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Genre: Blues

Joe Cocker Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cry Me a River
2 You Are So Beautiful
3 All Our Tomorrows
4 With a Little Help from My Friends
5 Space Captain
6 Feeling Alright
7 The Letter
8 I Who Have Nothing
9 Bye Bye Blackbird
10 Bird On The Wire
11 Girl from the North Country
12 No Ordinary World
13 Unforgiven
14 Love Not War
15 One
16 Everybody Hurts
17 Let It Be
18 Delta Lady
19 The Simple Things
20 Can't Find My Way Home
21 Take Me Home
22 Across from Midnight
23 Five Women
24 She Believes In Me
25 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
26 I Will Live for You
27 Summer In The City
28 I Shall Be Released
29 One Night of Sin
30 Put Out the Light
31 Hitchcock Railway
32 Up Where We Belong with Jennifer Warnes
33 When The Night Comes
34 That's All I Need to Know
35 You Can’t Have My Heart
36 Just Like Always (Live)
37 You Can Leave Your Hat On
38 Could You Be Loved (Full Version)
39 I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today
40 The Letter (Live Edit) [1970 - Fillmore East]
41 Long Drag Off A Cigarette
42 Even A Fool Would Let Go
43 Let's Go Get Stoned (Live At the Fillmore East, 1970)
44 She’s So Good to Me
45 Weight of the World
46 Please No More
47 19. You Are So Beautiful
48 You Know It’s Gonna Hurt
49 Something (Set 1 / Live At the Fillmore East /3/28/70)
50 You Can Leave Your Hat On - Edit
51 Just Pass It On (Radio Edit)
52 Up Where We Belong
53 Sweet Lil' Woman
54 Something to Say (Live At Woodstock 1969)
55 With A Little Help From My Friends - Live At Fillmore East/1970
56 Shelter Me
57 Woman To Woman
58 Delta Lady (’96 version)
59 I’m Listening Now
60 Shocked (Live)
61 Out of the Rain
62 Ruby Lee
63 River's Rising
64 I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today
65 The Letter (Live Version)
66 Tempted
67 Southern Lady
68 Feeling Alright (Live)
69 Something’s Coming On
70 The Last Road
71 Civilized Man
72 Performance
73 Could You Be Loved (Catania radio remix)
74 I’m Your Man
75 Darling Be Home Soon (Live At the Fillmore East / 1970)
76 With A Little Help From My Friends - Edit Version
77 I Think It's Going to Rain Today
78 Now That You’re Gone
79 With a Little Help from My Friends (Live At Woodstock 1969)
80 The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress - Live
81 Sweet Little Woman
82 Change In Louise
83 Look What You've Done
84 It’s Only Love
85 Seven Days (Live)
86 What Do You Say?
87 That's All I Need to Know (Live Version)
88 I Can Stand Little Rain
89 Cry Me a River (Live Version)
90 Crazy In Love
91 I Stand In Wonder
92 Something (Live)
93 I’ll Cry Instead
94 Walk Through the World With Me
95 The Jealous Kind
96 With a Little Help From My Friends (Live Woodstock Version)
97 That’s All I Need to Know
98 Further On Up the Road (Live At Fillmore East / 1970)
99 One - 2004/Live In Antwerp, Belgium
100 Angeline
101 Maybe I'm Amazed
102 Cry Me a River (Set 1) [Live At the Fillmore East]
103 Put Out the Light (Live)
104 Leave A Light On
105 Marjorine
106 You Know It's Gonna Hurt
107 Take Me Home (feat. Bekka Bramlett)
108 Jealous Kind (Live)
109 Dixie Lullaby
110 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
111 Tonight (radio edit)
112 It's a Sin When Your Love Somebody
113 Hymn 4 My Soul (Instrumental)
114 Superstar
115 Just Like Always
116 Girl from the North Country (Live)
117 Let’s Go Get Stoned
118 One (Live in Antwerp, Belgium)
119 Shocked
120 When a Woman Cries
121 That’s the Way Her Love Is
122 With a Little Help from My Friends (Live At the Fillmore East / 1970)
123 Let It Be - Original Take
124 Too Cool
125 Don't Let Me Be Lonely
126 N'Oubliez Jamais (Edit)
127 Just Like Always (Live)
128 Midnight Without You
129 Midnight Rider
130 You Haven't Done Nothin'
131 Unchain Myheart (90s version)
132 Watching the River Flow (Live)
133 Talking Back to the Night
134 The Letter (Live at the Fillmore East - 1970)
135 N'Oubliez Jamais (album version)
136 You Are So Beautiful (Live At Woodstock)
137 Rivers Rising
138 What Do I Tell My Heart?
139 Darling Be Home Soon (Live)
140 There’s a Storm Coming
141 Wiith a Little Help From My Friends
142 So It Goes
143 Just Like a Woman
144 What’s Going On
145 Something - Set 1 / Live At The Fillmore East/3/28/70
146 I Come In Peace - Live at WDR 2
147 You Know We're Gonna Hurt
148 Leave Your Hat On
149 Don't You Love Me Any More
150 Honky Tonk Women (Live (1970 Fillmore East))
151 Put out the Light - Live
152 Long As I Can See The Light
153 High Time We Went
154 Don't Give Up On Me
155 You Love Me Back (Live)
156 The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Live)
157 Jealous Guy
158 Honky Tonk Women [Live]
159 She Came In Thru the Bathroom Window (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
