J-Diggs Lyrics

J-Diggs Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Body Snatcha
2 Can I Call U Daddy
3 Knock Down Snitches (Feat. Chief Scrill, Zoe The Roasta)
4 Backwoods No Swishers (feat. Dooda)
5 Fuckin And Fightin (Feat. Lil Joe)
6 Cash Route
7 I'm Official (feat. Ace Dough & Lil Face)
8 Cocaine (Feat. D-Lo, HD)
9 Dirty Game (Feat. HD)
10 In Motion (feat. Beeda Weeda & Da' Unda' Dogg)
11 Better Get Her (Feat. Philthy Rich, Pooh Hefner, Black Jesus)
12 Soul Of A Gangsta
13 Mon-Nay (feat. Chief Scrill & Smoke 1)
14 Whistle On Hip (Feat. Lil’ Cropi)
15 What Would Dre Say
16 Snitches (feat. Dubee & Boss Hogg)
17 Fuck And Tell (Feat. Boy Boy Young Mess, DZ)
18 Put It In The Air (Feat. Smeezaleen)
19 211 on Industry B*tches (feat. Boy Boy Mess)
20 120 (Feat. Dre Doja)
21 Ova Here (Feat. Doe)
22 All Gas (feat. K-Loc & Wino)
23 1234 (Feat. Devious)
24 U Should Know Me (Feat. The Jacka, Philthy)
25 Nasty (feat. Smeezaleen)
26 Race Horse (Feat. Montana)
27 Let Me Show (Feat. Syril)
28 When Them Guns Bust (feat. Boy Big & Ampichino)
29 Motivation
30 Rompaugraphy
31 Ratchet (feat. Lil Uno & Dre Doja)
32 Undalay Undalay (Feat. Cece)
33 I Need To Know (Feat. Baygeen, Stone P)
34 Interactin Wit Thugs (feat. Mikey Vegas & Dodda)
35 Bus My Gun (Feat. Rich the Factor)
36 I Do Thiz (Feat. Lil’ Joe, Smoke 1)
37 Practice (Feat. Wino)
38 She Bad (feat. Leigon & Cece)
39 Lil’ Mama (Feat. Jacka, Ace Dough)
40 Speakin In French (Feat. Bobby V)
41 Fastfood B*tch
42 Watchin’ Niggas Ball (Feat. Compton Menace, Mikey Vegas)
43 Dont Judge Me
44 Tips on Her (feat. Baby Bash)