Laibach Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Laibach Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Geburt Einer Nation (One Vision)
2 Smrt Za Smrt
3 Perspektive
4 Drzava (The State)
5 Hymn To The Black Sun
6 Unsere Geschichte
7 Regime Of Coincidence, State Of Gravity
8 One After 909
9 Opus Dei (Live Is Life)
10 Cari Amici
11 Apologija Laibach
12 Alle Gegen Alle
13 Across The Universe
14 Vojna Poema (War Poem)
15 For You Blue
16 The Hunter's Funeral Procession
17 The Whistleblowers (Marcel Dettmann remix)
18 White Law
19 Leben - Tod
20 Ballad of a Thin Man
21 To the New Light
22 Tito-Tito
23 The Whistleblowers (Diamond Version remix)
24 Young Europa
25 Anglia
26 Everlasting In Union
27 Tovarna C19
28 Koran (Alex Smoke remix)
29 Cari Amici Soldati, Jaruzelsky, Drzava, Svoboda
30 Brat Moj
31 Mama Leone
32 Message from the Black Star
33 STT (Machine Factory Trbovlje)
34 Eat Liver (Gramatik remix)
35 Drzava
36 B Mashina
37 Kingdom of God
38 Sveti Urh
39 Resistance Is Futile (Function remix)
40 Ostati Zvesti Nasi Preteklosti - Poparjen Je Odsel
41 Jaruzelsky
42 Bruderschaft
43 God Is God
44 Ti, ki izzivaš (Outro) (Those Who Dare)
45 Koran (iTurk remix)
46 Laibach-Apologie
47 Final Countdown
48 Declaration of Freedom
49 Vier Personen (Four Persons)
50 We Are Millions & Millions Are One (Konstantin Sibold remix)
51 Mi Kujemo Bodoc'nost
52 Get Back
53 Maggie Mae
54 Die Liebe (Love)
55 Eurovision (Marcel Dettmann remix)
56 Zavedali So Se - Poparjen Je Odsel I
57 Jesus Christ Superstar
58 I Dig A Pony
59 Vade Retro (Go Back)
60 Decade Null
61 Sila
62 Krst (Baptism)
63 Decree
64 F.I.A.T.
65 Everlasting Union
66 Krvava Gruda-Plodna Zemlja (Bloody Ground - Fertile Land)
67 Slovenska Z'ena
68 The Cross
69 Nova Akropola
70 Trans-National
71 Nova Akropola (The New Acropolis)
72 Sredi Bojev
73 Two Of Us
74 Deus Ex Machina
75 The Great Seal
76 Illumination
77 Panorama
78 Ti, Ki Izzivas'
79 Intro
80 Leben Heisst Leben
81 Le Privilege Des Morts
82 Zmagoslavje Volje
83 I Me Mine
84 Rdeči Molk
85 Germania
86 Steel Trust
87 Siemens
88 Geburt Einer Nation
89 Sponsored By Mars
90 How The West Was Won
91 Opus Dei
92 Drzava (The State) - Studio Version
93 Eurovision (Torul remix)
94 Leben Heisst Leben (Live Is Life)
95 Warme Lederhaut
96 Abuse and Confession
97 Delo in Disciplina

Laibach Bio

Laibach is a Slovenian avant-garde music group strongly associated with industrial, martial, and neo-classical musical styles. Laibach formed June 1, 1980 in Trbovlje, Slovenia (then Yugoslavia). Laibach represents the music wing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective, of which it was a founding member in 1984. The name "Laibach" is the German name for Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana.

Laibach is known for their cover versions, which are often used to subvert the original message or intention of the song — a notable example being their version of the song "Live is Life" by Opus, an Austrian  arena rock band. In this example, Laibach recorded two new interpretations of the song, which they titled Leben Heißt Leben, and Opus Dei. The first of these two interpretations was the opening song on the Laibach album Opus Dei (1987), and was sung in German.

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