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Genre: R&B

Keith Sweat Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Twisted
2 I'll Give All My Love To You
3 Butterscotch
4 I Want Her (Remix)
5 Real Man
6 Test Drive (Single)
7 Get Up On It
8 Some More
9 Merry Go Round & Round
10 One on One
11 Whatcha Like
12 Make You Sweat (Extended Dub Mix)
13 It Gets Better
14 Girl Of My Dreams (DJ Tom Groove Mix)
15 How Do You Like It? - 12 Club Mix
16 Git At U
17 Anything Goes
18 I'm Not Ready
19 I Want You (Feat Royalty and Nasdaq)
20 Why U Treat Me So Cold
21 Twisted (Danny Dubbz Remix)
22 Ten Commandments Of Love
23 Only Wanna Please You
24 Girl Of My Dreams
25 Merry Go Round
26 Just One Of Them Thangs - Duet With Gerald Levert
27 What Goes Around
28 Games
29 Sexiest Girl
30 Why Me Baby?
31 Kiss You
32 Why Me Baby? (Part 2)
33 Me And My Girl
34 Don't Have Me
35 Just Wanna Sex You
36 Satisfy You
37 What's A Man To Do
38 I'm Not Ready (Remix)
39 You Know I Like
40 Rumors
41 Show Me the Way (Interlude)
42 Twisted (Sexual Healing Remix)
43 Come and Get With Me
44 Just Friends
45 Make You Sweat
46 Come Into My Bedroom
47 Nobody
48 Something Just Ain't Right
49 Don't Stop Your Love
50 My Body
51 Just A Touch (Stevie J Remix)
52 Love U Better
53 Twisted (Live)
54 Suga Suga Suga
55 I Put You On (Darkchild Remix)
56 Yumi
57 Right and a Wrong Way
58 Love Jones
59 The Floor
60 Missing You Like Crazy
61 Don't Stop Your Love - Remastered
62 I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) [Radio Edit]
63 Can We Make Love
64 Merry Go Round (Live)
65 My Whole World
66 Feel So Good
67 To The Middle
68 Lovers and Friends
69 Teach Me
70 How Deep Is Your Love - Remastered
71 Something Just Ain't Right (Remastered Single Version)
72 Don't Stop Your Love (Live)
73 (There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again
74 How Do You Like It?, Pt. 2 (Gangsta Mix)
75 My Valentine (Single)
76 Feels Good
77 Right And A Wrong Way - Remastered
78 Dont Stop Your Love (Remastered Single Version)
79 I Knew That You Were Cheatin'
80 I Want Her (WSM Edit 2)
81 Test Drive
82 How Do You Like It?, Pt. 1
83 One On One (Single)
84 Better Love
85 (There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again - Remastered
86 Interlude (I'll Give All My Love to You)
87 Lose Control
88 He Say She Say
89 Caught Up
90 Something Just Ain't Right (Live)
91 Famous
92 Just a Touch (radio edit)
93 Give Me What I Want
94 Dressed To Impress
95 Come Back
96 Merry Go Round - Remastered Single Version
97 I'm Going for Mine
98 Freak Me
99 Ridin' Solo
100 Full Time Lover
101 Never Had A Lover
102 I Want Her (Street mix)
103 Get Up On It (feat. Kut Klose)
104 Cant' Let You Go
105 I Want To Love You Down - Edit
106 Twisted - Remastered Single Version
107 Funky Dope Lovin' (Featuring Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall & Buddy Banks)
108 [There You Go] Telling Me No Again
109 I Put U On
110 Lets Chill
111 Genius Girl
112 I Want Her (Final mix)
113 Grind On You
114 I'll Trade All (A Million Bucks) (Remix)
115 Say
116 Show U What Love Is (Featuring Ol Skool)
117 Why Me Baby? - Remastered Single Version
118 For You (You Got Everything)
119 I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) (interlude)
120 When I Give My Love
121 Let's Chill
122 Do Wrong Tonight
123 Keep It Comin'
124 Come With Me (feat. Ronald Isley)
125 How Deep Is Your Love
126 Get It In
127 I'll Give All My Love To You - Remastered Single Version
128 Feels So Good
129 I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) [Remix]
130 Things - Featuring Busta Rhymes & Rah Digga
131 Ring Size
132 Hood Sex
133 Right and a Wrong Way (Live)
134 I Want Her (Remastered Single Version)
135 Nobody (feat. Athena Cage)
136 Let's Go to Bed
137 Make You Sweat - Remastered Single Version
138 Tellin' Me No Again (There You Go)
139 Keep It Comin' (Smooth Version)
140 Trust Me
141 Til the Morning
142 It's All About You
143 The Songs (Intro)
144 Chocolate Girl
145 Curious
146 I Want Her (Remastered Version)
147 In the Mood
148 I Want Her - Remastered
149 Tell Me It's Me You Want
150 I'll Give All My Love To You - Live
151 Wonderful Thang
152 Open Invitation
153 I'm The One You Want
154 Good Love
155 Tonight
156 Lovers and Friends
157 I Want Her
158 There You Go Tellin Me No (Bonus Track) [Live]
159 You Got Me
160 Getaway
161 Live In Person
162 Just the 2 of Us
163 Love You Better
164 Test Drive (feat. Joe)
165 In The Rain
166 トゥイステッド
167 Put It On
168 Interlude (Live)
169 In And Out
170 Make It Last Forever
171 High As The Sun
172 It's A Shame
173 Pulling Out the One
174 Your Love. Pt. II
175 Freak Me - Interlude feat. Lil' G Live
176 Make It Last Forever (with Jacci McGhee)
177 I Want to Love You Down
178 Just a Touch
179 Show Me the Way (Revival) (Live)
180 Can It Be
181 Lady De Jour
182 Tropical
183 Special Night
184 Make It Last Forever (feat. Calandra Glenn) - Live
185 Come With Me
186 Whatever You Want
187 I Want Her (Live)
188 What Is It?
189 Make You Say Ooh
190 My Valentine
191 Back And Forth
192 Nobody (feat. Athena Cage) - Live
193 Keith Sweat - Nobody
194 In & Out
195 How Do You Like It? (Part 1)
196 Right and Wrong Way (Live)
197 I Want You
198 Somebody
199 Candy Store
200 One On One*
201 Give You All of Me
202 Good Love
203 100% All Man
204 How Deep Is Your Love (Live)
205 Interlude (How Do You Like It?)
206 'Til The Morning
207 Knew It All Along

