Jimmy Barnes Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Jimmy Barnes Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Gotcha
2 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
3 It Will Be All Right
4 Good Times
5 Red Hot
6 Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
7 I've Seen It All (Rage And Ruin)
8 Love Can Break The Hardest Heart
9 Lover Lover
10 Going Down Alone (featuring Journey)
11 (Simply) The Best (feat. Tina Turner)
12 Love And Hate (featuring Shihad)
13 The Weight (feat. The Badloves)
14 Lay Down Your Guns
15 No Second Prize (featuring The Family Choir)
16 It Will Be Alright
17 When Your Love Is Gone
18 I’d Rather Be Blind (featuring Jon Stevens)
19 Wheels In Motion
20 God Or Money
21 I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
22 When Your Love Is Gone (featuring Ruby Rodgers and The Tin Lids)
23 Change Of Heart
24 Driving Wheels
25 Too Much Ain’t Enough Love (featuring Joe Bonamassa)
26 Thankful For The Rain
27 Letter From A Dead Heart
28 No Second Prize
29 I’m Still On Your Side (featuring Bernard Fanning)
30 All The Young Dudes
31 Stupid Heart
32 Working Class Man
33 Walk On (featuring David Campbell)
34 Out In The Blue
35 Adam Was Just A Man
36 Lay Down Your Guns (featuring The Living End)
37 The Other Kind (featuring Troy Cassar-Daley)
38 When Two Hearts Collide (feat. Kasey Chambers)
39 Time Will Tell (featuring Baby Animals)
40 Promise Me You’ll Call
41 Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
42 Can't Do It Again
43 Time Can Change
44 Good Times (featuring Keith Urban)
45 Daylight
46 Largspier Hotel
47 Turn It Around
48 Ride The Night Away (featuring Steven van Zandt)
49 Waiting For The Heartache
50 This Ain't The Day That I Die
51 Stand Up (featuring Mahalia Barnes and The Soul Mates)
52 Let’s Make It Last All Night
53 I’d Die To Be With You Tonight (featuring Diesel)
54 Little Darling
55 Navigator
56 Stone Cold (featuring Tina Arena and Joe Bonamassa)
57 Love Is Enough
58 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
59 Taking Time
60 Working Class Man (featuring Jonathan Cain & Ian Moss)
61 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (feat. John Farnham)
62 Higher And Higher