Kevin Bloody Wilson Lyrics

Genre: Country

Kevin Bloody Wilson Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Christmas Song
2 Warney Put Your Wanger Away
3 The Festival of Farts
4 The Kid
5 Alice, who the fuck is alice
6 Kev's Lament (It Was Over)
7 living next door
8 Darlin im so horny
9 Nigel and Wilma
10 Take It Like a Man
11 The Local
12 The Kid (He Swears a Bit)
13 Santa Was Stoned
14 The Cougar Song
15 Fuck Ya Guts Out
16 The Apprentice
17 My Grandfather's Cock
18 The House of the Rising Flood (Live)
19 Granddads got a stiffy
20 Me Beer's Cut Off
21 The Sheila Singer
22 D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F
23 That Fucking Cat's Back
24 Hey Gmh
25 Me Beer’s Cut Off
26 Don't Touch Your Sister
27 Missing You
28 Hey Santa Claus
29 Dick'taphone
30 Do You Fuck On First Dates (Kev's Courtin' Song)
31 Grandad's Finger
32 Kev's Courtin' Song
33 Stack the Fridge
34 Born Again Pisstank
35 Rough Red
36 She's a Good'n
37 Ho Ho Fucking Ho
38 You Can't Say Cunt in Canada
39 It Was Over (Kev's Lament)
40 The Pubic Hair Song
41 Who’s Permission
42 Capt. Thomas Stammers
43 Born Again Piss Tank
44 Kristmas Without Snow
45 My Grandfathers Cock (live in London)
46 That's What He Really Said
47 New Christmas Song
48 Coulda Been, Shoulda Been…
49 Supa Mega Fugly
50 Roo Dog
51 Absolute Cunt of a Day (live in Nashville)
52 Do Ya Fuck on First Dates? (Kevs Courtin' Song)
53 Festival of Farts
54 Dicken’s Cider
55 Manuel the Bandito
56 Santa's Stoned at Kristmas
57 Kev's Wedding Waltz
58 Ollie and Olga
59 Darlin', I'm So Horny
60 If It Flies, Floats Or Fucks…
61 Fair and Just
62 Tattoo of Santa
63 More Tea Vicar?
64 I Gave Up Wanking (Karaoke Kev Version)
65 My Grandfather's Cock - Live In London
66 Thank You For Driving Me To Drink
67 The Kid (He Swears a Little Bit)
68 The Potato Song
69 Don't Touch Your Sister (A Tasmanian Love Song)
70 Festival of Life
71 The Cockatoo Song
72 That Fuckin' Cat's Back
73 Bali Belly Song
74 Out of Bounds
75 It Was Over
76 I Think I’ve Outlived Me Cock!
77 I Gave Up Wanking
78 Kev's Courting Song
79 The Great Roberto
80 Ollie & Olga
81 Better Get Betty Home
82 Ailments of the Eighties
83 Double Decker Dog
84 Mick The Master Farter
85 Dilligaf
86 The Town Drunk
87 She's the Sorta Sheila
88 That Fucking Cats Back
89 Living Next Door To Alan
90 Can't Say Cunt in Canada
91 Rancid Rozitta
92 Do Ya Fuck on First Dates? (Kev's Courtin' Song)
93 Dicktaphone
94 The Builder
95 Absolute Cunt of a Day

Kevin Bloody Wilson Bio

Kevin Bloody Wilson (born Dennis Bryant on 13 February 1947 in Sydney, Australia) is a comedy singer/songwriter who uses his heavy Australian accent/style with great success. Without the aid of radio or TV  coverage (due to the explicit, crude and sexual nature of his songs and general humour), he has built up a widespread cult following.

Bryant was born in Sydney, New South Wales, although he identifies himself with Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, where he was an electrician in the gold mines.

In the 1970s Bryant fronted his own band called 'Bryan Dennis and the Country Club'. He also used the name 'Bryan Dennis' when he hosted a country music show on 6KG in Kalgoorlie from 1973 to 1980, before he was thrown off air for playing the parody song, "I'm Heaving On A Jet Plane".

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Bloody_Wilson