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Misako Yamashita

Miss Stiletto Heels Lyrics

by Misako Yamashita on album Deadly Premonition

I dream of you... like a god There is something funny About us at all We hid behind the door Let the shoes see us I have seen you haste From the nightmarish space I dream of fear... like prisioner Yo


Ride On Time Lyrics

by Rockapella on album Rockapella One To Ny

Rockapella Rockapella One To Ny Ride On Time (Tatsuro Yamashita, English lyric Michael Himelstein) Close my eyes and I am close to you I can concentrate on the view of the blue horizon Passing th

Gibson Debbie

Without You Lyrics

by Gibson Debbie on album Miscellaneous

Gibson Debbie Miscellaneous Without You WITHOUT YOU performed by: Debbie Gibson written by: Deborah Gibson and Tatsuro Yamashita Verse 1: Couldn't go anywhere Without feeling, All alone in