Jason Robert Brown Lyrics

Genre: Musical

Jason Robert Brown Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Hey Kendra
2 Getting Ready
3 Becoming A Man
4 When You Say Vegas
5 The Next Ten Minutes (The Last Five Years)
6 Goodbye Until Tomorrow / I Could Never Rescue You
7 The River Won't Flow
8 Moving Too Fast (Piano Accompaniment)
9 Any Minute
10 One More Thing Than I Can Handle [feat. Anika Noni Rose]
11 King of the World
12 The Schmuel Song
13 I'm Not Afraid of Anything
14 King Of The World (Piano Accompaniment)
15 Here I Come
16 There With You
17 Climbing Uphill
18 If I Didn't Believe in You
19 Just One Step
20 Opportunity
21 All Things in Time [feat. Anika Noni Rose]
22 Someone Else's Clothes
23 I Can Do Better Than That
24 On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492
25 Bad Bad News
26 Caravan of Angels
27 Long Long Road
28 All the Wasted Time
29 Opening: The New World
30 Tell Her
31 Brand New You [feat. Anika Noni Rose]
32 A Part of That
33 Pretty Music
34 A Little More Homework (single version)
35 If That's What It Is
36 Moving Too Fast
37 I'd Give It All For You (Songs for a New World)
38 Hear My Song
39 It Can't Be True
40 Brand New You
41 Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You
42 Still Hurting
43 Flying Home
44 A Little More Homework
45 13
46 A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home To Me
47 Shiksa Goddess
48 The Flagmaker, 1775
49 Hear My Song (From "Songs for a New World")
50 Stars And The Moon (Piano Accompaniment)
51 Goodbye Until Tomorrow (Piano Accompaniment)
52 Moving Too Fast (Live)
53 See I'm Smiling
54 I'd Give It All for You
55 The River Won't Flow (From "Songs for a New World")
56 Grow Old With Me
57 Someone to Fall Back On
58 I Could Be in Love With Someone Like You (Live)
59 Music of Heaven
60 Christmas Lullaby
61 Opening: The New World (From "Songs for a New World")
62 The Lamest Place In The World
63 A Summer in Ohio
64 King of the World (Live)
65 Over
66 Surabaya-Santa
67 Christmas Lullaby (Piano Accompaniment)
68 Still Hurting [feat. Anika Noni Rose]
69 Nothing in Common (Live)
70 Getting Out
71 The World Was Dancing
72 Still Hurting (Piano Accompaniment)
73 Get Me What I Need
74 I Can Do Better Than That [feat. Anika Noni Rose]
75 Someone to Fall Back on (Live)
76 The Next Ten Minutes
77 The Steam Train
78 A Summer In Ohio (Piano Accompaniment)
79 What It Means To Be A Friend
80 I’d Give It All for You [feat. Anika Noni Rose]
81 I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You
82 A Miracle Would Happen / When You Come Home to Me
83 She Cries
84 I Can Do Better Than That (Piano Accompaniment)
85 All Hail The Brain Terminal Illness
86 The Old Red Hills of Home
87 Nothing In Common
88 Nobody Needs to Know
89 Stars and the Moon
90 If I Didn't Believe In You (Piano Accompaniment)