Ivy Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Ivy Bio

Ivy is an American indie pop band composed of a trio of musicians, Adam Schlesinger, Dominique Durand, and Andy Chase.

Ivy was formed in 1994 when multi-instrumentalists Andy Chase and Adam Schlesinger convinced Parisian-born Dominique Durand, who had never sung in a group before, to venture into a New York studio and record a four-song tape with them. Durand, who moved to New York City from Paris in 1990, first met Chase at a party, where he was playing with his previous band. She told him that his band was "not her cup of tea". Three years later, Chase and Durand wrote a song, and asked Schlesinger to play bass on the demo. Schlesinger persuaded Chase and Durand to write more together, which eventually resulted in a five-song demo.

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