InMe Lyrics

Genre: Rock

InMe Lyrics - by Popularity

1 All Terrain Vehicle
2 Captain Killjoy
3 Visceral
4 Faster The Chase
5 I Will Honour You
6 Happy To Disappoint You
7 Alaya
8 You Won't Hear From Me Again
9 Safe In A Room
10 Gelosea
11 A Mouthful Of Loose Teeth
12 I Won't Let Go
13 Single Of The Weak
14 Myths And Photographs
15 Reverie Shores
16 Anthemusa
17 Trenches
18 Raindrops On Stones
19 Moonlit Seabed
20 Driftwood Figurines
21 Neptune
22 Soldier
23 Belief Revival
24 A Great Man
25 Beached Whales
26 Mosaic
27 Thanks For Leaving Me
28 You Won't Here From Me Again
29 Pantheon
30 Creation Amethyst
31 Ruins
32 Toast To Broken Glass
33 Secret Tragic Fiction
34 Silver Womb
35 Beloved Seraphia, Seraphia
36 You Had My Heart
37 Turbulence
38 Love's Heartless Jest
39 Escape to Mysteriopa
40 Trauma Door Slam Crescendo
41 Daydream Anonymous
42 Spur of moment
43 A World Apart
44 Guardian
45 Loss Children of Exile
46 UnderDose
47 Deep regret
48 The Art Of Moderation
49 Almost Lost
50 Beautiful Sky Gardens
51 Rapture Land of the Secret Rose
52 FireFly
53 Master Storm
54 Unpredictable
55 Halcyon Genesis
56 Amnesty Bonsai Forest
57 Crushed Like Fruit
58 Ferocity In Desire
59 White Butterfly
60 Legacy
61 Chrysalis Lone Dance in an Empty Train Carriage
62 2nd Jonquil
63 Nova Armada
64 You'll Get There
65 Chamber
66 Hymn Ivory Elder
67 Wounds
68 Cracking The Whip
69 Otherside
70 Parting Gift
71 Kindred For All One Knows
72 Lava Twilight
73 Daydream
74 So You Know
75 Angels with Snipers
76 Reverie Aquarium
77 Natural
78 Far Reaching
79 Here's Hoping
80 7 Weeks
81 Every Whisper Aches
82 Her Mask
83 Just A Glimpse
84 This Town
85 Energy
86 In Loving Memory
87 Papillons Stalemate
88 Pelorus Jack
89 IceWarm

InMe Bio

InMe (sometimes shown as Inme or INME) are an English alternative metal band from Brentwood, Essex, who were formed in 1996. To date they have released four studio albums – Overgrown Eden (2003); White Butterfly (2005); Daydream Anonymous (2007) and Herald Moth (2009) and a greatest hits compilation album, Phoenix: The Very Best of InMe (2010). In addition, they have released one live album – Caught: White Butterfly (2006) and a live EP InMe iTunes Live: London Festival 2008 - EP. A further live DVD release of the band's Overgrown Eden show at the Highbury Garage on 18 November 2010 is set for release in September 2011. The band's 5th album The Pride is set for release through PledgeMusic in February 2012.

The group originally formed as Drowned in 1996. The members of the band at that time were Dave McPherson as guitarist / vocalist, Joe Morgan as bassist / backing vocalist and Simon Taylor as drummer. They played several local venues, getting their first interviews and airplay on Brentwood-based radio station, Phoenix FM. They recorded many unreleased tracks such as "acid drop" and "apricot" The band scored their break when a scout from MFN caught the end of one of their sets, whilst attending a gig to see another band. They signed with MFN in 2001, and changed their name to InMe to avoid confusion with Drowned, an American Christian rock band of the same name.