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The Megas feat. Epic Scents

Scent Blasters Lyrics

by The Megas feat. Epic Scents on album Scent Blasters

The fight it's in your blood They want you to give in But you gotta rise above, rise above Power from within, bravery will win, when you rise above But you gotta rise above, you gotta rise above, rise


Scent Of The Buried Lyrics

by Interment on album Scent Of The Buried

A stench of rotten corpses From the putrefying graves Necromantic ceremony Congregation of the deceased Corpse insemination Fermentation of the flesh Intoxication by decay Reek from th


Scent of Divine Blood Lyrics

by Fearscape on album Scent of Divine Blood

With a cold caress, the apparitions warn The ghost of Gethsemane, condensation of pain The Blossom of Heaven, crushed soon to be An effigy to empires, fulfilled prophesy How gorgeous the scent o

Krupps Die

Scent Lyrics

by Krupps Die on album Iii Odyssey Of The Mind

Krupps Die Iii Odyssey Of The Mind Scent My brain is haunted by this scent it takes me back to a past event it's like a drug that I need every day I need to preserve it, have to get it my way Fo

Die Krupps

Scent Lyrics

by Die Krupps on album III - Odyssey of the Mind

My brain is haunted by this scent It takes me back to a past event It's like a drug that I need every day I need to preserve it, have to get it my way Forever I'll have this desire This scent keeps m


Scent Lyrics

by Frogcircus on album Not Completely Clean

I can still smell your scent Though you’re far away right now Though I’m here and you’re not I can still see your face Though the mirrors disappeared And the pictures are not there

Raised By Swans

scent Lyrics

by Raised By Swans on album Codes and Secret Longing

By the end of the summer you were so up high and your essence suductive as hope before it died so it fell into winter what a senseless fool it was all i could do feel the cold... ooooh in her it sta

Da T.r.u.t.h.

Scent Lyrics

by Da T.r.u.t.h. on album Moment Of Truth

Verse 1: We worship a God who’s personally involved/ We’re personally in all, superfluously we talk about Him/ Working His perfect purpose in me and all my boys/ Worship he of whom the earth a

Nikki Sudden

Scent Lyrics

by Nikki Sudden on album Red Brocade

How can I forget you? See your face in every girl I meet Wherever I may end up Any town, any street Far too many days Have been crossed out by my soul Oh, but when I think of you Everything turns to g

Raymie Wilson

Scent of Rosemary Lyrics

by Raymie Wilson on album Weather Permitting

SCENT OF ROSEMARY I can remember her hands trembling Shaking with suffering and hurting inside The bag she brought me contained only memories Scent of Rosemary and Lavender Oils I can remember looki


Scent of Winter Lyrics

by MacBeth on album Scent of Winter

Snowflakes descend upon This frozen river of blood And winter comes once more To bring us fear and pain It's time for answers now It's time to heal our pride And now the world is turning grey Hope is


Scent of a Dream Lyrics

by Thurisaz on album Scent of a Dream

Darkness has found it's way Through the passage of time Soon the night will fall Lights fade away A night covered with hope is interrupted Guarded by the stillness of the night She still hopes for re