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Genre: Rock

Kings Of Leon Bio

Kings of Leon is a rock band from Tennessee, USA. The band is made up of three brothers – Caleb Followill (lead singer/rhythm guitar), Nathan Followill (drums), Jared Followill (bass guitar/backup vocals/synthesizer) – and their first cousin Matthew Followill (lead guitar//backup vocals). The band's sound derives from southern rock, garage rock, hard rock and blues. They have released four full-length albums. The group's name is derived from Nathan, Caleb and Jared's father and grandfather, both named Leon.

Kings of Leon's first release, The Holy Roller Novocaine EP came out in 2003. Four of its five songs would later be released on Youth and Young Manhood, with the songs "California Waiting" and "Wasted Time" being remade. The EP also contained the B-side "Wicker Chair". All the songs were co-written by Angelo Petraglia.

Their debut album, Youth and Young Manhood, was a success, particularly outside the United States where they were dubbed one of the driving forces behind the so-called "new rock revolution" by the European press. Their stakes rose when they were chosen by popular rock bands The Strokes and U2 to tour with them. According to Jared, the title of the album was taken from their father's Bible. All songs were again co-written by Petraglia, who also contributed guitar and co-produced the album with Ethan Johns. The songs "Molly's Chambers", "Red Morning Light", and "Holy Roller Novocaine" were used in various video games, movies, and TV advertisements. "Holy Roller Novocaine" was also used in the films Stuck on You, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby . The first single, "Molly's Chambers" became a minor hit overseas.

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