Lightspeed Champion Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Lightspeed Champion Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Salieri's Deposit
2 Never In A Million Years
3 You Didn't See A Thing
4 Baby Baby Nooooo
5 Middle of the Dark
6 Etude Op.3 'Goodnight Michalek
7 Romart
8 Marlene
9 No Surprise (For Wendela)/Midnight Surprise
10 A Bridge And A Goodbye
11 Midnight Surprise (My Time Spent Down the Lavender Bridge/Oh God, Really?/She Said 'I'm Starting to Lose It')
12 Devil in Disguise (live)
13 Number One
14 Tell Me What It's Worth
15 No Surprise (original demo)
16 Marlene (live)
17 Tonight You Belong To Me
18 Tell Me What It’s Worth
19 Xanadu
20 Madame Van Damme (live)
21 Midnight Surprise: My Time Spent Down The Lavender Bridge - Album Version;Explicit
22 No Surprise
23 Faculty of Fears (live)
24 Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk (Live)
25 No Surprise (acoustic version)
26 Sweetheart (live)
27 Keep Me In The Cold
28 Galaxy of the Lost (Live)
29 Galaxy of the Lost
30 Flesh Failures
31 Dry Lips (Live)
32 All to Shit
33 Waiting Game
34 No Surprise (For Wendela) [Live]
35 Midnight Surprise
36 Faculty of Fears
37 Fire In The Ocean
38 Midnight Surprise (Live)
39 Devil Tricks for a Bitch
40 Souvenirs
41 I Can't Wait Anymore
42 The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)
43 I Could Have Done This Myself
44 Never Meant To Hurt You
45 Is This Really Me?
46 Let the Bitches Die
47 Salty Water
48 Galaxy of the Lost (Live at Big Chill House)
49 The Ainslie In Us All
50 No Surprise (For Wendela) / Midnight Surprise
51 Dry Lips
52 There’s Nothing Underwater
53 Madame Van Damme
54 Repetititititit
55 Back to Black
56 Midnight Surprise (radio edit)
57 I Don’t Want to Wake Up Alone
58 Smooth Day (At the Library)
59 Intermission
60 Dead Head Blues
61 Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk
62 There's Nothing Underwater
63 Sweetheart
64 Intermission 2
65 The Big Guns of Highsmith
66 Souvenirs (Patrick Wolf cover)
67 I Don't Want to Wake Up Alone