Genre: R&B

JAGGED EDGE Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Driving Me to Drink
2 I Got It"(feat. Trina & JD
3 Where The Party At - Jagged Edge ft. Nelly)
4 Girls Gone Wild
5 Keys to the Range
6 Stunnas
7 I Got It
8 I'll Be Right There"(feat. Busta Rhymes
9 Hard
10 I Got It (Remix)
11 Slow Motion
12 I Got It (Remix)"(feat. Nas
13 Where The Party At (So So Def Remix)"(feat. Da Brat, J.D., Lil' Bow Wow,Nelly,R.O.C.
14 Remedy
15 Get A Lil' Bit of This
16 True Man
17 Ain't No Stoppin'
18 Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
19 Where the Party At
20 He Can't Love You (Remix)
21 This Goes Out"(feat. Big Duke And Joe Blak
22 Can We Be Tight
23 He Can't Love You
24 Lace You
25 Good Bye
26 I'll Be Damned
27 Who U Wit?
28 Promise
29 Addicted to Your Love
30 Sunrise
31 Addicted To Love
32 Gotta Be
33 Respect
34 Turn You On
35 Ass Hypnotic
36 Did She Say (Remix)
37 Visions
38 Dance Floor
39 Let's Get Married (Remarquable Remix)
40 What's It Like
41 Car Show
42 I Promise (Remix)
43 No Respect
44 Good Luck Charm
45 Best Man
46 Promise (So So Def Remix)
47 Intro
48 You Can Always Go
49 You Can Always Go"(feat. Blaque & R.O.C.
50 Whole Town Laughing
51 Crying Out
52 Me That's Who
53 The Saga Continues (Intro)
54 Get This
55 Walked Right Outta Heaven
56 Goodbye
57 Ghetto Guitar
58 My Girl
59 Promise (So So Def Remix)"(feat. Loon (Harlem World) & Jermaine Dupri
60 Can't Get Right
61 Hopefully
62 Head of Household
63 He Can't Love U
64 Let's Get Married
65 Flow Through My Veins
66 All Out Of Love
67 Hope
68 Let's Get Married (Remarquable remix)"(feat. Run DMC
69 Way To Say I Love You
70 Locked Out
71 Future
72 Trying to Find the Words
73 Ready and Willing
74 Lipstick
75 Familiar
76 Walked Outta Heaven
77 Round And Round
78 Promise (Cool JD Remix)
79 Drivng Me To Drink
80 What You Tryin' To Do
81 I Remember
82 The Way That You Talk"(feat. Da Brat, JD
83 Things I Do For You
84 Funny How
85 Let's Get Married (Reception Remix)
86 The Saga Continues
87 So Amazing
88 Love Come Down
89 Intro
90 I Gotta Be
91 Where The Party At (Featuring Nelly)
92 This Goes Out
93 Season's Change
94 In Private
95 Did She Say"(feat. Jermaine Dupri
96 It's Been You
97 Love On You
98 I'll Be Right There
99 Where The Party At-Jagged Edge Feat.Nelly
100 I Don't Wanna
101 Mr. Wrong
102 Girl Is Mine"(feat. Ja Rule, Jermaine Dupri
103 Wanna Be (Romeo)
104 They Ain't JE
105 Wednesday Lover
106 Rest Of Our Lives
107 Nothing Without You
108 In The Morning
109 Intro (The Remedy)
110 You Look Good With Me
111 Getting Over You
112 Walked Out Of Heaven
113 The Rest of Our Lives
114 This Christmas
115 Can I Get With You
116 Shady Girl
117 Baby
118 Ready
119 The Way That You Talk
120 Did She Say
121 I Promise
122 Flow Thru My Veins
123 Make It Clear
124 They Ain't JE (Remix) (Featuring Street Katz & Woonie)
125 Tryna Be Your Man
126 Girl Is Mine
127 Walked Right Out Of Heaven
128 Space Ship
129 No Half Steppin'
130 Never Can Say Goodbye
131 Baby
132 Healing
133 Promise Remix
134 Where The Party At (So So Def Remix)
135 Lets Make Love
136 Posters (We Stay On One)
137 Put A Little Umph In It
138 He Cant Love You
139 Cut Somethin'
140 I Need A Woman
141 Heartbreak
142 Tip Of My Tongue
143 Bedshake
144 Baby Feel Me
145 I Gotta Be The One
146 Drivin Me To Drink
147 Lay You Down (Single)
148 Lay You Down
149 Watch You
150 Girl It's Over
151 He Can Not Love You
152 Questions
153 Never Meant To Lead You On
154 He Can't Love You (Remix)"(feat. Jermaine Dupri & Mr. Black


Jagged Edge is an American R&B group that were originally signed through Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Records to Columbia Records. The group is made up of twin lead singers Brian and Brandon Casey (both born October 13, 1975), Kyle Norman, and Richard Wingo. Wingo was a late addition to the group, added after Kandi Burruss of Xscape recommended he be added. Kandi was also the one who brought the group to the attention of Dupri. The group has had a number of hit singles, many of which are produced by Dupri.

Jagged Edge began their mainstream recording career with the single "The Way That You Talk" in 1997. They followed this in 1998 with the album, A Jagged Era which managed to go gold featuring the singles "I Gotta Be" and "The Way That You Talk". "I Gotta Be" reached #11 on the R&B charts and #23 on the Hot 100.

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