Infected Mushroom Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Infected Mushroom Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Saeed
2 Smashing The Opponent
3 End Of The Road
4 Heavyweight
5 The Legend Of The Black Shawarma
6 Becoming Insane
7 Artillery
8 Poquito Mas
9 Suliman
10 Special Place
11 Bust a Move
12 Vicious Delicious
13 Herbert The Pervert
14 Forgive Me
15 In Front of Me
16 Change the Formality
17 Franks
18 Slowly
19 Project 100
20 Anyone Else But Me
21 Serve My Thirst
22 Rise Up
23 Pink Froid
24 The Riders On the Storm (Remix)
25 Noise Maker
26 I Shine
27 Kipod
28 Demons of Pain
29 Cities of the Future (Time Lock remix)
30 None of this is Real
31 Drum N Bassa
32 Bark
33 Stuck in a Loop
34 Pink Nightmares
35 Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom
36 The Pretender
37 Who Is There
38 Sense of Direction
39 Can’t Stop
40 The Shen
41 The messenger 2012
42 Yamakas in Space
43 Riders On the Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix)
44 Can't Stop
45 Eat It Raw
46 Disco Mushroom
47 Bass Nipple
48 Animatronica
49 U R So Fucked
50 Cities of the Future (Atomic Pulse remix)
51 Before
52 Dracul
53 Astrix On Mushrooms
54 Feelings
55 Where Do I Belong
56 Pink Nightmares (album mix)
57 Nothing Comes Easy
58 Mambacore
59 Zoan Zound
60 Wanted to (Original Mix)
61 Mush Mushi
62 Now Is Gold
63 Blue Swan 5
64 Serve My Thirst (Original Mix)
65 The Missed Symphony
66 Savant on Mushrooms
67 Fields of Grey (feat. Sasha Grey)
68 I Shine (Original Mix)
69 Never Mind
70 Nerds on Mushrooms
71 Leopold
72 The Pretender (Original Mix)
73 Nothing To Say
74 Trance Party
75 On the Road Again
76 U R So Fucked (Original Mix)
77 Send Me an Angel
78 The French
79 Mexicali
80 U R So Fucked (Opiuo Remix)
81 The Rat
82 Savant on Mushrooms (feat Savant)
83 The Surgeon
84 Cities of the Future (Timelock Remix)
85 Nation Of Wusses
86 Now Is Gold (feat Kelsey Karter)
87 Smashing The Opponent - Feat. Jonathan Davis
88 Muse Breaks RMX
89 Wanted To
90 Nerds On Mushrooms (feat. Pegboard Nerds)
91 She Zoremet
92 Killing Time

Infected Mushroom Bio

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psychedelic trance DJ act and electronic group originally formed in late 1997 as a duo by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani in Haifa. Both currently reside in Los Angeles.

The duo are known for the evolving musical style, which varies from acoustic guitars and choirs to complex synthesized basses and leads, often accompanied by constant switching of drums and tempo.

Their live shows feature analogue instruments and vocals, with a multimedia backdrop.

Erez Eisen was born on 8 September 1980 in Qiryat Yam, Israel. He had early musical training, learning to play the organ at age 4 and studying piano in the Haifa Conservatory from the age of 8. At age 11 he started toying with computerized music, first using Impulse Tracker and later moving to more advanced musical composition software. By the age of 18, Erez had collaborated with DJ Jörg and other notable psy-trance artists, and had released three albums and a multitude of tracks under different psy-trance acts (including Shidapu and Shiva Shidapu).