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Genre: Pop

Jennifer Lopez Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ven A Bailar (On The Floor)
2 I'm Waiting
3 On The Floor (Single)
4 If You Had My Love
5 If You Had My Love (Dark Child Remix)
6 To Love Is Forever
7 Do You Know Where You're Going To?
8 Love Don't Cost A Thing (Spanish Version)
9 No Me Ames (English Version)
10 Es Amor
11 It's Love
12 I'm Gonna Be Alright (Nas Remix)
13 The Wish For your Love
14 Love Don't Cost A Thing (Video Version)
15 Could This Be Love
16 Hold You Down
17 Still
18 Jenny From The Block [No Rap]
19 Ain't It Funny Remix
20 I'm Gonna Be Alright (Remix)
21 Waiting For Tonight
22 Jenny From The Block
23 Por Arriesgarnos
24 Alive
25 Ain't It Funny
26 I'm Glad (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Mix)
27 Dance With Me
28 Mile In These Shoes
29 Si Ya Se Acabo
30 I Need Love
31 El Deseo De Tu Amor (Open Off My Love)
32 This Time
33 Amarte Es Todo
34 Promise Me You'll Try
35 Too Late
36 Feelin' So Good - Featuring Big Pun/Fat Joe, Album Version
37 Loving You
38 The One
39 Carino
40 On The Floor (Ven A Bailar)
41 Get Right
42 Baila
43 Never Gonna Give Up
44 Hold You Down (feat. Fat Joe)
45 That's The Way
46 Que Hiciste
47 Dame (Touch Me)
48 Me Haces Falta
49 All I Have
50 Amar Es Para Siempre (Promise Me You'll Try)
51 Still Around
52 Be Mine
53 All I Have (Ignorant's Mix)
54 I'm Real Remix
55 Te Voy a Querer
56 Ride or Die
57 Play
58 Walking On Sunshine
59 Sola
60 Amor Se Paga Con Amor
61 Adios
62 Feelin' So Good
63 Step Into My World
64 Dear Ben
65 Hold It Don't Drop It
66 You Belong To Me
67 No Me Ames
68 Jenny from the Block (Seismic Crew's Latin Disco Trip Mix)
69 We Gotta Talk
70 I Got U
71 Open Off My Love
72 Louboutins (Single)
73 Talk About Us
74 Louboutins (Edson Pride Unreleased mix)
75 I’m Glad
76 Should We Never
77 First Love
78 Papi (Rosabel vocal club mix)
79 Greatest Part Of Me
80 Papi (It's the DJ Kue Instrumental!)
81 On the Floor (Ralphi's Jurty club Vox)
82 12. Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)
83 Papi
84 Get Right (featuring Fabolous) - Hip Hop Mix
85 Gotta Be There
86 Louboutins (Den Broeder & Rigg dub)
87 Waiting For Tonight - Hex's Momentous Video Remix
88 Walking on Sunshine (Metro Remix)
89 Louboutins (Moto Blanco club dub)
90 Theme From Mahagony (Do You Know Where You're Going to)
91 Que Ironia (Ain't It Funny)
92 Secretly
93 I'm Into You (Dave Audé radio edit)
94 On the Floor (Cha Cha Cha / Disco Fox)
95 On The Radio
96 No Me Ames (Tropical Remix)
97 Papi (Rosabel radio edit)
98 On the Floor (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda La to Ibiza mix)
99 13. Feelin' So Good (Remix)
100 Good Hit
101 Love Don't Cost A Thing - Main Rap #1 featuring Puffy
102 Louboutins (Cutmore radio mix)
103 On the Floor (radio edit) (no rap)
104 Louboutins (Jody Den Broeder & Warren Rigg dub)
105 On the 6 Megamix: If You Had My Love / Waiting for Tonight / Let's Get Loud
106 This Is Me
107 I'm Into You (Dave Audé club mix)
108 I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters remix) (feat. Nas)
109 One Step At A Time
110 I've Been Thinkin'
111 Papi (It's The DJ Kue radio edit)
112 On the Floor (CCW dub mix)
113 Live It Up
114 One Love
115 Love Don't Cost A Thing - RJ Schoolyard Mix featuring Fat Joe
116 Louboutins (Cutmore club mix)
117 Ain't It Funny (Radio Edit)
118 I'm Real (Murder Remix)
119 Louboutins (Cutmore radio edit)
120 If You Head My Love
121 I, Love
122 I'm Into You (Dave Audé dub)
123 Again (album version)
124 Story Of My Life
125 Papi (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda radio edit)
