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Kill Your Radio Lyrics

by Sanity on album Kill Your Radio

Kill your radio Kill your radio Waited on the phone line Play us at the wrong time Someone said I heard you on the station I don't need a reply Wanna do a drive by On every record label in th

Saints Of Eden

Zero Lyrics

by Saints Of Eden on album Proteus

Light pools swirl, disputing. Have they come to take me, something isn't Right. Omitting a glow with lines so bright, the shape of stone that's been cast into the sea. Fight fear, mysterious


Zero Hour Lyrics

by Attacker on album The Second Coming

The kings that rule visions Their visions entangle your minds Sound of footsteps behind you Makes sanity so hard to find Minutes seem like days While you wait in fear Hours seem like years Knowing de

From Zero

Circumstances Lyrics

by From Zero on album One Nation Under

Come and wash away The sins of two of us They're creeping out Crawling out Searching for some decency Sold, my soul away To keep you coming back Calling back They send it back And told me it was luna


In The Edge Of Sanity Lyrics

by Hydria on album Poison Paradise

[** 2012 Onda Zero Soundtrack:] There's something I just can't describe* It's hard to understand There's a thousand voices calling my name Inside my head I can't just let it

Shade Empire

Ecstasy Of Black Light Lyrics

by Shade Empire on album Zero Nexus

Ths skies have opened The final chapter is writing itself Hallusinations become reality The insane now holds sanity The structures of reality are twisted As prey transforms into beast Every creature i

Deals Death

Beyond Reason Lyrics

by Deals Death on album Point Zero Solution

As we scan for reasons we find a reverence A belief in eternity of what will fade A path towards pollution of our minds To only see what you want To own all you can dream of Blind design Stain

Deals Death

Passion For Infinity Lyrics

by Deals Death on album Point Zero Solution

All systems shut down one by one It stretches our sanity Leaving us, trapping us, ripping us apart Supplies are gone Prepare to kill Or be killed Are we still morally superior? As we cling

Hanna Pakarinen

Go Go Lyrics

by Hanna Pakarinen on album Miscellaneous

Pump, pump it up Pump it up right now Jump, jump it up Baby show them how Don't try to stop or we're going down Pump, pump it up Baby give it juice Live life, love hard, look good, let loos

Aesop Rock

One of Four (Thank You) Lyrics

by Aesop Rock on album Daylight (EP)

1 of 4... My name is Ian Mathias Bavitz. I was born in one-nine-seven-six, at Syosset hospital, located in Long Island, NY. I am six foot, four. I weigh two-zero-zero pounds. I have brown hair,


2.0 Lyrics

by Universum on album Mortuus Machina

Plagued by senseless tragedy All consuming pain In the eyes of the other man Killing is today Just expect to walk away I thought he would never be named Descending on the very mistake Decisions of fa


Blue Moon Duel Lyrics

by Dodheimsgard on album A Umbra Omega

I got in on a high note And went out with a rope around My neck With a white suit and a helmet To care for the omnivore nature Calling inside Though I was not able to eat Nor did I fall into pl


Bleedthrough Lyrics

by Aborym on album Dirty

I beat the fuck out your ass and bring your bitch ass home What the fuck is going on? Keep your eyes off my dick and get your own damn money Sleeping with the enemy so I fuck the world Mind over m


Unstoppable Lyrics

by Twiztid on album Abominationz

[Monoxide:] Now I don't think that anybody really wanna get inside of my twisted mind So sick your never gonna find something Like it like me like this like mine Like out of the ordinary I want m


Minions: The Fallen Lyrics

by Psycroptic on album Symbols Of Failure

Another un-replenishing slumber... These dreams continue, bringing a contradictory message... Slowly changing your thought patterns: rearranging your mind. Yet, this time it's different - confused, un


Buried Alive Lyrics

by Poisonblack on album Of Rust And Bones

No interest to breathe* Heart too numb to beat Too late to resuscitate the living dead Hasn't slept in days Drunk, hallucinates And for a moment everything seems worthwhile Unplugging from it al

Dying Fetus

In Times Of War Lyrics

by Dying Fetus on album Miscellaneous

Don't look back, nothing's left but The blood-red text on the planet Earth's epitaph Here they lie, the human race They fucked themselves, and laid Earth waste Blind to the fact that the bomb was com

The Swellers

Prime Meridian Lyrics

by The Swellers on album Good For Me

I'm looking for direction I'm not looking for your directions Cause every time I open up I end up settling What if I give up on expectations I'm not waiting for the realization That every day's a chan


8 Below Zero Lyrics

by Zero on album Zero

Zero Zero 8 Below Zero (after a first verse, not on the album) Fifth and MacDougal, crossing the street, Last rose of summer I happen[ed] to meet She greeted my face with the back of

Zero Assoluto

In Due Per Uno Zero Lyrics

by Zero Assoluto on album Miscellaneous

Tanto tempo fa ci incontrammo proprio qua in una scuola come un'altra in una classe nuova ma subito amici siamo diventati e dopo poco tempo ci siamo anche frequentati parlando sottovoce durante u