Jean Shepard Lyrics

Genre: Country

Jean Shepard Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Poor Sweet Baby
2 A Tear Drops By (1965)
3 Satisfied Mind
4 What Locks The Door
5 If Teardrops Were Silver
6 Loose Talk
7 Leave Me Alone
8 I Forgot To Care
9 Blues Stay Away From Me
10 Heart We Did All That We Could
11 Just Call Me Lonesome
12 Second Fiddle to an Old Guitar
13 I've Got My Pride
14 Shadows On The Wall
15 I Don't See How I Can Make It
16 If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time
17 Beautiful Lies
18 D-I-V-O-R-C-E
19 You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again
20 Evil On Your Mind
21 Foggy River
22 I Don't Apologize For Loving You
23 Franklin County Moonshine
24 I'll Thank You All My Life
25 Till I Get It Right
26 Two Whoops And A Holler
27 Wherever You Are
28 You Win Again
29 It's Enough To Make A Woman Lose Her Mind
30 Act Like A Married Man
31 Sunday Christian
32 I'll Take The Dog
33 If Teardrops Were Silver (1966)
34 Other Woman
35 My Arms Stay Open Late
36 Seven Lonely Days
37 Many Happy Hangovers To You
38 Too Broke To Break
39 Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar (1964)
40 I Love You Because
41 I'll Live For You
42 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
43 Roll Muddy River
44 Forgive Me John
45 Slipping Away (1973)
46 I Learned It All From You
47 You Can't Break The Chains Of Love
48 Then He Touched Me
49 I Can't Stop Loving You
50 Tell Me What I Want To Hear
51 Then He Touched Me (1970)
52 I'd Rather Die Young
53 Thief In The Night
54 I'm Alone
55 My Wedding Ring
56 Teddy Bear Song
57 Hangin' On
58 Too Many Rivers
59 Sweet Temptation
60 Snowbird
61 Before I'm Over You
62 Ain't You Ashamed
63 We Could
64 Memory
65 Waltz Of The Angels
66 How Long Does It Hurt (When A Heart Breaks)
67 Passing Love Affair
68 True Love's A Blessing
69 Slippin' Away
70 I'll Never Be Free
71 It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)
72 Take Possession
73 Billy Christian
74 Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
75 Tip Of My Fingers
76 When Two Worlds Collide
77 The Mysteries Of Life
78 Go On With Your Dancing
79 Day To Day (Tear To Tear)
80 Break My Mind
81 Someone's Gotta Cry
82 Violet And A Rose
83 Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
84 If You Were Losing Him To Me
85 Root Of All Evil (Is A Man)
86 Jealous Heart
87 When Your House Is Not A Home
88 That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
89 Our Past Is In My Way
90 I'd Fight The World
91 Another Lonely Night
92 I Don't Remember