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Genre: Rock

Jars Of Clay Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Two Hands
2 Five Candles (You Were There)
3 Heaven
4 Hand
5 God Will Lift Up Your Head
6 Crazy Times
7 Famous Last Words
8 All My Tears
9 I'm Alright
10 No One Loves Me Like You
11 Coffee Song (Good Coffee, Strong Coffee)
12 The Valley Song (Sing Of Your Mercy)
13 Headphones
14 Don't Stop
15 The Stone
16 Boys (Lesson One)
17 Art In Me
18 Boy On A String
19 Light Gives Heat
20 Collide
21 Overjoyed
22 Goodbye, Goodnight
23 Worlds Apart
24 Tea And Sympathy
25 Little Drummer Boy
26 Weighed Down
27 5 Candles (You Were There)
28 Safe To Land
29 River Constantine
30 Sad Clown
31 Dead Man (Carry Me)
32 Take Me Higher
33 Something Beautiful
34 Work
35 Blind
36 Fade To Grey
37 Oh My God
38 Flood
39 Can't Erase It
40 Whatever She Wants
41 Love Came Down At Christmas
42 Tonight
43 Liquid
44 Love Will Find Us
45 Lesser Things
46 Heart (Live At Gray Matters)
47 Coffee Song
48 The Eleventh Hour
49 O Come and Mourn With Me Awhile (Our Lord Is Crucified)
50 Five Candles
51 The Long Fall
52 Dead Man
53 Reckless Forgiver (Charlie Lowell remix)
54 Love Won't Let Us
55 Dead Man (Live)
56 Jealous Kind
57 Sinking
58 Benediction
59 In The Bleak Midwinter
60 Portrait Of An Apology
61 Can't Erase It (Live)
62 Scenic Route
63 These Ordinary Days
64 Peace Is Here (Acoustic Version)
65 If You Love Her
66 Weapons
67 Boys
68 Inland
69 Lonely People
70 Love in Hard Times (preview)
71 Sunny Days
72 Out of My Hands (With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
73 Trouble Is
74 Disappear (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
75 Love Me
76 The Edge Of Water
77 Like a Child (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
78 I Need Thee Every Hour
79 Unforgetful You (radio edit)
80 Love in Hard Times
81 Grace
82 Ghost in the Moon
83 Jesus, I Lift My Eyes
84 The Eleventh Hour (Live)
85 Ship Wreck
86 Truce
87 Hibernation Day (Live)
88 Headstrong
89 5 Candles
90 Out of My Hands (Low Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
91 Dead Man (Carry Me) - Live
92 Unforgetful You (album version)
93 The Valley Song
94 Wonderful Christmastime
95 Boys (Lesson One) [Live]
96 I Need Thee Every Hour (Live)
97 Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
98 Everything in Between
99 Disappear (Live)
100 No Greater Love
101 I Need You (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
102 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
103 Show You Love
104 Out of My Hands (Medium Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
105 There Is A River - Live
106 Closer
107 Lovesong for a Savior
108 Age of Immature Mistakes
109 Gabriel's Message
110 Headphones (Live)
111 Sing
112 Good Coffee, Strong Coffee
113 Flood (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
114 This Road
115 The Eleventh Hour (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
116 O Come and Mourn With Me Awhile
117 Fly Farther
118 Liquid (Live)
119 Good Monsters - Live
120 Love Song for a Saviour
121 Loneliness & Alcohol
122 I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
123 Like a Child (Live)
124 What Wondrous Love
125 If I Stand
126 I'm Alright (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
127 They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love
128 This Road (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
129 Mirrors & Smoke
130 Out of My Hands (High Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
131 Oh My God - Live
132 Love Song for a Savior
133 Fall Asleep
134 Drummer Boy
135 Crazy Times (Live)
136 Waiting For The World To Fall
137 Needful Hands
138 I'm Alright (Live)
139 On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand
140 Eleventh Hour
141 Fly (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
142 Even Angels Cry
143 O Little Town of Bethlehem
144 Surprise - Live
145 Fade to Gray (20th Anniversary Edition)
146 After the Fight
147 I Need You (Live)
148 Only Alive
149 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
150 Revolution (Live)
151 The Widowing Field
152 Disappear
153 Run In the Night (Psalm 27)
154 Water Under the Bridge
