Jean Wyclef Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Jean Wyclef Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Bubblegoose (South Park)
2 Da Cypha
3 Daddy
4 Oh What A Night
5 Closing Arguments (interlude)
6 911
7 In The Zone
8 Gunpowder
9 Yele
10 Two Wrongs
11 Kenny Rogers - Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate
12 Perfect Gentleman
13 War No More
14 Ghetto Racine (PJ's Creole Mix)
15 Rumble In The Jungle
16 Year Of The Dragon
17 Thug Like Me
18 Men In Blue (No Airplay)
19 It Doesn't Matter
20 1-800-Henchman
21 New Day
22 Killer M.C. (interlude)
23 80 Bars
24 New Day (Pop Radio Edit)
25 Mona Lisa
26 Pullin Me In
27 You Say Keep It Gangsta
28 No Airplay
29 Pablo Diablo (interlude)
30 Runaway
31 25 To Life
32 Sang Fezi
33 Something About Mary
34 Instant Request
35 Bubblegoose (Bakin' Cake Version)
36 The Streets Are Like A Jungle
37 Street Jeopardy
38 Thug Angels
39 Knockin on Heaven's Door
40 Thug Angel
41 To All The Girls
42 Where Fugees At?
43 Masquerade
44 Cheated (Rock Remix)
45 What's Clef
46 Tryin' To Stay Alive
47 Whitney Houston Dub Plate
48 Midnight Lovers
49 Cheated (To All The Girls)
50 Anything Can Happen
51 Words Of Wisdom (interlude)
52 Wish You Were Here
53 Chickenhead (remix)
54 Apocalypse
55 Party Like I Party
56 Gone Til November
57 Bubblegoose
58 Peace God
59 Gone Til November (Pop Version)
60 Pussycat
61 Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix)
62 Down Lo Ho (Interlude)
63 The Eulogy
64 Imagino
65 Enter The Carnival (interlude)
66 Diallo
67 The Mix Show
68 Fresh (interlude)
69 Hollyhood To Hollywood
70 The PJ's
71 Low Income
72 Guantanamera
73 However You Want It

Jean Wyclef Bio

Wyclef Jeanelle Jean (born October 17, 1969) is a three-time Grammy Award-winning Haitian-American rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and politician. At age nine, Jean moved to the USA with his family and has spent much of his life in the country. He first received fame as a member of the acclaimed New Jersey hip hop group the Fugees.

On August 5, 2010, Jean filed for candidacy in the 2010 Haitian presidential election, although the Electoral Commission subsequently ruled him ineligible to stand as he had not met the requirement to have been resident in Haiti for five years.

Jean's efforts at earthquake relief, highly publicized in 2010 throughout Haiti and the United States, were channeled through his charitable organization, Yéle Haiti.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyclef_Jean