Kashmir Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Kashmir Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Prawn's Blue
2 Beamed
3 Graceland
4 Mudbath
5 It's Ok Now
6 Bring Back Superman
7 Lollypork Stomp
8 Art Of Me
9 The Story Of Jamie Fame Flame
10 Vote 4 Dick Taid
11 Gorgeous
12 Miss You
13 Mom In Love Dad In Space
14 Could We Kill Fred
15 New Year's Eve
16 Kalifornia
17 Trench
18 Rose (A)
19 Leather Crane
20 Purple Heart
21 Seraphina
22 Rose
23 Petite Machine
24 Pedestals
25 Piece of the Sun
26 Stand
27 Snowman
28 This Love, This Love
29 The Aftermath (Live)
30 Star In My Movie
31 Time Has Deserted Us
32 The New Gold
33 Foe To Friend
34 Evermore
35 Travelogue
36 Danger Bear
37 Yellow
38 E.A.R
39 Little & The Vast
40 Victoria
41 The Indian (That Dwells In This Chest)
42 Zitilites
43 Peace In Our Time
44 Electrified Love
45 Mouthful Of Wasps
46 Don't Look Back It's Probably Hypochondriac Jack Having a Heart Attack
47 Rocket Brothers - Album Version / Clean Version
48 Intruder
49 Youth
50 Mom In Love, Daddy In Space (Radio Edit)
51 Mantaray
52 Little Old Birdy Funk Thing
53 Ramparts (Live)
54 Kiss Me Goodbye
55 Pallas Athena
56 Christians Dive
57 The Ghost of No One
58 Lampshade
59 Still Boy
60 Vicious Passion
61 The Aftermath (Live Version)
62 Bag Of Flash And Thyme
63 Make It Grand
64 Bewildered In The City
65 Gloom
66 Ruby Over Diamond
67 Pursuit Of Misery
68 Blood Beech
69 Milk For the Blackhearted
70 Focus
71 Peace In The Heart
72 In the Sand (album version)
73 Big Fresh
74 Milk For The Black Hearted
75 Don't Look Back It's Probably Hypocondriac Jack Having a Heart Attack
76 Dring

Kashmir Bio

Kashmir is a Danish rock band consisting of Kasper Eistrup (vocals and lead guitar); Mads Tunebjerg (bass); Asger Techau (drums) and Henrik Lindstrand (keyboards and guitar).

In the spring of 1991, Eistrup, Tunebjerg and Techau formed a heavy blues band under the name "Nirvana" at Kastanievejens Efterskole (a boarding school) in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Shortly after they started performing Thursday nights at Ordrup Gymnasium (a local high school).

When the American band Nirvana started to gain success, they changed their name to "Kashmir", after the Led Zeppelin song.

In 1993, they finished second in "DM i Rock", a national amateur concert contest, behind Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and subsequently became popular in Denmark.

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