Keith Martin Song Lyrics

Genre: Adult Contemporary

Keith Martin Bio

Keith Eric Martin (born 1966) is an R'n'B singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, currently living & working in Stockton, CA. Keith is best known for writing and singing romantic love songs. He is also an accomplished musician, holding the keyboards, the bass guitar, drums, and percussion.

Keith Eric Martin was born in 1966 in Washington DC. Growing up, Keith Martin listened to a lot of Glenn Louise, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Stevie Wonder. He was also influenced by jazz and gospel music. He started playing piano, drums and singing when he was 10 and started writing music when he was 19.

Keith was a force among local artists in the late 80s, working and performing with such artists as Johnny Gill and Stacy Lattisaw. He was a part of the group Masqerade, which included twins Art & Scott Powell, Sharif Walters and D'Extra Wiley, who later became a member of the 90's new jack R&B group II D Extreme.

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