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Genre: Electronic

Kai Bio

Kai is a Asian-American R&B musical group from the San Francisco Bay Area started in 1992 and has been on hiatus since 2001.

The group was formed when Anthony "AC" Lorenzo invited Andrew "Dru" Gapuz, Geoffrey "Geof" Lintao, Quincy "Q" Victoria and Leo Chan (the group's sole Chinese American member) to perform at a San Francisco benefit concert. Following a group split, AC, Dru and Leo began working as a trio and in 1995, added Errol Viray and AC's cousin Andrey "Drey" Silva.

Originally named APEX, the group changed its name to Kai, an abbrevated version of the Tagalog word "kaibigan", which means "friend". They were signed to HB Records, a local studio and began working on an album.

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