155 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
156 Light Gives Heat - Live
157 Silence (20th Anniversary Edition)
158 It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
159 Unforgetful You
160 We Will Follow
161 My Heavenly
162 The Chair
163 Worlds Apart (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
164 Fly (Live)
165 Lay It Down
166 This Road (Live)
167 Like a Child (Savage Rejuvenation mix)
168 Waiting For The World To Fall - Narnia Album Version
169 Hero
170 Jealous Kind (20th Anniversary Edition)
171 Jesus's Blood Never Failed Me Yet
172 Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
173 Eyes Wide Open
174 Jars Of Clay - Flood
175 Out of My Hands
176 Love Is The Protest
177 Revolution
178 Crazy Times (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
179 Reckless Forgiver
180 There Is A River
181 This Land Is Your Land
182 Love Won't Let Us (Bonus Track)
183 The Scenic Route
184 Trouble Is (20th Anniversary Edition)
185 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
186 Dig
187 Shelter
188 It Is Well With My Soul
189 Small Rebellions
190 New Math
191 Fly
192 Drummer Boy (Live)
193 Human Race
194 Good Monsters
195 Flood (New Rain mix)
196 Loneliness & Alcohol (JT Daly remix)
197 There Might Be A Light
198 Something Beautiful (20th Anniversary Edition)
199 Someday At Christmas
200 Redemption
201 Safe to Land (Live At Gray Matters)
202 Nothing But the Blood
203 Call My Name
204 I'll Fly Away
205 I Need You
206 Shelter (Low Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
207 Pennsylvania
208 Reckless Forgiver (C. Lowell Remix)
209 Inland (Five Knives remix)
210 Forgive Me
211 I Need Thee Every Hour (20th Anniversary Edition)
212 Weapons (Live)
213 Faith Enough
214 Four Seven
215 Two Hands (Live At Gray Matters)
216 Peace Is Here
217 Frail
218 Love Song for a Savior (Live)
219 Bethlehem Town
220 Silence
221 Shelter (Medium Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
222 I Don't Want You to Forget
223 Surprise
224 Reckless Forgiver (Live Acoustic Mix)
225 Pennsylvania (Careful What Your remix by Flibbityflu)
226 Heart
227 God Be Merciful To Me
228 Boys (20th Anniversary Edition)
229 Frail (Live)
230 Hiding Place
231 He
232 Revolution (Live from The Eleventh Hour Tour)
233 I'm in the Way
234 Hymn
235 Boy On a String (Live)
236 Be Thou My Vision
237 Scarlet
238 Shelter (High Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
239 Skin & Bones
240 Reckless Forgiver (Moak Radio Mix)
241 Age of Immature Mistakes (Kyle Rictor remix)
242 Save My Soul
243 Dead Man (20th Anniversary Edition)
244 Safe to Land (Live)
245 Amazing Grace
246 Like a Child
247 Flood (Live)
248 Winter Skin
249 Much Afraid
250 Don't Stop (Live At Gray Matters)
251 The Comforter Has Come
252 Shelter (With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]
253 Left Undone
254 Land of My Sojourn
255 Human Race (Eric Sharp remix)
256 Caught-Escape
257 Worlds Apart (Live)
258 Hibernation Day

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Jars Of Clay Bio

Jars of Clay is a Christian rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. They met at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois.

Jars of Clay consists of Dan Haseltine on vocals, Charlie Lowell on piano and keyboards, Stephen Mason on lead guitars and Matthew Odmark on rhythm guitars. Although the band has no permanent drummer or bassist, Jeremy Lutito and Gabe Ruschival of Disappointed By Candy fill these roles for live concerts. Past tour band members include Aaron Sands, Scott Savage, and Joe Porter. Jake Goss was recently added to the band to play drums for their summer tour. Jars of Clay's style is a blend of alternative rock, folk, acoustic, and R&B.

Dan Haseltine, Steve Mason, Charlie Lowell and Matt Bronleewe formed Jars of Clay at Greenville College, in Greenville, Illinois in the early 1990s. Charlie Lowell first met Dan Haseltine after noticing that he was wearing a Toad the Wet Sprocket  shirt. Pursuing a career in music together was not necessarily their original goal; some of the first songs they wrote together were for music and recording classes they were taking at the time.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jars_of_clay