160 When the Night Comes (Radio Edit)
161 Love Lives On
162 Hard Knocks
163 Into the Mystic
164 Further On Up the Road (Live)
165 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
166 When the Night Comes (extended version)
167 Lie To Me
168 Love Made A Promise
169 First We Take Manhattan
170 Don't Forget Me
171 Further On Up The Road - Live At Fillmore East/1970
172 Fire It Up - Live at WDR 2
173 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
174 Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
175 Let's Go Get Stoned (1970 Live At The Fillmore East)
176 Sweet Little Woman - Live
177 Beware Of Darkness
178 Night Calls
179 What's Going On
180 I'll Be Your Doctor (Live)
181 I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Live)
182 Every Kind of People
183 Love Is Alive
184 Space Captain (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
185 Let the Healing Begin (Radio Edit)
186 Fire It Up
187 So
188 Let's Go Get Stoned (Live)
189 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
190 Ruby Lee (live at the Ritz, New York)
191 The Fall
192 Different Roads
193 Look What You’ve Done
194 Cry Me a River (1970 / Live At The Fillmore East)
195 The Letter - 1970/Live At The Fillmore East/Edit
196 Come Together
197 There's a Storm Coming
198 Shelter Me (Single Edit)
199 Just Like Always - Live
200 Jamaica Say You Will
201 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
202 That's Your Business
203 Come Together (Live)
204 Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
205 Chain of Fools
206 The Letter (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
207 Feelin’ Alright
208 I'll Be Your Doctor
209 Thankful
210 Space Captain (Live)
211 My Father's Son
212 Up Where We Belong (An Officer and a Gentleman/Soundtrack version)
213 Get On
214 While You See A Chance
215 I Can’t Say No
216 When the Night Comes (Edit)
217 Come Together - From "Across The Universe" Soundtrack
218 Many Rivers to Cross
219 Can't Find My Way Home (Edit)
220 Cry Me a River (3/28/70 / Set 1 / Live At The Fillmore East)
221 Further on Up the Road
222 That's All I Need To Know/Difendero. (Live)
223 Lawdy Miss Clawdy
224 Heart Full Of Rain
225 Don't Drink the Water
226 Eye On the Prize (Live)
227 With a Little Help From My Friends (Live Woodstock Version With Additional Stage Dialogue, Rainstorm, Crowd Sounds, Stage Announcements, & General Hysteria)
228 With a Little Help from Friends
229 Seven Days
230 Girl from the North Country (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
231 Don't You Love Me Anymore
232 You Love Me Back
233 I Hope
234 Now That the Magic Has Gone
235 Give Peace a Chance (Live)
236 I Think It's Going to Rain
237 Unchain My Heart
238 Runaway Train
239 She Don’t Mind
240 Have a Little Faith in Me (Radio Edit)
241 With A Little Help From My Friends - Edit
242 Catfish
243 Could You Be Loved
244 You've Got To Hide your Love Away
245 High Time We Went (Live)
246 Delta Lady (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
247 Isolation
248 Living In The Promiseland
249 Maybe I’m Amazed
250 You Don't Need a Million Dollars (Live)
251 I Come In Peace (Live @ WDR 2)
252 The Weight
253 Sail Away
254 Give Peace a Chance (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
255 I Think It’s Going to Rain
256 I Come in Peace
257 Edge Of A Dream
258 Marie
259 The Weight (Live)
260 That’s Your Business
261 What Are You Doing with a Fool Like Me (Live)
262 Stay The Same
263 You Took It So Hard
264 N’oubliez jamais
265 Dear Landlord (Live At Woodstock 1969)
266 The Letter - Live At The Fillmore East/1970/Edit
267 The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
268 Tonight
269 I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
270 When the Night Comes (Live-Memorial Auditorium)
271 Up Where We Belong (with Maxine Green) [Live]
272 Cry Me A River [Live]
273 A Little Help From My Friends
274 Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
275 Younger (Live)
276 Fire It Up (Live @ WDR 2)
277 Honky Tonk Women
278 Let's Go Get Stoned (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
279 She's So Good to Me
280 You Don't Need a Million Dollars
281 Your Are So Beautiful
282 "So Good, So Right"
283 Hard Knocks (Live)
284 I'll Cry Instead
285 Living in the Promiseland (Live)
286 Forever Changed
287 This Is Your Life
288 Where Would I Be Now
289 Don’t Forget Me
290 Something's Coming On (Live At Woodstock 1969)
291 Honky Tonk Women - 3/28/70 / With Intro Set 1 / Live At The Fillmore East
292 Have a Little Faith in Me
293 I'm Your Man
294 Shelter Me (Live)
295 Unchain My Heart (90's version)
296 I Can't Say No (Live)
297 Guilty
298 Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
299 Fire It Up (Live)
