Kyle Bobby Dunn Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Kyle Bobby Dunn Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Duck Faced Fantasy
2 An Evening With Dusty
3 Last Minute Jest
4 Macleod (And the Victims of Deception)
5 Innisfail (Rivers of My Fathers)
6 The Second Ponderosa
7 Spem in Alium & Her Unable
8 The Calm Idiots of Yesterday
9 Bonaventure's Finest Hour
10 La Failure et La Chance
11 Statuit
12 Sets Of Four (Its Meaning Is Deeper Than Its Title Implies)
13 Where Circles Never Become Circles
14 Canyon Meadows
15 The Nightjar
16 Mon Retard
17 New Pures
18 The Troubles with Tres Belles
19 Confessions of the Mildly Miserable
20 Movement For The Completely Fucked
21 Completia Terrace
22 Rue de Guy-Mathieu
23 Touhy's Theme
24 La Chanson de Beurrage
25 Saison Triste on Lac of Baies
26 Dropping Sandwiches (In Chester Lake)
27 Ending of All Odds
28 Boring Foothills of Foot Fetishville
29 The Hungover
30 Butel
31 Douglas Glen Theme
32 Variations on a Theme by St-Dipshit
33 Diamond Cove (And Its Children Were Watching)
34 The Tributary (For Voices Lost)
35 Those Satisfactions are Permanent
36 Ouverture de Peter Hodge Transport
37 Parkland
38 There Is No End (To Your Beauty)
39 And the Day is Dunn (And I Can Only Think of You)
40 An Excrement Suite (for Voices Lost Again)
41 In Search of a Poetic Whole
42 Promenade
43 The Same (Drunk in Quebec & In Love Club Remix)
44 Overture de Peter Hodge Transport
45 Kotylak
46 Small Show Of Hands
47 Ontop of Timeless Hour
48 Variation on a Theme by St. Dipshit
49 Moitie et Moitie
50 Grab (And Its Lost Legacies)
51 Ghostkeeping Verses I-IV
52 Canticle of Votier's Flats
53 Empty Gazing
54 Powers of None