Johnny Hates Jazz Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Johnny Hates Jazz Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Don't Let It End This Way
2 Listen
3 Shattered Dreams
4 Foolish Heart
5 Don't Say It's Love
6 Heart of Gold
7 Magnetized
8 Me And My Foolish Heart - 2008 Digital Remaster
9 Turn Back the Clock (unreleased version)
10 Man With No Name
11 Shattered Dreams - 12" Extended Mix (2008 Digital Remaster)
12 Turn Back the Clock (12" extended mix)
13 The Road Not Taken
14 Turn Back The Clock - 12'' Extended Mix (2008 Digital Remaster)
15 Shattered Dreams (12 Inch extended mix)
16 Turn Back The Clock
17 You Belong To You
18 Don't Say It's Love - 12'' Extended Remix;2008 Digital Remaster
19 Shattered Dreams (7″ mix)
20 What Other Reason
21 Release You
22 Me And My Foolish Heart - 12" Mix;2008 Digital Remaster
23 I Don't Want to Be a Hero (Remastered)
24 Drowning My Sorrows
25 Nevermore
26 I Don't Want To Be A Hero - 2008 Digital Remaster
27 Shattered Dreams Remastered)
28 I Don't Want To Be a Hero (Blank & Jones Remix)
29 Ghost of Love
30 Shattered Dreams - Remastered 2008
31 Don't Say It's Love (12'' Extended Remix)
32 Raindance
33 Lighthouse
34 I Don't Want to Be a Hero (7″ version)
35 Shattered Dreams (7'' Single Version)
36 Close To The Edge
37 Goodbye Sweet Yesterday
38 Magnetized (Single Version)
39 I Don't Want to Be a Hero (2008 Remastered)
40 Autumn Years
41 Eternal
42 Shattered Dreams (2008 Digital Remaster)
43 Shattered Dreams (The Amplid remix)
44 The Last Emotion
45 Heart Of Gold - 2008 Digital Remaster
46 Shattered Dreams (12" extended mix)
47 Lighthouse (Single Mix)
48 The State Of Play
49 Turn Back The Clock - 2008 Digital Remaster
50 I Don’t Want to Be a Hero (extended mix)
51 Magnetized (Acoustic Version)
52 It's Better This Way
53 Don't Say It's Love - 7'' Remix;2008 Digital Remaster
54 I Don't Want to Be a Hero
55 Shattered Dreams (12" Extended Mix) (2008 Remaster)
56 Different Seasons
57 Heart Of Hearts
58 What Other Reason - 2008 Digital Remaster
59 Don’t Say It’s Love
60 Shattered Dreams (Remaster)
61 Crown Of Thorns
62 Listen - 2008 Digital Remaster
63 I Don’t Want to Be a Hero
64 True Confessions
65 Different Seasons - 2008 Digital Remaster
66 Don’t Let It End This Way

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Johnny Hates Jazz Bio

Johnny Hates Jazz is an English pop band formed in 1986 by Clark Datchler (vocals, piano), Calvin Hayes (keyboards), and the German born Mike Nocito (bass).

Named after a friend who really did hate jazz, Johnny Hates Jazz released their first single, "Me and My Foolish Heart," on RAK Records in 1986. After searching for a major record label deal they landed one towards the end of 1986 with Virgin Records after a gig at, ironically enough, a jazz club.

The group's debut single for Virgin, "Shattered Dreams", became a chart-topper in 1987, reaching #5 in the UK and #2 in the U.S. charts. The group's debut album, Turn Back the Clock, also proved successful, reaching #1 on the UK albums chart. They had three more Top 20 singles in the UK from this album: "I Don't Want to Be a Hero" (UK #11, US #31), "Turn Back the Clock" (UK #12), and "Heart of Gold" (UK #19), which was their last hit single.

In the U.S., "Hero" was a top 40 hit on the Hot 100 and went top 20 on the AC and Dance Club Play charts, while "Clock" struck five on the Adult Contemporary chart.

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