Iq Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Iq Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Life Support
2 Stronger Than Friction
3 Frequency
4 Nothing At All (Menel)
5 Promises (As The Years Go By)
6 One Fatal Mistake
7 The Last Human Gateway
8 Closer
9 Common Ground
10 The Magic Roundabout
11 Drive On (Menel)
12 Nostalgia (Falling Apart At The Seams) (Menel)
13 Screaming
14 Wurensh
15 Further Away
16 Leap Of Faith
17 Corners
18 High Waters
19 Constellations
20 The Road of Bones
21 Out Of Nowhere
22 Dans Le Parc Du Chateau Noir
23 Infernal Chorus
24 Knucklehead
25 From the Outside In
26 The Darkest Hour
27 Headlong
28 The Narrow Margin
29 Hardcore
30 Colourflow
31 Outer Limits
32 Tunnel Vision
33 Nothing At All (live)
34 Unsolid Ground
35 Falling Apart at the Seams
36 Human Nature
37 The Thousand Days
38 King Of Fools
39 My Baby Treats Me Right 'Cos I'm a Hard Lovin' Man All Night Long
40 No Love Lost
41 The Wake
42 Medley
43 Just Changing Hands
44 Nomzamo
45 Widow's Peak
46 Breathtaker
47 1312 Overture
48 Nostalgia
49 Passing Strangers
50 Subterranea
51 Through The Corridors (Oh! Shit Me)
52 Fall and Rise
53 The Province of the King
54 Sold On You (Menel)
55 Through My Fingers (Menel)
56 Ten Million Demons
57 We Know Your Type
58 War Heroes
59 Still Life
60 Capricorn
61 Open ur Eyes
62 Awake And Nervous
63 Ryker Skies
64 Through My Fingers
65 Ocean
66 Came Down
67 The Enemy Smacks
68 The Province
69 Sold On You
70 International Gujarati
71 Fading Senses
72 Nothing At All
73 Until the End
74 Through The Corridors (Oh Shit Me!)
75 Failsafe
76 Drive On
77 Without Walls

Iq Bio

IQ are a British neo-progressive rock band founded by Mike Holmes and Martin Orford in 1981 following the dissolution of their original band The Lens. Although the band have never enjoyed major commercial success and had several line up changes, IQ have built up a loyal following over the years and are still active as of 2012. In 2011, IQ performed a series of concerts in the UK and Europe celebrating their 30th anniversary.

IQ were one of a small number of British bands formed during the early 1980s, including Marillion, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, Pallas, Quasar, LaHost and Solstice that continued with the progressive rock style forsaken by 1970s bands such as Genesis and Yes. The music press coined the phrase neo-progressive to describe these bands, often accusing them of simply copying the styles of other bands. This accusation has been strenuously denied by IQ, which are against the use of the term "neo progressive" and claim to have a wide-ranging and eclectic selection of musical influences.

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