Lisa Ekdahl Lyrics

Genre: Jazz

Lisa Ekdahl Lyrics - by Popularity

1 På Jakt Efter Solen
2 It's Oh So Quiet
3 Now or Never
4 I'll Be Around
5 It Had to Be You
6 Don't Stop (Alternative Version)
7 It's Oh So Quiet (2)
8 What Is This Called Love
9 One Life
10 Down With Love
11 I Don't Mind (Lisa Ekdahl vs. Cocoon)
12 The Lonely One
13 Just for the Thrill
14 The World Keeps Turning
15 What Is This Thing Called Love
16 Nature Boy (Live)
17 I'm a Fool to Want You
18 Night and Day
19 Don't Stop
20 Just for a Thrill
21 I'll Get a Kick Out of You (Live)
22 Rivers of Love
23 Cry Me a River
24 Sing
25 Open Door
26 Now or Never (Live)
27 Sunny Weather
28 Love for Sale
29 Beautiful Boy
30 I Can't Get Started
31 Laziest Girl In Town (Live)
32 Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile (Live)
33 Only You
34 Lush Life
35 The color of you
36 Longing For Your Light
37 Don't Stop (Live)
38 How Many More Times
39 It Was Just One of Those Things
40 I've never seen anything like you
41 Heavenly Shower
42 I'll Be Around (Live)
43 I Will Be Blessed
44 The Boy Next Door
45 Nightingale
46 Love for Sale (Live)
47 Since You've Been Gone
48 My Heart Belongs to Daddy
49 The rhythm of your hearts
50 Tea for Two (Live)
51 I Don't Miss You Anymore
52 Blame It on My Youth
53 Sun rose
54 Open Door (original home version)
55 The Rhythm of Our Hearts
56 I Get a Kick Out of You
57 Tea for Two
58 I'll Get a Kick Out of You
59 Of My Conceit
60 Daybreak
61 Stranger on Earth
62 When Did You Leave Heaven
63 The Rythym of Our Hearts
64 All I Really Want Is Love
65 It’s Oh So Quiet
66 Deep Inside Your Dreams
67 Everything
68 You're Gonna See a Lot of Me
69 Daybreak (extended chillout mix)
70 Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile
71 Nature Boy
72 You Want Her Approval
73 But Not for Me
74 Daybreak (extended chill out mix)
75 I Don't Mind
76 Laziest Girl In Town
77 Don't Stop (Alternative Version) [Bonus Track]

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