Loonie Song Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Loonie Bio

Loonie was just a name that was floating around in various local hip-hop forums, appearing in the nationwide released Rappublic Vol. 1 (BMG 2002) and YouTube before his group Stick Figgas got its first big break, releasing their debut album under 6000 Goonz (Dice & K9) entitled Critical Condition. His crisp delivery, extensive vocabulary, impeccable cadence and thought-provoking rhymes with cryptic metaphors and turns of phrase set him apart from the usual Filipino rapper. Being FrancisM's closest apprentice was definitely a big push for then 16 year old rapper. As Mr. Magalona's hypeman for 6 years helped him penetrate different markets and mastered his versatility in both English and Tagalog. His blunt take on society, commercialism, ignorance, politics and even religion proves a bit too edgy leaving ears shocked and wanting for more.

Loonie is heralded as the best battle mc in todays battling circuit putting in work years before the success of Fliptop. He was crowned as 2004's Power 108 Emcee Battle Champion, nominated for Rookie of the Year at the first Philippine Hiphop Awards and Rapper of the Year at consequent awardings and finally taking home his first Philippine Hiphop Awards trophy last 2007 (Producer of the year) for Critical Condition. At this point in his career, many have branded his path as the "LeBron James" to Francis M's "Michael Jordan".