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Genre: R&B

Lemar Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Time to Grow (5am remix)
2 Won't Walk Away
3 Dance
4 Into The Night Sky
5 The Way Love Goes
6 Someday We'll Be Together
7 Body Talk
8 All I Ever Do (My Boo) (Live)
9 Not What You Say
10 If She Knew (Radio Edit)
11 Time to Grow (Kings of Soul remix)
12 Fall Over
13 Time to Grow
14 The One Who Saves You
15 What Is This Thing Called Love?
16 Never Be Another You
17 What About Love?
18 The Way Love Goes (Full Phat Remix With Mz Bratt)
19 Black Tide
20 It's Not That Easy (Live Version)
21 Time to Grow (Kardinal Beats remix - No Rap)
22 Diamonds
23 It's Not That Easy
24 Very Best
25 If She Knew (Crazy Cousinz remix)
26 The Letter (Le Flex Remix)
27 Good Woman
28 The Way Love Goes (Cahill Club Mix)
29 Just Can't Live With Each Others Love
30 All I Ever Do/Boo Pt. 2
31 50/50 (radio edit)
32 Just Can't Live Without Each Other Love
33 Love Me or Leave Me
34 Born To Love
35 Be Faithful
36 Tick Tock - Kardinal Beats (album version)
37 Hot Summer
38 Coming Home (Radio Edit)
39 Don't Give It Up
40 Lullaby
41 One Night
42 Someone Should Tell You
43 Dedicated (Intro)
44 Just Can't Live Without Each Other's Love
45 Crazy Love
46 Alright With Our Love
47 The Way Love Goes (Cahill Dub Mix)
48 All I Ever Do / Boo Part II
49 50/50 (Blacksmith R&B Rub) (feat. Jahzell)
50 What About Love (2010 Remix)
51 Dance (With You)
52 Don't Run Away
53 When a Heart Is Broken
54 Tainted Love
55 Soulman
56 Don't Give It Up (Radio Edit)
57 All I Ever Do/Boo Part II
58 I Believe in a Thing Called Love
59 Let's Fall In Love
60 Heartbreaker
61 I Believe In A Thing Called Love - Live Lounge
62 Caroline
63 Crazy Love
64 Better Than This
65 Invincible (Feng Shui Remix)
66 Dance (With U) (Blacksmith R&B Rub) (feat. Jahzell)
67 If There's Any Justice (5am remix) (feat. Cassidy)
68 Can't You See
69 Tick Tock (Kardinal Beats Retro remix)
70 The Letter - Miura Keys Remix
71 Let's Fall in Love (interlude)
72 Tainted Love
73 I Don't Mind That
74 Invincible (Steeve Lauritano Radio Edit)
75 Dance (With U) (JD aka Dready remix)
76 All I Ever Do / My Boo (Part II)
77 Soul Man
78 Tick Tock (Future cut remix)
79 Higher Love
80 Anniversary
81 Tainted Love
82 Call Me Daddy
83 Invincible (Moto Blanco Remix Edit)
84 50/50
85 Let's Stay Together
86 The First Time
87 Tick Tock (Johnny Douglas remix)
88 The Letter
89 Beauty Queen
90 Crazy Love
91 Complicated Cupid
92 Invincible (Moto Blanco Remix Full)
93 If There's Any Justice (radio edit)
94 50/50 (Kings of Soul vocal mix)
95 Invincible
96 Tick Tock (album version)
97 Love Song
98 Your Face
99 Tainted Love
100 Maybe Just Maybe
101 Invincible (Acoustic)
102 If There's Any Justice (Ron G remix) (feat. Cassidy)
103 Dance (With U) (Full Intention vocal mix)
104 Keep On Luvin'
105 If She Knew
106 Bring it on Home to Me
107 It’s Not That Easy
108 Crazy Love
109 Feels Right
110 Invincible (DJ Lora Remix)
111 Don't Give Up
112 Time to grow on
113 All I Ever Do / My Boo
114 Beautiful
115 Mayday
116 Love Turned Hate
117 What If
118 It's Not That Easy (Live)
119 The Reason
120 Invincible (Moto Blanco Edit)
121 Another Day
122 Little Miss Heartbreaker
123 Another Day (radio edit)
124 Hurricane
125 Coming Home
126 Tainted Love
127 Fresh
128 Someone Should Tell You (Live at The Jazz Café)
129 Wait Forever
130 Invincible (Moto Blanco Remix)
131 Dance (With U)
132 You Don't Love Me
133 Another Day (Kings of Soul vocal mix) (edit)
134 Merry Go Round
135 Tick Tock
136 Love and Happiness
137 Sweet Love
138 Weight of the World (Radio Edit)
139 Trust Me
140 If There's Any Justice
141 Time to Grow (radio edit)
142 Counting The Days
143 50 / 50
144 Can't Let Go
145 Weight of the World
146 Crazy Love
147 No Pressure
148 If There's Any Justice (Live)
149 Over You
150 If There’s Any Justice

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Lemar Bio

Lemar Obika (born 4 April 1978), professionally known as Lemar, is a British soul and R&B singer, songwriter and vocal producer who has had a run of chart success in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Lemar was born in London to Nigerian (Igbo) parents, and was raised in Tottenham listening to soul music and R&B. He used to sing at home with his brothers and sister, pretending to be The Jacksons. He was seventeen when he had his first concert at the Junior Jam at the Temple in Tottenham supporting Usher. He gave up an opportunity to study pharmacy at the Cardiff University to pursue a musical career. Lemar had some success supporting various artists such as Destiny's Child, Total, Uncle Sam and Usher Raymond on their UK club tours and after some years, managed to secure a recording contract with BMG. Following this, he released his debut single "Got Me Saying Ooh". Unfortunately his record deal with BMG fell through in less than a year due to restructuring at the record label. He had to eventually take a job working as an accounts manager at NatWest in Enfield, north London.

Lemar was most notably brought to public attention on the BBC's Fame Academy in 2002, a combination of a talent quest and reality television show. He made the finals of the show winning plaudits for his version of "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green and singing a duet with Lionel Richie on "Easy". While he ended up finishing third in the show, which was won by David Sneddon, he caught the eye of fellow English soul singer Beverley Knight, who invited him to sing a duet with her during her concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. Sony Music was so impressed with his potential that they signed him to a five year record deal worth £1 million.

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