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Keith Sweat Bio

Keith Sweat, born on July 22, 1961 in Harlem, New York, is an American R&B/soul, singer-songwriter, record producer and a major contributor to the New jack swing era, who could never afford a deodorant. Before becoming a recording artist, Sweat worked for the commodities market in the New York Mercantile Exchange. He sang at nightclubs throughout New York City until he was discovered and offered a recording contract with Elektra Records in 1987.

Sweat started his musical career as a member of a well known Harlem band called "Jamilah" in 1975. With the help of Jamilah, Sweat was able to hone his craft as a lead singer by performing regionally throughout the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The group was started by Larry Peoples, a talented bass player from 116th Street and Lenox Avenue, Michael Samuels, guitarist out of the Bronx, and drummer Walter Bradley from 125th in Harlem. Additional members of the group included Peter DaCosta, vocals, Joseph McGeachy, sax, Dwight Banks, trumpet and Kenneth Varner, keyboards. On November 25, 1987, Sweat released his debut album Make It Last Forever, which sold three million copies. The biggest hit from this album was "I Want Her" (#1 R&B/#5 Pop), and the title track from the album hit #2 on the R&B charts.

Sweat continued to chart fairly well with his second album I'll Give All My Love to You, which hit #6 on the Billboard 200 chart, and Keep It Comin' debuted in the Top 20 of the album chart. It did not sell as well because Keith did not promote the album. The big singles were "(There You Go) Tellin' Me No Again" from New Jack City, "Why Me Baby" (featuring LL Cool J) and the title track. Keith was moving from New York to Atlanta, and he was starting his Keia Records label that would feature Silk & Kut Klose.

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