Jackyl Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Jackyl Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Push Comes to Shove
2 Rock-A-Ho
3 I Stand Alone
4 She Loves My Cock
5 When Will It Rain
6 Chinatown
7 I Am The I Am
8 I Could Never Touch You Like That
9 Back Off Brother
10 Secret of the Bottle
11 Redneck Punk
12 The Lumberjack
13 Curse On You
14 Red Neck Punk
15 Just Like A Negro
16 Don't Lay Down On Me
17 Dixieland
18 Lend Me A Hand
19 Sparks From Candy
20 Freight Train
21 Eleven
22 Headed for Destruction
23 Mental Masturbation
24 Redneck Punk (Live)
25 Mercedes Benz
26 It's Tricky
27 Can't Beat It With A Stick
28 Kill The Sunshine
29 Full Throttle
30 Speak of the Devil
31 Crush
32 Twice As Ugly
33 Nobody's Fault
34 Cut the Crap
35 I Want It
36 Open Up
37 Open Invitation (I Hate You Bin Laden)
38 The More You Hate It
39 Dumbass Country Boy (Live)
40 Brain Drain
41 My Life
42 God Strike Me Dead
43 Push Pull
44 Mister Can You Spare a Dime
45 Twice As Ugly (Live)
46 Dirty Little Mind
47 Private Hell
48 Gimme Back My Bullets
49 Let's Don't Go There
50 Best in Show
51 Locked & Loaded (Live)
52 Down on Me
53 Locked & Loaded
54 If You Want It Heavy (I Weigh A Ton)
55 Encore
56 Street Went Legit
57 Just Like A Devil
58 I Could Never Touch You Like You Do
59 Loads Of Fun
60 Screwdriver
61 Live Wire
62 Reach For Me
63 Dumb Ass Country Boy
64 I Can't Stop
65 Horns Up
66 I'm on Fire
67 I Am the Walrus
68 Heaven Don't Want Me (And Hell's Afraid I'll Take Over)
69 She's Not A Drug
70 Golden Spookytooth
71 Down This Road Before
72 Deeper In Darkness
73 Misery Loves Company
74 My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass
75 Cover of the Rolling Stone
76 Mr. Evil
77 Open For Business
78 Get Mad At It
79 Walk My Mile
80 Problem
81 Thanks For The Grammy
82 The Overflow Of Love
83 Favorite Sin
84 Back Down In The Dirt
85 Billy Badass
86 Vegas Smile
87 When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide
88 Better Than Chicken

Jackyl Bio

Jackyl is an American rock band formed in 1990. Their sound has been described as hard rock, heavy metal and Southern metal. Its sound is greatly inspired by AC/DC.

The band is probably best-known for its songs "Down On Me", and "The Lumberjack," which features a chainsaw solo by lead singer Jesse James Dupree. Dupree would rev the chainsaw's engine or use the chain brake to slow the engine down to keep the beat. He would also perform this stunt live and the number would climax with Dupree slicing up a wooden stool onstage, smashing it, and throwing the sliced pieces out to the crowd. He once had been asked, "How the hell can you play a chainsaw?" to which he responded, "How the hell can you not play a chainsaw?"

In 1992, Jackyl's self-titled debut album was released under Geffen Records and eventually went platinum. It features a song entitled "She Loves My Cock," which was omitted from edited versions as were suggestive elements on the album's cover art. When a K-Mart in Georgia refused to sell Jackyl, the band played an impromptu concert in front of the store. Footage of the event was used for the music video of their single "I Stand Alone."

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