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Genre: Pop

Jay-Jay Johanson Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Sly Seducer
3 Liar
4 Nde
5 Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Paris (Radio Edit)
6 So Tell the Girls
7 She's Mine But I'm Not Hers (Live Version)
8 Rush
9 Rock It (acoustic demo)
10 Drift Wood
11 Family Tree
12 Moonshine
13 I'm Older Now (live)
14 Paris
15 Dilemma
16 Milan Madrid Chicago Paris
17 I Miss You Most of All
18 The Last of the Boys to Know
19 Another Nite Another Love (demo)
20 Momologue
21 Automatic Lover
22 Alone Too Long
23 On the Radio (Fu-Tourist remix)
24 Time Will Show Me
25 On The Other Side
26 As Good As It Gets
27 Mr. Fredrikson
28 Teachers
29 Time Won't Heal
30 Déjà Vu
31 Sunshine of Your Smile
32 Moonshine
33 On the Radio (extended version)
34 Medicine
35 Out of Focus
36 Only For You
37 Tell Me When the Party's Over/Prequiem
38 Mirror Man
39 Ruby Emerald Sapphire Diamond
40 Changed
41 I Guess I'm Just a Fool
42 Moonshine
43 I Want Some Fun
44 Make Her Mine
45 Shadows
46 Breaking Glass
47 Tell Me When the Party's Over / Prequiem
48 100.000 Years
49 Quel Dommage
50 Because of You (extended version)
51 Only For You (Remix)
52 Rocks in Pockets (radio edit)
53 Drowsy / Too Young to Say Good Night
54 Open Up
55 Trauma
56 Suicide Is Painless
57 Peculiar
58 So Tell the Girls... 2004
59 Because of You
60 Hawkeye
61 Rush (Original Version)
62 Colder (I Want You No More)
63 Rocks in Pockets (directors cut)
64 Moonshine
65 Cookie
66 Broken Nose
67 Monologue
68 Skeletal
69 Mana Mana Mana Mana (Live)
70 Rock It
71 Dry Bones
72 Wonderful Combat
73 Coincidence - I Miss You Most of All
74 Far Away
75 NDE
76 Another Nite Another Love
77 100,000 Years
78 The Chain
79 I'm Older Now
80 I.O.U. My Love
81 Antidote
82 1984
83 Orient Express
84 I Don’t Know Much About Loving
85 Alone Again
86 I Love Him So
87 Keep It a Secret
88 Autumn Winter Spring
89 An Eternity
90 Tell Me Like It Is
91 Two Fingers
92 The Beginning of the End of Us
93 On the Radio
94 Harakiri
95 Humiliation
96 I Don't Know Much About Loving
97 Believe In Us
98 On the Radio (Gigi D'Agostino radio mix)
99 Spellbound
100 I Fantasize of You
101 She's Mine but I'm Not Hers
102 Forgetyounot
103 Kate
104 Celebrate The Wonders
105 Whispering Words
106 Scarecrow
107 Tomorrow (Alternative Mix)
108 On the Radio (Gigi D'Agostino Psico mix)
109 Blind
110 Mana Mana Mana Mana
111 Anywhere Anytime
112 Insomnia
113 Tomorrow
114 Moonshine
115 My Mother's Grave
116 I Can Count On You
117 Rush (Radio Edit)
118 Poison
119 Jay-Jay Johanson Again
120 Colder
121 Even in the Darkest Hour
122 Laura
123 On the Radio (Martin Landquist remix 2002)
124 She Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Reversed Remix)
125 NDE - Edit
126 Escape
127 Alone Too Long
128 Lightning Strikes (Single Edit)
129 Suffering
130 So Tell the Girls That I Am Back in Town (radio edit)
131 It Hurts Me So
132 She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
133 Coincidence
134 Tell the Girls I'm Back in Town
135 Video Games
136 Wonder Wonders
137 Drowsy / Too Young to Say Good Night
138 On the Radio (Demo version)
139 Waiting
140 So Tell the Girl That I'm Back In Town
141 So Tell the Girls That I Am Back in Town
142 Coffin
143 Lightning Strikes
144 Sudden Death
145 By This River (Brian Eno Cover)
146 Lychee
147 Moonshine
148 Far Away (Radio Edit)
149 Liar (full version)
150 A Letter to Lulu-Mae
151 The Girl I Love Is Gone
152 Rocks In Pockets
153 On the Radio (radio edit)
154 Friday At Rex
155 NDE
156 Sore
157 Be Yourself
158 It Hurts Me So (Radio Edit)
159 Trauma (Where Melancholy Sleeps version)
160 Far Away (Acoustic 2011 Version)
161 Seven Inch
162 Rush (acoustic demo)
163 New Years Eve

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Jay-Jay Johanson Bio

Jay-Jay Johanson (born 1969) is a Swedish musician and singer-songwriter, known for his melancolic vocals. His music has integrated the trip-hop genre until he switched his sound to a more electroclash-oriented direction with the 2003 release Antenna, which featured "On The Radio". After this album, he came back to his characteristic sound after he released The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known in 2007.

Swedish singer/songwriter Jay-Jay Johanson, born in Trollhättan, October 11, 1969, released his first album, "Whiskey", in August 1996. Recorded at Break My Heart Studios, in the Stockholm archipelago. The album was characterized by its jazzy vocals over trippy, film noir arrangements.

In 1998, Johanson released "Tattoo", taking a step into a more richly textured, poetic ambience. Johanssons third album, "Poison", was released in April 2000 and went straight into the French charts at number four. The album featured contributions from The Cocteau Twins founder and guitarist Robin Guthrie. The same year Johanson also composed the soundtrack to the film "La Confusion Des Genres", made by French director Ilan Cohen, and in 2001, Jay-Jay Johanson emerged with "Cosmodrome", a sound-and-image installation first exhibited in Dijon. This art-piece has travelled around the world and was last shown at Musée d'Art Modern in Paris.

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