Kaiser Chiefs Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Kaiser Chiefs Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ruby
2 I Predict a Riot
3 My Kind Of Guy
4 Thank You Very Much
5 Everyday I Love You Less and Less
6 Never Miss A Beat
7 Heat Dies Down
8 I Can Do It Without You
9 The Angry Mob
10 Boxing Champ
11 Good Days Bad Days
12 Tomato In The Rain
13 Half The Truth
14 Everything Is Average Nowadays
15 Highroyds
16 What Did I Ever Give You
17 Team Mate
18 Learnt My Lesson Well
19 Wrecking Ball
20 Good Bad Right Wrong
21 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
22 Oh My God
23 Na Na Na Na Naa
24 Modern Way
25 Born to Be a Dancer
26 Like It Too Much
27 Take My Temperature (Live at Pinkpop)
28 Angry Mob
29 Good Days Bad Days (Single Mix)
30 You Want History
31 Starts With Nothing (Live, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2011)
32 Sink That Ship
33 On the Run
34 Coming Home
35 Fly On the Wall
36 Coming Home (Radio Edit)
37 Modern Way (Live At Pinkpop)
38 Good Days Bad Days (Calvin Harris Remix)
39 Ruby (Live at V Festival, 2008)
40 Bows and Arrows
41 Child of the Jago
42 Misery Company
43 I Dare You
44 Never Miss A Beat - Live @ T-Mobile Street Gigs
45 The Angry Mob (Live In Berlin)
46 Never Miss a Beat (Live)
47 Oh My God (Live from Electric Proms, 2008)
48 Seventeen Cups
49 Cousin in the Bronx
50 Song for Stephanie
51 My Place Is Here
52 Half The Truth - Live @ T-Mobile Street Gigs
53 Everything Is Average Nowadays ((Live at Doncaster Dome))
54 Try Your Best
55 Can't Say What I Mean (Live)
56 Pinball Wizard
57 From The Neck Down
58 Heard It Break
59 The Nerve
60 Saying Something
61 Na Na Na Na Naa - Live From Tokyo
62 Everything Is Average Nowadays ((The Little Ones Cover))
63 Half the Truth (Live)
64 Always Happens Like That
65 Heat Dies Down (live in Berlin)
66 Admire You
67 If You Will Have Me
68 Misery Company (Radio Edit)
69 Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Boys Noize remix)
70 Born To Be A Dancer - Live From Tokyo
71 Oh My God (Live In Munich 2007)
72 You Want History (Live)
73 Addicted To Drugs
74 Everything Is Average Nowadays (live in Berlin)
75 Can't Mind My Own Business
76 Little Shocks
77 We Stay Together
78 Record Collection
79 Oh My God - Live From Tokyo
80 I Can Do It Without You (Live In Munich 2007)
81 Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Live)
82 Ruby (live in Berlin)
83 Brightest Star
84 Man on Mars
85 Good Clean Fun
86 Na Na Na Na Naa (from "The OC")
87 Modern Way - Live From Tokyo
88 Modern Way (Live In Munich 2007)
89 Oh My God (Live)
90 Highroyds (live in Berlin)
91 Think About You (And I Like It)
92 Problem Solved
93 Why Do You Do It to Me?
94 Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Boyz Noise remix)
95 I Predict A Riot - Live From Tokyo
96 I Predict a Riot (Live In Munich 2007)
97 Never Miss A Beat (Yuksek Remix)
98 Retirement (live in Berlin)
99 Not Surprised
100 Starts With Nothing
101 Indoor Firework
102 Every Day I Love You Less and Less (Boyz Noise remix)
103 Heat Dies Down (Live In Berlin / 2007)
104 Can’t Say What I Mean
105 Girl Of My Age
106 Listen to Your Head
107 Sooner Or Later
108 Things Change
109 Press Rewind
110 Cannons
111 Everything Is Average Nowadays (Live In Berlin / 2007)
112 Remember You’re a Girl
113 Retirement
114 Modern Way (Live In Berlin)
115 Kaiser Chiefs - Record Collection
116 I Like To Fight
117 When All Is Quiet
118 Happen in a Heartbeat
119 Ruffians on Parade
120 Ruby (Live In Berlin / 2007)
121 Never Miss a Beat (RAC Remix)
122 Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Live In Berlin)
123 Time Honoured Tradition
124 My Life
125 Never Miss A Beat (Run Hide Survive Remix)
126 Long Way from Celebrating
127 High Society
128 The Factory Gates
129 Highroyds (Live In Berlin / 2007)
130 Can't Say What I Mean (Live at Elland Road)
131 City (Bonus Track)
132 Saturday Night
133 Roses
134 Hard Times Send Me
135 Out of Focus
136 Sunday Morning
137 Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning)
138 Retirement (Live In Berlin / 2007)
139 Never Miss a Beat (Live at Elland Road)
140 Spanish Metal
141 Can’t Say What I Mean (Live)
142 Caroline, Yes
143 Love’s Not a Competition
144 Na Na Na Na Naa (Polysics Remix)
145 Dead or In Serious Trouble
146 Still Waiting
147 Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
148 Meanwhile, Up In Heaven
149 You Want History (Live at Elland Road)
150 Can't Mind My Own Buisness
151 Take My Temperature
152 Na Na Na Na Naah
153 Bows & Arrows
154 Coming Up for Air
155 Parachute
156 I Predict a Riot (new version)
157 Can't Say What I Mean
158 Half the Truth (Live at Elland Road)
159 City
160 You Can Have It All
161 Kinda Girl You Are
162 One More Last Song
163 Back in December
164 Hole In My Soul
165 Remember You're a Girl

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Kaiser Chiefs Bio

Kaiser Chiefs are an English indie rock band who formed in 1997. Hailing from Leeds, the group consists of vocalist Ricky Wilson, guitarist Andrew 'Whitey' White, bassist Simon Rix, keyboardist Nick 'Peanut' Baines, and drummer Nick Hodgson. They were named after the South African football club Kaizer Chiefs, a team which former Leeds United defender Lucas Radebe played for.

The group's debut album, Employment, was released in 2005. It was primarily inspired by new wave and punk rock music of late 1970s, and enjoyed international success with sales of over three million. In 2005, the album was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize. Kaiser Chiefs' second album, Yours Truly, Angry Mob (2007), yielded "Ruby", a number one single in the United Kingdom.

When they were around eleven years old, Nick Hodgson, Nick Baines and Simon Rix met in the same class at St. Mary's School, Menston in Bradford. After leaving school, Rix and Baines left for university in 1996 whereas Hodgson remained in the Leeds area, meeting both Andrew White and Ricky Wilson. Hodgson, White and Wilson formed the band Runston Parva its name a deliberate misspelling of a small Yorkshire village called Ruston Parva. After Runston Parva failed to secure a record deal, the group would re-form as Parva upon the return of Rix and Baines from university. Parva's career would go beyond the boundaries of Leeds, and the band was able to obtain both a record and publishing deal. However, after Beggars Banquets closed the Mantra label, Parva were dropped and left desolate and without any direction after the release of an album and three singles. The band decided that they would aim for a longer term record deal and started afresh with new songs and a new name: Kaiser Chiefs. The new name was taken from South African football club Kaizer Chiefs, where former Leeds United captain Lucas Radebe had once played.

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