Kate Voegele Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Kate Voegele Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Unfair
2 Who You Are Without Me
3 Playing With My Heart
4 Angel
5 We The Dreamers
6 I Won't Disagree
7 Say Anything
8 It's Only Life
9 Manhattan From The Sky
10 Inside Out
11 99 Times
12 Where The Sidewalk Cracks
13 Sandcastles (Live)
14 Inside Out (Live)
15 It's Only Life (Brian Malouf mix)
16 High Road (Demo)
17 Forever And Almost Always
18 The Other Side
19 Only Fooling Myself (Live)
20 Angel (Live)
21 It's Only Life (live acoustic)
22 Counting the Ways (Demo)
23 Monday Rain
24 No Good (Live)
25 Lift Me Up (Live)
26 Facing Up (live acoustic)
27 Ship in the Dock (Demo)
28 We The Dreamers (Demo)
29 Forever & Almost Always
30 Kindly Unspoken (Live)
31 Starlight (Live)
32 Devil in Me (live acoustic)
33 Heart In Chains
34 You Can't Break a Broken Heart (from "One Tree Hill")
35 I Get It
36 I Couldn't Save You
37 Talkin’ Smooth
38 Talkin' Smooth (Live)
39 Say You're Mine
40 When I'm Gone
41 Chicago
42 Starlight
43 Talkin' Smooth
44 I Couldn't Save You (Live)
45 Hundred Million Dollar Soul
46 Just Watch Me
47 Counting The Ways
48 Talkin' Smooth
49 Inside Out (Acoustic)
50 Enough for Always
51 Only Fooling Myself
52 Carousel
53 The Devil In Me
54 High Road
55 Talkin' Smooth
56 Inside Out (Live)
57 Sunshine In My Sky
58 Ooh La La
59 Top Of The World
60 Ship In The Dock
61 Talkin' Smooth
62 Wish You Were Intro / Wish You Were
63 Sandcastles
64 Talkin' Smooth
65 Kindly Unspoken
66 Wish You Were
67 Talkin' Smooth
68 Wish You Were Intro/Wish You Were
69 Burning the Harbor
70 Might Have Been
71 Caught Up In You
72 Talkin' Smooth
73 Better Days
74 Impatient Girl
75 Facing Up
76 Manhattan from the Sky (Live)
77 Talkin' Smooth
78 You Can't Break a Broken Heart (Diane Warren)
79 Beg You to Fall
80 No Good
81 It's Only Life (Live)
82 Talkin' Smooth
83 Devil In Me (acoustic)
84 Enjoy the Ride
85 Wish You Were Here
86 Just Watch Me (Live)
87 Talkin' Smooth
88 Wish You Were (Bonus Acoustic Track)
89 Gravity Happens
90 Sweet Silver Lining
91 I Won't Disagree (Live)
92 Talkin' Smooth
93 Hallelujah
94 Unusual
95 Lift Me Up
96 One Way Or Another
97 Hallelujah (Live)
98 99 Times (Live)
99 Only Fooling Myself (Brian Malouf mix)
100 All I See

Kate Voegele Bio

Kate Elizabeth Voegele (born December 8, 1986) is a singer-songwriter, musician, and actress from the Cleveland suburb of Bay Village, Ohio. She is currently signed to Interscope Records.

Voegele began gaining interest from record labels and management companies after recording a series of demos. The first demo "The Other Side" (released in 2003) was produced by multi-platinum, award winning producer Michael Seifert. Her second demo "Louder Than Words" (released in 2004) was produced by Marshall Altman. Kate signed a record deal with MySpace Records in 2006 and released her debut album Don't Look Away (produced by Marshall Altman) in May of 2007. The album has since sold over 225,000 copies, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

She released her second studio-album, A Fine Mess, in May, 2009. It was produced by Mike Elizondo. It sold 37,000 copies in its first week in the United States.

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