J-Diggs Lyrics

J-Diggs Lyrics - by Popularity

1 She Bad (feat. Leigon & Cece)
2 I Do Thiz (Feat. Lil’ Joe, Smoke 1)
3 Practice (Feat. Wino)
4 Fastfood B*tch
5 Lil’ Mama (Feat. Jacka, Ace Dough)
6 Speakin In French (Feat. Bobby V)
7 Tips on Her (feat. Baby Bash)
8 Watchin’ Niggas Ball (Feat. Compton Menace, Mikey Vegas)
9 Dont Judge Me
10 Can I Call U Daddy
11 Body Snatcha
12 Backwoods No Swishers (feat. Dooda)
13 Knock Down Snitches (Feat. Chief Scrill, Zoe The Roasta)
14 Cash Route
15 Fuckin And Fightin (Feat. Lil Joe)
16 I'm Official (feat. Ace Dough & Lil Face)
17 Cocaine (Feat. D-Lo, HD)
18 In Motion (feat. Beeda Weeda & Da' Unda' Dogg)
19 Better Get Her (Feat. Philthy Rich, Pooh Hefner, Black Jesus)
20 Dirty Game (Feat. HD)
21 Mon-Nay (feat. Chief Scrill & Smoke 1)
22 Whistle On Hip (Feat. Lil’ Cropi)
23 Soul Of A Gangsta
24 Snitches (feat. Dubee & Boss Hogg)
25 Fuck And Tell (Feat. Boy Boy Young Mess, DZ)
26 What Would Dre Say
27 211 on Industry B*tches (feat. Boy Boy Mess)
28 120 (Feat. Dre Doja)
29 Put It In The Air (Feat. Smeezaleen)
30 All Gas (feat. K-Loc & Wino)
31 1234 (Feat. Devious)
32 Ova Here (Feat. Doe)
33 Nasty (feat. Smeezaleen)
34 Race Horse (Feat. Montana)
35 U Should Know Me (Feat. The Jacka, Philthy)
36 When Them Guns Bust (feat. Boy Big & Ampichino)
37 Motivation
38 Let Me Show (Feat. Syril)
39 Ratchet (feat. Lil Uno & Dre Doja)
40 Undalay Undalay (Feat. Cece)
41 Rompaugraphy
42 Interactin Wit Thugs (feat. Mikey Vegas & Dodda)
43 Bus My Gun (Feat. Rich the Factor)
44 I Need To Know (Feat. Baygeen, Stone P)