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Genre: Rock

John Waite Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Missing You
2 In Dreams
3 When I See You Smile
4 Bluebird Cafe
5 A Piece Of The Action
6 Imaginary Girl
7 More
8 Dark Side of the Sun
9 When I See You Smile (Live)
10 Change (Live)
11 Every Step Of The Way
12 Just Like a Woman
13 Broken Heart
14 These Times Are Hard for Lovers
15 Head First
16 How Did I Get by Without You
17 Back on My Feet Again
18 Ain't That Peculiar
19 Lets Get Out Of Here
20 White Heat
21 Wild One
22 Headfirst
23 Every Time I Think of You
24 Temptation
25 Be My Baby Tonight
26 Head First (With The Babys)
27 For Your Love
28 Space Oddity
29 NYC Girl
30 Midnight Rendezvous
31 In God's Shadow
32 Wild Life
33 Head Above The Waves
34 Love Collision
35 If Anybody Had a Heart
36 Missing You (Live)
37 Straight to Your Heart
38 Ain't No Sunshine
39 Fly
40 Anytime
41 Woman's Touch
42 Missing You (extended version)
43 Make It Happen
44 Price of Love
45 Whenever You Come Around
46 Laydown
47 Encircled
48 Change (Live)
49 Run To Mexico
50 Missing You (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
51 If You've Got the Time
52 Valentine
53 Tears
54 Welcome To Paradise
55 Change (live)
56 Mr. Wonderful
57 Missing You - Rerecorded
58 White Lightening
59 Everytime I Think of You
60 I-95
61 The Choice
62 Union Jack
63 Isn't It Time
64 Peace Of Mind
65 Missing You (Re-Recorded) [Re-Remastered]
66 Special One
67 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
68 Touch
69 Lust For Life
70 When I See You Smile (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
71 Rough & Tumble
72 Missing You (Re-Recorded)
73 Downtown
74 The Glittering Prize
75 Rock'n Roll Is (Alive And Well)
76 Deal For Life
77 Every Time I Think Of You (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
78 Skyward
79 Back on My Feet Again (2014)
80 When You Were Mine
81 Someone Like You
82 Darker Side Of Town
83 Love Don't Prove I'm Right
84 I'm Still In Love
85 Sweet Rhode Island Red
86 Every Time I Think of You (Live)
87 Love Is A Rose To Me
88 Gonna Be Somebody
89 No Brakes
90 Shadows Of Love
91 Evil
92 Head First (Live)
93 The Hard Way
94 Suicide Life
95 World In A Bottle
96 Desperate Love
97 Masterpieces of Loneliness
98 Further The Sky
99 Saturday Night (Live)
100 Keys to Your Heart
101 Change
102 Show Me How to Love You
103 Let's Get Out of Here
104 Better off Gone
105 Love's Goin' Out Of Style
106 Bluebird Cafe (Unplugged)
107 Have You Seen Her My Friend?
108 Act Of Love
109 Going To The Top
110 Saturday Night
111 If You Ever Get Lonely
112 Euroshima
113 Missing You (2014 Re-Record)
114 I Ain't Missing You
115 Thinking About You
116 She's the One

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John Waite Bio

John Charles Waite (born 4 July 1952) is an English musician. He was lead vocalist for The Babys and Bad English. As a solo artist, 1984's "Missing You", was a No. 1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 and a top ten hit on the UK Singles Chart.

Waite was born in Lancaster, England. He was educated at Lancaster's Storey Art College. Waite first came to attention as the lead singer and bassist of The Babys, a British rock band which had moderate chart success, including two pop hits that both coincidentally peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, "Isn't It Time" (1977) and "Everytime I Think of You" (1979), and a solid following for their concert tours. Over the course of five years, the band produced five albums ending with the final album On the Edge in October 1980, after which the group disbanded.

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