Kelly Family Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Kelly Family Lyrics - by Popularity

1 By Myself But Not Alone
2 I Will Be Your Bride
3 Mama
4 Eien Familie Ist Wie Ein Lied
5 Calling Heaven
6 Stay Beside Me
7 I Feel Love
8 Rock´N Roll Stole My Soul
9 Fell In Love With An Alien
10 All Along The Way
11 Oh God
12 So Many Troubles
13 Hear My Prayer
14 Flip A Coin
15 She's crazy
16 Looking For Love
17 An Angel
18 Hooks
19 Take Away
20 Never Gonna Break Me Down
21 Who'll Come With Me
22 Say That You Love Me
23 What's a matter you people
24 Every Baby
25 Special Girl
26 Why Why Why
27 Fat Man
28 Spinning Around
29 Another World
30 Hey Diddle Diddle
31 Maximum
32 Staying Alive
33 Ares Qui
34 Father's nose
35 Brother, brother
36 Children Of Kosovo
37 I Wanna Kiss You
38 Come Back To Me
39 Winnie The Pooh
40 Roses of red
41 Wish I Were A Swallow
42 So Many Things
43 Santa Maria
44 Ego
45 Jingle Bells
46 Life Can Be So Beautiful
47 Red Shoes
48 The Wolf
49 Europe
50 Like A Queen
51 Oh Johnny
52 Blood
53 I Can't Help Myself (I Love You, I Want You)
54 Nothing Like Home
55 Greensleeves
56 Love Music 'n Sun
57 Stars Fall From Heaven
58 Lord Can You Hear My Prayer
59 You Belong To Me
60 All I Say
61 Hold On
62 Mrs. Speechless
63 Sweetest Angel
64 Baby smile
65 Angels Flying
66 Nanana
67 Break free
68 Audrey
69 House On The Ocean
70 Thanking Blessed Mary
71 Cover the road
72 Because It's Love
73 I Can't Help Myself
74 New Morals (Human Race)
75 Thrills
76 Thunder
77 True Love
78 First time
79 I Really Love You
80 One More Happy Christmas
81 When The Boys Come Into Town
82 Key to my heart
83 One More Song
84 I Wanna Be Loved
85 Once in a while
86 Please Don´T Go
87 No one but you
88 Crazy
89 I'll Send You A Letter

Kelly Family Bio

The Kelly Family is an European-American music group consisting of a multi-generational family, who plays a repertoire of rock, pop and folk music. They have enjoyed considerable chart and concert success in Europe and other parts of the world, especially in Germany, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Spain and Portugal. They have sold over 20 million albums since the early 1980s.

For many years, the group presented a unique gypsy image and a vagabonding lifestyle, travelling around Europe in a double-decker bus and houseboat. Their image was enhanced by their eclectic and often home-made clothing and the very long hair worn by both male and female members of the band. In recent years they have presented a more modern look.

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