Lecrae Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lecrae Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Go Hard
2 Rebel Intro
3 Don't Waste Your Life
4 Identity
5 Change
6 Indwelling Sin
7 Truth
8 Got Paper
9 Live Free
10 Beautiful Feet
11 I'm A Saint
12 The Bride
13 Unashamed
14 Breathin To Death
15 Fall Back
16 It's Your World
17 More
18 Desperate
19 Invisible
20 Jesus Muzik
21 The Truth
22 The King Intro
23 The King
24 Nobody
25 Death Story
26 El Shaddai
27 After The Music Stops
28 Overdose
29 Children Of The Light
30 The Drop (Intro)
31 Fuego
32 Sell Out
33 Runners
34 High
35 Gravity
36 Apb
37 Lost My Way
38 All I Need Is You
39 New Shalom
40 Walk with Me
41 Cold World
42 Misconception Pt 2
43 Give In
44 40 Deep
45 Free From It All
46 Misconception
47 Battle Song
48 Believe
49 Good, Bad, Ugly
50 Get Low
51 Walking On Water
52 Fallin’ Down
53 Spazz
54 Anger Management
55 Devil In Disguise
56 Broken
57 Prayin' For You
58 God Is Enough
59 Fakin’
60 Rejects
61 Blow Your High
62 The Fever
63 Messengers
64 Boasting
65 Violence
66 My Whole Life Changed
67 Strung Out
68 Co-sign Pt. 2
69 Freedom
70 Background
71 Mayday
72 If I Die Tonight
73 Chase That Intro
74 Outsiders
75 Gangland
76 New Reality
77 Confe$$ions
78 Hang On
79 Chase That (Ambition)
80 Welcome to America
81 Deja Vu
82 Release Date
83 Buttons
84 Round of Applause
85 Say I Won't
86 Sidelines
87 Cruising
88 Check In
89 I Love You
90 Power Trip
91 Was It Worth It
92 Nuthin
93 I Did It For You
94 It Is What It Is
95 Killa
96 The Good Life
97 Lord Have Mercy
98 Bun B Speaks
99 Fear
100 Can't Do You
101 Divine Intervention
102 Like That
103 I Know
104 Finer Things
105 Anomaly
106 Run
107 Forever
108 Just Like You
109 Going In
110 Tell the World
111 Hands Up
112 Timepiece
113 Send Me
114 Misconceptions 3
115 Gotta Know
116 No Regrets
117 Lucky Ones
118 I'm Turnt
119 Dirty Water
120 I Wouldn't Know
121 Used To Do It Too
122 Special
123 Higher
124 Let It Whip
125 Wish

Lecrae Bio

Lecrae Moore is a Christian rap artist signed to Reach Records. Lecrae resides in Memphis, Tennessee hosting hip-hop related events, volunteering at the local juvenile detention center, and engaging with ReachLife Ministries. Also, as a member of the 116 Clique, Lecrae ministers at various campus and community venues. Lecrae has received two nominations at the 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards. One was for his song, Jesus Muzik, which also featured Trip Lee; and the other nomination was for his second album, After the Music Stops. He has received reviews from various magazines including Rapzilla, which specifically noted his style and his latest album, After the Music Stops, has been called, "one of the best CDs I have heard in 2006. Lecrae's flows are clever but straight to the point and his delivery is very clear.

Lecrae Moore was born in the south side of Houston, Texas, but lived most of his youth in Denver and San Diego. He currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Lecrae provides a southern rap style to Cross Movement. After realizing that he was living a "lifestyle of excessive sin," Lecrae gave his life to Christ at the age of 19. Though rapping was only a hobby to him, Lecrae's lyrics began to reflect his new life in Christ. After being highly influenced by the Cross Movement and being discipled by local seminary students, Lecrae began to use his music for ministry purposes. He has now made Dallas his local mission field. If he's not hosting hip-hop-oriented youth events in the heart of the inner city or witnessing on the streets in Dallas's club district, he's fellowshipping with the 1:16 Clique or his Plumbline College ministry family. With no ambitions of being the next big thing or dreams of fame and wealth, Lecrae has stated that he simply wants to point listeners in the direction of the Cross. Ranging from campus ministry to three weekends a month at a local juvenile detention center, Lecrae teaches with talks and reaches with rhymes. Lecrae was the first hip-hop artist to sign with Reach Records. His debut album is entitled Real Talk. His second album was titled After The Music Stops, and he just recently released his third album titled Rebel. He also married his college sweetheart, Darragh, who is expecting a child later this year. Lecrae has an exclusive licensing deal with both Reach Records and Cross Movement Records. He defines his mission in a nutshell with the statement that he wants “to digest theology and spit it back out so the streets can digest it.” He also uses the word "Krunk" to refer to a spiritual high felt through Christ. On October 8, 2008 Rebel, Lecrae's third album, entered the Billboard charts at #60 with 9,800 units sold.