Joy Electric Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Joy Electric Lyrics - by Popularity

1 It Ends Tonight
2 Falling Slowly
3 Cluster Of Bare Trees
4 Rudimentary Animation
5 I Miss You
6 Cubism Interlude
7 Burgundy Years
8 Which Witch
9 I Beam, You Beam
10 Come In, Brother
11 I Am A Pioneer
12 Octuplet Down
13 Sorrow Shall Find You
14 Victorian Intuition/Father Winter Replies
15 Misuses, Atrocities
16 The Songbook Tells All
17 Sing Once For Me
18 The Boy Who Never Forgot
19 Notes From A Chapter
20 1234
21 Rickety Trickery
22 Wolf In The Bend
23 Disloyalist Party [Mutiny/Misery]
24 Draw For Me, M.C. Escher
25 Viva La Vida
26 The Ministry Of Archers
27 Can You Refrain
28 Song For All Time
29 Four Gone Pierre (Or What Electricity Made)
30 The Good Will Not Be Cloned Or Why Should The Christians Get All The Bad Music
31 The Works Of Unknowns
32 Unicornucopia
33 The First Time I Loved Her It Was Here
34 Nikola Tesla
35 Ringing Bells
36 These Should Be The Good Times
37 I Recall The Telephone Booth
38 When You Were Young
39 A New Pirate Traditional
40 Hello, Mannequin
41 Losing Touch With Everyone
42 On Being Principally Utopian
43 Somewhere Only We Know
44 Who Are Friends?
45 We Are Rock
46 I'm Ok, You're Ok
47 Whether By Horse, Or Horseless
48 The Matterhorn
49 And Without Help We Perish
50 Shepherds Of The Northern Pasture
51 Only Copernicus
52 Decode
53 Post Calendar
54 Apples Of Gold
55 And This No More
56 Prelude To Cubism
57 Say It Right
58 Quite Quieter Than Spiders
59 Such A Beautiful Thought
60 Whose Voice Will Not Be Heard
61 A Page Of Life
62 My Grandfather, The Cubist
63 Four Gone Pierre
64 The Phonograph Plays, Part And Parcel
65 Every Nook And Cranny
66 Let the Past Go
67 (We Are)Taking Over
68 Drum Machine Joy
69 The Singing Arc
70 A Hatchet, A Hatchet
71 Stark Obscurity
72 Curiosities And Such
73 Sugar Rush
74 Blueberry Boats (And Pink Elephants)
75 Dance To The Moroder
76 That Which Cannot Be Contained
77 Headley Grange
78 Mistletoe And Molasses
79 From Mount Chorus
80 The Birth Of The Telegram, 1814
81 Light Has Lost Its Presence Here
82 Old Castle Madrigal
83 Let Us Speak No More, Let Us Speak Light
84 Farmhouse Fables
85 Most Terrible Archer
86 1 2 3 4
87 Further into Light
88 Christendom On White Horses

Joy Electric Bio

Joy Electric is the brand label for a series of electropop/synthpop productions by Ronnie Martin. Martin began producing music under the Joy Electric name in 1994, after the demise of Dance House Children, a band Ronnie was in with his brother Jason Martin of Starflyer 59. Starflyer 59 bass player and Velvet Blue Music owner Jeff Cloud joined Joy Electric from 1996 until 2002. Joy Electric is currently a solo act.

Having experimented with live shows, formed countless after-school bands, and recorded an album that was never to be released under the moniker Morella's Forest with Randy Lamb, Ronnie and his brother Jason found their way onto Michael Knott's fledgling label, Blonde Vinyl, with a dance album to produce, Songs and Stories.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joy_Electric