TM's Urban mix)
348 Take You Out Tonight
349 Love Don't Love You Anymore
350 Searching - Wembley Stadium 1989 - Live
351 Never Too Much (Just Right Mix)
352 Any Love (live)
353 Please Come Home for Christmas
354 Can Heaven Wait (Harris & Cox Club Banger)
355 Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
356 How Do I Tell Her
357 Heart of a Hero
358 Never Too Much (remix '89 by Justin Strauss)
359 Endless Love (Duet With Mariah Carey)
360 A Kiss for Christmas
361 Never Too Much ('89 remix)
362 Power of Love - Love Power (original version - radio edit)
363 She's a Super Lady
364 This Time I'm Right
365 Shine (Freemasons club mix)
366 Since You've Been Gone
367 I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo Radio Mix)
368 How Deep Is Your Love
369 Too Far Down
370 She Doesn't Mind

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Luther Vandross Bio

Luther Ronzoni Vandross (April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005) was an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, and record producer. During his career, Vandross sold over twenty-five million albums and won eight Grammy Awards including Best Male R&B Vocal Performance four times. He won four Grammy Awards in 2004 including the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for the track "Dance With My Father", co-written with Richard Marx. He never married.

Born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City in the Smith Housing Project, Vandross began playing the piano at the age of three. He grew up in a musical family that moved to the Bronx when he was thirteen. His sister Patricia sang with vocal group The Crests who had a number two hit in 1958 with "Sixteen Candles", though she left the group before the recording. Vandross' father died of diabetes when Vandross was eight years old.

Luther Vandross was in a high school group, Shades of Jade, that once played at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. He was also a member of a theater workshop, "Listen My Brother" who released the singles, "Only Love Can Make a Better World" and "Listen My Brother", and appeared on the second and fifth episodes of Sesame Street in November 1969.

Vandross had diabetes, a disease that ran in his family, as well as hypertension. On April 16, 2003, just four days before his 52nd birthday, Vandross suffered a stroke in his home in Manhattan.

His funeral was in New York City on July 8, 2005. After two days of viewing, Vandross was laid to rest in George Washington Memorial Park in Paramus, New Jersey.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_vandross