300 I'll Be Your Doctor (Live @ WDR 2)
301 Loving You Tonight
302 Bird On the Wire (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
303 N'oubliez Jamais
304 Eye On the Prize
305 Do I Still Figure In Your Life
306 I Keep Forgetting
307 Get On (Live)
308 Something's Coming On
309 Hitchcock Railway (Live)
310 I Can Stand A Little Rain
311 Love Is On A Fade
312 I Ain't Gonna Cry Again
313 You Haven’t Done Nothin’
314 Feelin' Alright (Live At Woodstock 1969)
315 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window - Live w/outro (1970/Fillmore East)
316 Little Help From My Friends
317 Highway Highway
318 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
319 I'm Listening Now
320 Put out the Light (Live)
321 If I Love You
322 Feels Like Forever
323 Could You Be Loved (single version)
324 N'oubliez Jamais (Live)
325 Summer In the City (Radio Edit)
326 Need Your Love So Bad
327 Letting Go
328 Feelin' Alright (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
329 Feelin’ Alright (live)
330 Younger
331 Anybody Seen My Girl
332 I Put a Spell On You
333 Unforgiven (Live)
334 I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
335 Guilty (Live)
336 Can’t Find My Way Home
337 Fun Time
338 Soul Rising
339 Don’t Give Up on Me
340 Just Like a Woman (Live At Woodstock 1969)
341 Darling Be Home Soon - Live At Fillmore East/1970
342 Out Of The Blue
343 Ain’t Gonna Cry Again
344 It's Only Love
345 Look What You've Done (Live)
346 Living Without Your Love
347 Soul Time
348 With a Little Help From My Friends (Edit) [Live]
349 Summer In the City (Live)
350 When The Night Comes (Live)
351 A Song For You
352 Fever
353 Honky Tonk Women (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
354 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
355 You Don't Know What You're Doing to Me
356 You and I
357 Bird on a Wire
358 Thankful (Live)
359 Don’t You Love Me Anymore
360 Up Where We Belong (live)
361 The Letter (Live)
362 Naked Without You
363 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
364 Let's Go Get Stoned (Live At Woodstock 1969)
365 Let's Go Get Stoned - Live w/intro (1970/Fillmore East)
366 Standing Knee Deep In A River
367 Let the Healing Begin
368 My Father’s Son
369 Unchain My Heart (90’s version)
370 Whiter Shade of Pale (Live)
371 There Goes My Baby
372 With a Little Help From My Friends (Edit;Live)
373 You Don't Know What You're Doing To Me (Live)
374 The River's Rising
375 Inner City Blues
376 Sticks and Stones (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
377 Let's Go Get Stoned
378 The Letting Go
379 Darling Be Home Soon
380 Never Tear Us Apart
381 You Are So Beautiful (Live)
382 Don’t Drink the Water
383 Sweet Little Woman (12" mix)
384 With a Little Help From My Friends (Live At Deutschlandhalle, Berlin / 1989)
385 Love To Lean On
386 Now That You're Gone
387 I Shall Be Released (Live At Woodstock 1969)
388 Delta Lady - 3/27/70 / Set 2 / Live At The Fillmore East
389 Just to Keep from Drowning
390 Something
391 That's the Way Her Love Is
392 Ain't Gonna Cry Again
393 You Can't Have My Heart
394 Sweet Little Woman (Live)
395 I've Got to Use My Imagination
396 Trust In Me
397 Unchain My Heart ('92 remix)
398 I Come In Peace (Live)
399 The Letter (Live 1970 at the Fillmore East) [Edit]
400 Dignity
401 The Great Divide
402 Cry Me a River (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)
403 Darlin’ Be Home Soon
404 I'll Walk in the Sunshine Again
405 I Can Hear the River
406 Whiter Shade of Pale
407 She Don't Mind
408 The Weight (Live At the Fillmore East/1970)
409 You Are So Beautiful (Live at Lanxess Arena/2013)
410 On My Way Home
411 I Can't Say No
412 Hitchcock Railway (Live At Woodstock 1969)
413 Give Peace A Chance - Live w/outro (1970/Fillmore East)
414 Bad Bad Sign

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Joe Cocker Bio

John Robert "Joe" Cocker, OBE (born 20 May 1944) is an English rock and blues singer, who came to popularity in the 1960s, and is most known for his gritty voice, his idiosyncratic arm movements while performing, and his cover versions of popular songs, particularly those of the Beatles.

He is the recipient of several awards, including a 1983 Grammy Award for his #1 hit "Up Where We Belong", a duet he performed with Jennifer Warnes. He was ranked #97 on Rolling Stone's 100 greatest singers list.

Cocker was born on 20 May 1944 at 38 Tasker Road, Crookes, Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire. He is the youngest son of a civil servant, Harold Cocker, and Madge Cocker. According to differing family stories, Cocker received his nickname of Joe either from playing a childhood game called "Cowboy Joe" or from a local window cleaner named Joe.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_cocker