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Genre: Rock

Julian Lennon Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Take Me Home
2 Imaginary Lines
3 Help Yourself
4 Would You
5 If You Only Knew
6 Say You're Wrong
7 You're the One
8 Believe
9 Never Let You Go
10 Other Side of Town
11 Because
12 Jesse
13 Open Your Eyes
14 Kiss Beyond the Catcher
15 Lonely
16 Maybe I Was Wrong
17 Everything Changes (Acoustic Version)
18 This Is My Day
19 Sunday Morning
20 And She Cries
21 Let Me Be
22 Crucified
23 Hold On (Acoustic Version)
24 Angillette
25 Second Time
26 Faithful
27 Space
28 I Need You
29 Invisible (Acoustic Version)
30 I Get Up
31 I Want You to Know
32 Way to Your Heart
33 Everyday
34 Keep the People Working
35 Just for You (Acoustic Version)
36 Make It Up to You
37 You Get What You Want
38 Walls
39 Disconnected
40 Always (Acoustic Version)
41 Listen
42 Let Me Tell You
43 Rebel King
44 Don't Wake Me Up
45 Don't Wake Me Up (Acoustic Version)
46 Day After Day
47 I've Seen Your Face
48 New Physics Rant
49 Because (From the Musical "Time) [Remastered]
50 Beautiful (Acoustic Version)
51 Stand by Me
52 Coward Till the End?
53 Guess It Was Me
54 Cold
55 If You Only Knew (From the Musical "Time") [Remastered]
56 Children of the World
57 Too Late for Goodbyes (extended)
58 You Don't Have to Tell Me
59 Everything Changes
60 Lucy
61 Touch the Sky (Acoustic Version)
62 Someday (Acoustic Version)
63 Too Late for Goodbye
64 Always Think Twice
65 Lookin' 4 Luv
66 Sober
67 Someday
68 Saltwater
69 Good to Be Lonely
70 O.K. for You
71 Hold On
72 Beautiful
73 Everything Changes (Instrumental)
74 Cole's Song
75 Valotte
76 On the Phone
77 Touch The Sky
78 Well I Don't Know
79 Too Late for Goodbyes
80 Stick Around
81 Ruby Tuesday
82 Invisible
83 Get a Life
84 Now You're in Heaven
85 Mother Mary
86 Want Your Body
87 I Should Have Known
88 Just For You
89 Now You’re in Heaven
90 I Don't Wanna Know
91 Photograph Smile
92 How Many Times
93 Always

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Julian Lennon Bio

John Charles Julian Lennon (born 8 April 1963) is a British musician. He is the only child of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell (his father's first wife). The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, was his godfather. He has a younger half-brother, Sean Lennon. Lennon was named after his paternal grandmother, Julia Lennon.

Lennon was the direct inspiration for three Beatles' songs: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", "Hey Jude" and "Good Night". He is devoted to philanthropic endeavors, most notably his own White Feather Foundation and the Whaledreamers Organization, both of which promote the co-existence of all species and the health and well-being of the Earth.

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