126 On the Floor (Low Sunday "On the Floor" dub)
127 I Luh Ya Papi
128 Invading My Mind
129 Let's Get Loud - Radio Edit
130 The Way It Is
131 Louboutins (Moto Blanco radio mix)
132 If You Had My Love (radio mix)
133 Fresh Out The Oven
134 Louboutins (Stemweaver Designer radio edit)
135 Let’s Get Loud
136 On the Floor (club edit)
137 What Is Love?
138 Waiting for Tonight (Pablo Flores Miami mix) [English]
139 Papi (R3hab radio edit)
140 On the Floor (Ralphi's Jurty dub)
141 A.K.A.
142 Como Ama Una Mujer
143 Starting Over
144 Get Right (featuring Fabolous)
145 Louboutins (Moto Blanco club mix)
146 Waiting for Tonight (radio mix)
147 Get Right (feat. Fabolous)
148 Louboutins (Jody Den Broeder & Warren Rigg radio edit)
149 Theme From Mahagony (Do You Know Where You’re Going to)
150 So Good
151 Do It Well (Moto Blanco radio edit)
152 1. Dance Again
153 Papi (It's The DJ Kue extended mix)
154 On the Floor (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda La to Ibiza dub mix)
155 Acting Like That
156 Hypnotico
157 Ain't It Funny - Murder Remix featuring Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah
158 Louboutins (Moto Blanco dub)
159 Let's Get Loud (radio mix)
160 Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)
161 Louboutins (Space Cowboy radio edit)
162 It’s Not That Serious
163 Never Satisfied
164 Emotions
165 Hold It Don't Drop It (Moto Blanco mix)
166 2. Goin' In
167 Papi (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda club mix)
168 I'm Into You (video version)
169 Let It Be Me
170 Everybody's Girl
171 Brave - Radio Edit
172 Wrong When You're Gone
173 Louboutins (a cappella)
174 I'm Real (radio mix)
175 Whatever You Wanna Do
176 Louboutins (Moto Blanco radio edit)
177 He’ll Be Back
178 The One (Version 2) [Bonus]
179 Expertease (Ready Set Go)
180 I’m Into You (no rap edit)
181 3. I'm Into You
182 Papi (R3hab extended mix)
183 I'm Into You (solo version)
184 Worry No More
185 Tu
186 Charge Me Up
187 Girls
188 Brave
189 Louboutins (Den Broeder & Rigg radio mix)
190 Taco Flavored Kisses
191 Play (Radio Edit)
192 (Can't Believe) This Is Me
193 Louboutins (Stemweaver Designer club mix)
194 Should’ve Never
195 Ryde Or Die
196 Charades
197 Love Don't Cost a Thing (RJ Schoolyard Mix)
198 4. On the Floor
199 Papi (Rosabel dub)
200 I'm Into You (Low Sunday radio edit)
201 Booty
202 Take Care
203 Feel the Light
204 Louboutins (Jeremy Word radio mix)
205 Let's Get Loud
206 Waiting for Tonight (Hex's Momentous Radio Mix)
207 Louboutins (Space Cowboy extended mix)
208 (Can’t Believe) This Is Me
209 Apresurate
210 Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing
211 Do It Well (Moto Blanco Radio Mix) [Bonus Track]
212 5. Love Don't Cost a Thing
213 Si Yo Se Acabo (Translation)
214 Papi (It's The DJ Kue instrumental)
215 I'm Into You (Low Sunday club mix)
216 TENS
217 Venus
218 Run the World
219 Baby I Love U!
220 He'll Be Back
221 Louboutins (Jeremy Word club mix)
222 Love Don't Cost a Thing
223 Louboutins (Steamweaver Designer radio edit)
224 It's Not That Serious
225 Feelin' so Good (Bad Boy Remix)
226 Hold It Don't Drop It (Moto Blanco club edit)
227 On the Floor (CCW radio mix)
228 6. If You Had My Love
229 Acapulco 78
230 Papi (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda dub)
231 I'm Into You (Low Sunday dub)
232 Troubeaux
233 Until It Beats No More
234 Baby I Love U
235 I Got You
236 Louboutins (original version)
237 I'm Glad
238 Cherry Pie
239 Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where Your Going to)
240 Dance Again
241 Una Noche Mas
242 Love Don't Cost A Thing - Album Version -
