Kurupt Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Kurupt Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Callin' Out Names
2 This Is How We Play
3 Can't Go Wrong
4 Let Me Know
5 Band Dat
6 Fuck Da World
7 Ask Yourself A Question
8 Honestly
9 Radio
10 Turntables And A Microphone
11 On Da Grind
12 This One's For U
13 Outta Ya Mind
14 Get It Off Ya Chest
15 Body Talk
16 Just Don't Give A Fuck
17 It Aint About You
18 It's a Set Up
19 I Wanna...
20 Its Over
21 If You Want Me 2 Stay
22 Face Down
23 Bring Back That G
24 Hustlin'
25 Play My Cards
26 Pussy Whistle
27 Lay It On Back
28 Bounce (Remix)
29 Welcome Home
30 In Gotti We Trust
31 Light Shit Up
32 Its A Wrap
33 The Life
34 Power
35 Green Light Go
36 Who Ride Wit Us
37 Intro
38 Live On The Mic
39 One Thangs For Sure (Reprise)
40 In A Low Low
41 On, OnSite
42 Kill It
43 I'm Lookin 4'm Now
44 Questions
45 Ho's A Housewife (Featuring Paul & Fuss)
46 Put This Money Right There
47 We Can Freak It
48 Other Shit (Weird Party)
49 Space Boogie
50 Childsplay
51 Ain't No Fun
52 I'm Burnt
53 Speak On It
54 All That I Want
55 We Can Freak It (NY Remix)
56 Listen
57 If U See It
58 Blame It On U
59 Anarchy
60 C-Walk (Featuring Slip Capone & Tray Dee)
61 I'm The Man
62 Tha Dogg Pound - Now Ya In & Then Ya Gone
63 Girls All Pause
64 I'm Drunk
65 Throw Back Muzic
66 Another Day
67 I'm Burnt (Remix)
68 Tha Dogg Pound
69 I Ain't Shit Without My Homeboyz
70 That's It
71 Yessir
72 Riot In The Club
73 Street Lights
74 Gangstas
75 Big Tray Dee aka The General - From The Pen To The Streetz
76 I Call Shots
77 I'm A Gee
78 Scrape
79 Stalkin'
80 On Me
81 Bounce, Rock, Skate
82 Hate On Me
83 Give It Here (The Camel Toe Song)
84 Don't Think So
85 Can't Let That Slide
86 Can U Feel It
87 Fresh
88 That Gangsta
89 TK Beatz - Outta Tha Country
90 Loose Cannons
91 Slide N Slide Out
92 Game
93 Your Gyrlfriend
94 Kuruption
95 Big Draws aka Big U - From The Streetz To The Suitez
96 Neva Gonna Give It Up
97 The Hardest
98 U Don't Kow Who U Fuckin Wit
99 Gimmewhutchagot
100 Who Do U Be (Featuring Shelene)
101 Sunshine
102 Do You Remember
103 Represent Dat G.C.
104 Fuck With Us
105 If You See Me
106 Jealousy
107 Under Pressure
108 At It Again
109 Superficial
110 Step Up
111 It's Jimmy
112 Ya Cant Trust Nobody
113 Tha Past
114 It's Time
115 Definition of A Ratchet
116 Get It In
117 Tequilla
118 Put That On Something
119 Bullshit And Nonsense
120 Money (Do It For Me)
121 Lend Me Your Ears (L.A. Leakers Freestyle)
122 Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha
123 Calico
124 No Feelings
125 Number One
126 Wonder Why They Call You Bitch (G-Mixx)
127 Trylogy

Kurupt Bio

Kurupt (born Ricardo Emmanuel Brown on November 23, 1972) is an American rapper and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records. He is a member of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound, and is mostly known for his work with Death Row Records.

Ricardo Emmanuel Brown was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later moved to Hawthorne, California to live with his father. As a result, he has associated himself somewhat with Philadelphia and its rap scene, including Philly rappers such as Beanie Sigel; his first album, Kuruption!, was a double-disc that featured both east and west coast styles.

Kurupt was signed to Death Row Records in the early '90's, making up a core roster that consisted of himself, Daz Dillinger, Lady of Rage, Snoop Dogg and RBX, led musically by Dr. Dre. These artists gained maximum exposure by appearing on Dre's breakthrough album, The Chronic, during which Kurupt and Daz developed a close working relationship. After forming two-man crew Tha Dogg Pound, they were heavily featured on Snoop's debut Doggystyle, even given their own song alongside Rage, "For All My Niggaz & Bitchez."

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