Jack Frost Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Jack Frost Bio

Jack Frost was an Australian rock band, a side project of The Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan and The Church's Steve Kilbey.

Jack Frost released two albums, Jack Frost in 1991 (released on Arista) and Snow Job in 1996 (on Kilbey's Karmic Hit label).

The line up on the first album was McLennan, Kilbey and Pryce Surplice on drums and sundries, plus "special guests". The album was rereleased on Karmic Hit with three bonus tracks after McLennan's death. It is closer to The Church (in mellow mode) than The Go-Betweens in sound and style. Kilbey thought highly enough of one song, "Providence", to include it on his 2000 "Acoustic and Intimate" solo album.

The line up on the second album was McLennan, Kilbey, Kilbey's brother Russell, Tim Powles from The Church and Jamie Pattugalan on drums on "Pony Express".

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