243 On the Floor (Low Sunday "On the Floor" radio edit)
244 7. Waiting for Tonight
245 On the Floor (Radio Edit - Fiesta Edit)
246 I'm Into You (Gregor Salto hype radio edit)
247 On the Floor (Radio Edit) (Radio Edit; No Rap)
248 Villain
249 Baby I Love U !
250 I've Been Thinking
251 Louboutins (Urban Noize remix)
252 Louboutins (Space Cowboy mix)
253 Love Don’t Cost a Thing
254 On the Floor (Promo Only clean no Pitbull edit)
255 Papi (album version)
256 Porque Te Marchas
257 I'm Real
258 On the Floor (Ralphi's Jurty radio edit)
259 8. Get Right
260 The One (Version 2)
261 I'm Into You (Gregor Salto hype extended mix)
262 Ain't Your Mama
263 Louboutins (Space Cowboy radio remix)
264 Waiting for Tonight (Hex Hector remix)
265 Play (Sack International Remix)
266 Louboutins (Jeremy Word remix)
267 I'm Gonna Be Alright
268 Come Over
269 Theme From Mahogany
270 Jenny From the Block (Seismic Crew's Latin Disco Trip)
271 Louboutins
272 I’m Real
273 On the Floor (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda La to Ibiza radio mix)
274 9. Jenny from the Block (Track Masters Remix)
275 I'm Into You (Gregor Salto hype dub)
276 Feel The Light - From The "Home" Soundtrack
277 Do It Well
278 Louboutins (Space Cowboy extended remix)
279 What is Love (Part II)
280 Pleasure Is Mine
281 Louboutins (Bryan Reyes Friction mix)
282 I’m Gonna Be Alright
283 Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme from "Mahagony")
284 Dance Again (without Pitbull)
285 Hooked On You
286 Again
287 Love Don’t Cost a Thing (Full Intention remix)
288 On the Floor (CCW club mix)
289 10. I'm Real (Murder Remix)
290 I'm Into You
291 I'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne)
292 Stay Together
293 Louboutins (Den Broeder & Rigg radio edit)
294 Same Girl
295 Louboutins (Steamweaver Designer club mix)
296 Should've Never
297 Baby I Love U! (R. Kelly Remix)
298 That's Not Me
299 Baila (From "Music of the Heart")
300 Jenny From the Block (Seismic Crew’s Latin Disco Trip)
301 Fighter
302 Papi (It's the DJ Kue Extended Mix!)
303 On the Floor (Low Sunday "On the Floor" club)
304 11. Do It Well
305 On the Floor
306 Play - Album Version Edit
307 Forever
308 Louboutins (Den Broeder & Rigg club mix)
309 Goin In
310 Jenny From The Block Radio Disney Edit

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Jennifer Lopez Bio

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (born July 24, 1969), popularly nicknamed J.Lo, is an American Golden Globe-nominated actress, Grammy Award-nominated singer, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer. She is the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood according to Forbes, and the most influential Hispanic entertainer in the U.S. according to People en Español's list of "100 Most Influential Hispanics".

Starting in 1999, Lopez released seven albums, including two number one albums on the Billboard 200 charts and four Billboard Hot 100 number one singles. She won the 2003 American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and the 2007 American Music Award for Favorite Latin Artist. She has appeared in numerous films, and has won ALMA Awards for outstanding actress for her work in Selena, Out of Sight, and Angel Eyes. She parlayed her media fame into a fashion line and various perfumes with her celebrity endorsement.

Media attention has also focused on her personal life. She has had high-profile relationships with Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony. Her first children, fraternal twins named Max and Emme, were born on February 22, 2008.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_lopez