Junior Senior Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Junior Senior Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Move Your Feet (Rascal extended club)
2 Rhythm Bandits (Santos Another Planet remix)
3 Take My Time
4 Move Your Feet
5 Move Your Feet (original extended play)
6 Move Your Feet (Djosos Krost Remix)
7 C'mon
8 Shake Your Coconuts
9 Move Your Feet (DJ Osos Krost remix)
10 Stranded on an Island Alone
11 C’mon
12 Boy Meets Girl
13 Rhythm Bandits (radio edit)
14 Together for One Last Dance
15 Good Girl, Bad Boy
16 Move Your Feet (Krafty Kuts remix)
17 Headphone Song
18 Dynamite
19 Shake Your Coconuts (DFA mix)
20 I Can't Rap, I Can't Sing, but I Would Do Anything
21 Move Your Feet (Kurtis Mantronik club mix)
22 Hello
23 Simple Minds Do Simple Things
24 Shake Me Baby
25 Can I Get Get Get
26 Simple Minds Do Simple Things, Part 2
27 Move Your Feet - Live Version
28 White Trash
29 Itch U Can't Skratch
30 Shake Your Coconuts (radio edit)
31 Itch U Can't Skratch (Tore Johansson Version)
32 Move Your Feet (live)
33 Move Your Feet (radio edit)
34 We R the Handclaps
35 Shake Your Coconuts (DFA radio edit)
36 U and Me
37 Move Your Feet (extended play)
38 Ur a Girl
39 Go Junior, Go Senior
40 Coconuts
41 Move Your Feet (Filur move the club mix)
42 No No No's
43 Chicks and Dicks
44 Shake Your Coconuts (Djosos Krost remix - radio edit)
45 Move Your Feet (Filur Dark String dub)
46 Dance, Chance, Romance
47 Move Your Feet (Filur Move The Club)
48 Itch U Can't Skratch (Tore Johannson Version)
49 Move Your Feet (original radio edit)
50 Happy Rap
51 Move Your Feet (single edit)
52 Itch U Can't Skratch (Tore Johansson Instrumental)
53 Move Your Feet (Rascal edit)
54 Shake Your Coconuts (DFA remix)
55 Move Your Feet (extended version)
56 Move Your Feet (Kurtis Mantronik remix edit)
57 Move Your Feet (Rascal Madness mix)
58 Rhythm Bandits (extended version)
59 Hip Hop a Lula
60 Rhythm Bandits

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