Jose Mari Chan Lyrics

Genre: Dance

Jose Mari Chan Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Beautiful Girl
2 Afraid For Love To Fade
3 9 Teeners (The 1996 Abs-CBN TV Show Theme)
4 Footsteps by Zenco "Fashion for Your Feet"
5 "We Wunta Sunta" Sunta (The Orange Drink of Cosmos Bottling Corp.)
6 Landbank "We're Banking on the Countryside"
7 Give Me Your Heart for Christmas
8 World Balance "The World of Winners"
9 We Can Be Kind
10 "Coke Adds Life"/"Reach out for a Coke" (Tag Melodies from the Internat
11 Sunny Boy Instant Full Cream Milk
12 WRR 101.9 FM I.D. 1 to 4 "Radio Romace" the Song
13 Please Be Careful with My Heart
14 Crispy Chicken Nuggets by Magnolia
15 This Beautiful Day
16 Fairmart "Fair, Fair Prices at Fairmart"
17 Just for a While
18 Bankard Is Putting You One Step Ahead
19 Alaska Milk "Sa Lasa't Lasa Walang Tatalo Sa Alaska"
20 Hitachi "Makes Your House a Home"
21 Salem Cigarettes Song Main Melody from the U.S. Commercial "You Can Tak
22 No Rewind, No Replay
23 Jack N Jill Breakfast Cereals Puts the Good in Your Morning
24 Christmas Children
25 Philippine Air Lines "Love at Thirty Thousand Feet" Medley with "Big, B
26 Unexpected Song
27 International Trucks Go a Longer Way in the Long Run
28 Knorr Real Chinese Soup 1 & 2
29 Pagdating ng Pasko
30 Annie Rose "The Shape of Things to Come"
31 Sing Me Your Song Again, Daddy
32 Bear Brand Wonderland
33 Little Christmas Tree
34 Ring in the New
35 God Only Knows
36 Camay "Kutis Porcelana"
37 Komatsu Machines "Let's Move Ahead Together"
38 Starlight
39 Sunquick "Over 20 Glasses of Juice"
40 The Sound of Life
41 Bank of the Philippine Islands Centennial Song A Cherished Part of Me
42 When a Child Is Born
43 The Bells at Christmas
44 I Just Want to Dance With You
45 3D Electric Fan
46 Mama's Love Baby Powder & Baby Oil
47 Christmas Anyway
48 "It's a Hyatt World" Commissioned by Hyatt International (Chicago)
49 My Girl, My Woman, My Friend
50 People's Television (PTV) Channel 4 Network I.D. "Four for You"
51 It Is the Lord!
52 Let Love Be The Gift
53 How Do You Fall in Love
54 BBC (Barangay Broadcasting Corporation) TV Network I.D. 1&2: "Big, Beau
55 Mr. Clean Calamansi "Kalinisang Kuskos-Piga"/Mr. Clean "Kuskos-Piga Pat
56 With the Eyes of a Child
57 Chiclets "Big Sa Bibig Chiclets Big Bite"
58 I Have Fallen in Love (With the Same Woman Three Times)
59 Tombow Ballpens
60 The Lord's Prayer
61 Christmas Air (Instrumental)
62 It's Not For Me To Say
63 Cafe Puro "Like an Old Friend"
64 Instant Nido "In 4 Seconds Flat"
65 Christmas Air
66 Sunflower Crackers "A Rainbow of Flavors"
67 Stay, My Love
68 So-En "Fashion to Love, Quality to Last"
69 Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)
70 Christmas Moments
71 September in the Rain
72 Teem "With the Fresh Fruit Taste" (The Lemon Drink of the Pepsi-Cola Bo
73 Iloilo "We're Back in Business" for the Iloilo Investors Foundation, In
74 A child Again at Christmas
75 Magnolia Ice Cream "60 Flavorful Years"
76 Be Gentle
77 Sulpico Lines
78 May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
79 Song of the Firefly
80 Moonglow And The Theme From "Picnic"
81 Comtrust "We Share the Same Horizon" Commercial Bank & Trust Co.
82 Firestone Tires (Tag Melody from the U.S. Parent Company Firestone Tire
83 That time of Year
84 Pci Bank and You, Working for a Better World
85 So I'll Go
86 Sony "The Sound of Life"
87 You and I
88 Going Home to Christmas
89 Our Love Is Here To Stay
90 Hallmark Card "No One Throws Away Memories"
91 Snowtime Ice Pops "You're Ok"
92 December 25 (Instrumetal)
93 Pinpin the Theme of the Children's TV Show
94 A Wish on Christmas Night
95 La Germania
96 My Foolish Heart
97 Come Let Us Adore Him
98 I Talk to the Trees
99 Alpine "Tunay Na Gatas, Ang Krema't Linamnam"
100 Isetann Department Store "We Know, And We Have, What You Want"
101 Christmas Mem'ries
102 Basf "The Inventor of Tape"
103 Do You Hear What I Hear?
104 Gaisano "The Place to Be. The Place for You and Me"
105 Windmills Of Your Mind
106 December 25
107 If We Were In Love
108 Bpi Express Teller "When You Need Your Money Right Away"/Bpi Express Te
109 Sterling Greeting Cards "The Nest Best Thing to a Personal Greeting"
110 A Christmas song for you
111 Only Sunkist Tastes Like a Sunkist
112 Mary's Boy Child
113 Sweden Ice Cream
114 April Fools
115 Christmas Story
116 Anywhere The Heart Goes
117 Rustan's Supermarket "Buhay Sagana Sa Presyong Kay Tipid"
118 Cafe Puro "The Taste of Brewed in an Instant"
119 Pinoy na Krismas
120 At Bank of Commerce We're Committed to You
121 Christmas in Our Hearts
122 Bancnet "It's Really All the Atm You'll Ever Need"
123 Love Letters
124 It's Christmas
125 Too Beautiful to Last
126 Briggs and Stratton "Ang Makinang Maton"
127 Dutch Boy Quality Paints "Let Me Color Your World"
128 Can't We Start Over Again
129 McJim Leather "You'll Always Be in Style with McJim"
130 A Christmas Carol
131 Holden by General Motors
132 So In Love
133 Aren't You Glad You Use Dial"/"Dial Soap Is for the Two of You
134 Nescafe 50 Golden Years "The Break That Relaxes" (Celebrating Nescafe's
135 B.C. Apples "Big and Crunchy Canadian Apples"
136 Constant Change
137 Gunston Cigarettes "The Flavor That Wins Them All"
138 A Perfect Christmas
139 Pioneer Insurance "You're Sure When You're Insured with Pioneer"
140 Moment to Moment
141 Kleenex "Softest Yet Strong Even When Wet"

Jose Mari Chan Bio

Chinese Filipino singer, songwriter and businessman in the sugar industry. He is the Chairman and President of Signature Music Inc.