Johnny Horton Lyrics

Genre: Country

Johnny Horton Lyrics - by Popularity

1 North to Alaska
2 Jim Bridger
3 All for the Love of a Girl
4 Got the Bull By the Horns
5 Everytime I'm Kissing You
6 Gobbler, The Houn' Dog
7 Cherokee Boogie (Remastered)
8 Honky Tonk Man
9 I Got a Hole in My Pirogue
10 The Golden Rocket
11 Ole Slew Foot
12 I'm Coming Home (Digitally Remastered)
13 Got the Bull By the Horns (Remastered)
14 I’m Coming Home
15 Sink the Bismarck
16 Wild One
17 Johnny Freedom (Freedom Land)
18 Ole Slewfoot
19 Battle of New Orleans (Remastered)
20 The Battle Of New Orleans (Remastered)
21 Honky-Tonk Hardwood Floor
22 The Electrified Donkey
23 When It's Springtime in Alaska
24 Johnny Reb (Remastered)
25 The Woman I Need (Remastered)
26 Comanche (The Brave Horse)
27 North to Alaska (Remastered)
28 I'm Coming Home
29 Lost Highway
30 Coal Smoke, Valve Oil and Steam
31 All for the Love of a Girl (Remastered)
32 The Battle of New Orleans (British version)
33 I'm a One Woman Man
34 One Woman Man
35 Shadows on the Old Bayou
36 Comanche (The Brave Horse) [Remastered]
37 I'm Coming Home (Remastered)
38 The Wild One
39 Joe's Been A-Gittin' There
40 It's a Long Rocky Road
41 Honky-Tonk Man (Remastered)
42 Honky Tonk Mind (The Woman I Need)
43 Done Rovin'
44 Cherokee Boogie
45 Miss Marcy (Billy Boy)
46 Goodbye Lonesome (Hello, Baby Doll)
47 I'm Ready, If You're Willing (Remastered)
48 Battle of New Orleans (1959)
49 Words
50 Counterfeit Love
51 When It´s Springtime in Alaska
52 Jim Bridger (Remastered)
53 Lover's Rock
54 I'm Ready, If You're Willing
55 Take Me Like I Am
56 Devilish Love Light
57 Johnny Freedom ("Freedomland") (Remastered)
58 Lovers Rock
59 When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)
60 Sleepy-Eyed John
61 Whispering Pines
62 Johnny Freedom ("Freedomland")
63 Whispering Pines (Remastered)
64 Joe's Been a Gettin' There
65 Gobbler, The Ole Houn' Dog
66 The Woman I Need (Honky Tonk Mind)
67 Johnny Reb
68 The Battle of New Orleans (Special Version Cut for England)
69 The Sinking of the Rueben James
70 Battle of Bull Run
71 In My Home In Shelby County
72 The First Train Headin' South
73 They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
74 Devilish Lovelight
75 Rock Island Line (Live)
76 Sinking of the Reuben James
77 Smokey Joe's Barbeque
78 Sink the Bismark
79 Young Abe Lincoln
80 The Battle of New Orleans (Digitally Remastered)
81 All for the Love of a Girl (Live)
82 Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet
83 Long Rocky Road
84 I Love You Baby
85 She Knows Why
86 Sink the Bismarck (Remastered)
87 When It's Spring Time in Alaska
88 In My House in Shelby County
89 All Grown Up (1958)
90 Mr. Moonlight
91 Let's Take the Long Way Home
92 Mean Mean Mean Son of a Gun
93 It's Along Rocky Road
94 Got the Bull by the Horn
95 The Mansion You Stole

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