Keith Murray Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Keith Murray Lyrics - by Popularity

1 How's That
2 Never Did Shit
3 Bom Bom Zee
4 Don't Fuck Wit Em'
5 Hustle On
6 Call My Name
7 Manifique (Original Rules)
8 Swagger Back
9 Christina
10 On Smash
11 Da Fuckery
12 We Ridin
13 Oh, My Goodness!
14 The Carnage (Featuring Joe Hooker)
15 Say Whaatt
16 Weeble Wobble
17 Da Beef Murray Show (Skit)
18 Herb Is Pumpin
19 Some Shit
20 The Most Beautifullest Thing In this World
21 I Love It When It Rains (Skit)
22 Dip Dip Di
23 Slap Somebody
24 Rhymin' Wit Kel [feat. Kel-Vicious]
25 Do
26 Something Like A Model
27 Sychosymatic
28 Radio
29 When I Rap
30 Nobody Do It Better
31 Late Night
32 Bad Day
33 Life On The Street
34 Say Goodnite
35 Whatmakeaniggathinkdat
36 Da Ba Dunk Song
37 My Life Featuring Deja Vu
38 High As Hell
39 What It Is
40 Jungle Boogie
41 Escapism
42 My Life
43 U Ain't Nobody
44 Hey Ladies
45 The Rhyme
46 Countdown
47 Fatty Girl
48 Shut the Fuck Up
49 Real in the Field
50 What a Feelin'
51 Incredible
52 Secret Indictment
53 Get Lifted
54 Take it to the Streetz
55 Ride Wit Us
56 Some Shit Featuring Canibus And Deja Vu
57 Special Delivery (Remix)
58 Hot To Def
59 Nobody Do It Better (Dirty)
60 He's Back
61 Danger
62 Love L.O.D.
63 Bodega Skit
64 Walk Up (Skit)
65 Sucka Free (Skit)
66 Straight Loonie
67 Rhymin' Wit Kel
68 Intersection
69 Da Fuckery 3 Weeble Wooble
70 Sucka Free
71 To My Mans [feat. Dave Hollister]
72 Dangerous Ground
73 Interlude
74 Dangerous Ground [feat. 50 Grand]
75 Candi Bar
76 Yeah [feat. Busta Rhymes]
77 Media
78 Yeah Yeah U Know It

Keith Murray Bio

Keith Murray (born September 13, 1974, Central Islip, New York) is a rapper and a member of the rap trio Def Squad, which includes fellow rappers Redman and Erick Sermon.

Before Murray ever recorded an album, he battled Big Daddy Kane, a man widely considered to be one of the greatest MCs of all time. At that time, Murray went by the name of MC Do Damage. Murray did not win the battle, but he did earn the respect of Kane. Later, Murray would be introduced to Erick Sermon of EPMD by K-Solo. Sermon would feature Murray on his album No Pressure on the Single "Hostile". Murray quickly established himself as one of the most creative lyricists in the industry with his first album The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World, released in 1994 on Jive Records. The title track from this album remains Murray's biggest solo hit. This album was given 4 mics by The Source.

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