Ivy Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Ivy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Wish It All Away
2 I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive
3 Ba Ba Ba
4 Don't Believe a Word
5 I Get the Message
6 Decay
7 Point of View
8 Baker
9 Drag You Down
10 Only a Fool Would Say That
11 Sleeping Late
12 Disappointed
13 Get Out of the City
14 I've Got a Feeling
15 Dying Star
16 I Hate December
17 Antsy
18 Fascinated
19 Shallow
20 Cupido
21 House Burnin BoogieGot No; Hope
22 She Really Got To You
23 An Ordinary Man
24 Thinking About You
25 Worry About You
26 Back in Our Town
27 By Myself
28 Be My Baby
29 How's Never
30 Edge Of The Ocean - (Album Version)
31 Suspicious
32 Edge of the Ocean
33 15 Seconds
34 While We're In Love
35 World Without You
36 Ocean City Girl
37 Beautiful
38 Undertow
39 You Make It So Hard
40 Feel So Free
41 One More Last Kiss
42 I Still Want You
43 Get It Like That (Radio Edit)
44 Never Do That Again
45 Lucy Doesn't Love You
46 Everybody Knows
47 The Conversation
48 Christmas Time Is Here
49 Quick, Painless and Easy
50 Midnight Sun
51 A-Ha
52 Christmastime Is Here
53 The Best Thing
54 Hideaway
55 Got No; InstinctWardsback
56 Do it
57 These Are the Things About You
58 Everyday
59 Let's Stay Inside
60 20′ Oh’s Willin 2.0
61 Antonio's Song
62 This Is the Day
63 Get Enough
64 Digging Your Scene
65 Sumptuary Laws
66 I Know
67 You Don't Know Anything
68 In the Shadows
69 Can't Even Fake It
70 Arch-Foe
71 Ever
72 No Guarantee
73 I Think of You
74 What You Know
75 Distant Lights
76 Over
77 Blame It on Yourself
78 Werkhouse
79 Lost In the Sun
80 Twisting
81 Clear My Head

Ivy Bio

Ivy is an American indie pop band composed of a trio of musicians, Adam Schlesinger, Dominique Durand, and Andy Chase.

Ivy was formed in 1994 when multi-instrumentalists Andy Chase and Adam Schlesinger convinced Parisian-born Dominique Durand, who had never sung in a group before, to venture into a New York studio and record a four-song tape with them. Durand, who moved to New York City from Paris in 1990, first met Chase at a party, where he was playing with his previous band. She told him that his band was "not her cup of tea". Three years later, Chase and Durand wrote a song, and asked Schlesinger to play bass on the demo. Schlesinger persuaded Chase and Durand to write more together, which eventually resulted in a five-song demo.

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