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Cirque Du Soleil

Whenever (Zarkana) Lyrics

by Cirque Du Soleil on album Whenever (Zarkana) (Single)

When I see you there On my course far from danger When I see you there I find salvation I know that we have said then Whenever I see you there When I see you there Standing like some missing

Matt Wertz

Whenever You Love Somebody (Whenever / Wherever EP, 2013) Lyrics

by Matt Wertz on album Whenever / Wherever (EP)

[Verse 1] Shoot the stars and rope the moon Run 'round the sun a time or two Ain't no telling the things you'll do Whenever you love somebody, yeah. [Verse 2] You fly so high, swear you won't

Mellencamp John Cougar

Whenever We Wanted Lyrics

by Mellencamp John Cougar on album Whenever We Wanted

Mellencamp John Cougar Whenever We Wanted Whenever We Wanted We weren't afraid of nothing Wasn't nothing we couldn't do She held her breath once for seven minutes And never turned blue She could

Beth Orton

Whenever Lyrics

by Beth Orton on album Trailer Park

Whenever I need a friend It's you that I come 'round to see again You know that I'll always be near You're flesh and blood and you're my memory Live on in my memory I send you nothing but love Just w


Whenever Lyrics

by Tribes on album Baby

Icecream from California Making a mess on the shiny leather I can't say goodbye when I'm handcuffed to you A dude in a dress for the first time ever If you came back It'd just be me and you

The Black Eyed Peas

Whenever Lyrics

by The Black Eyed Peas on album The Beginning

Love, through the tree, past the sky Beyond the northern lights You will see my delight Reflecting in your eyes And I won't let go if you wait for me, whenever, whatever And then you, select the day,

Nu Flavor

Whenever Lyrics

by Nu Flavor on album It's On

Girl, you can't imagine the way I feel today I feel like a miracle has finally come my way And I've waited oh, so long to find a girl like you And now that you're in my life You've made all my dreams


Whenever Lyrics

by Cherish on album Miscellaneous

Cherish We were sittin' at the table We were talkin' 'bout some thangs Conversatin' on what's been goin' on lately He moved in a little further Said, ‽Baby come a little closer There is someth

Kid Cudi

Whenever Lyrics

by Kid Cudi on album A Kid Named Cudi

Focus baby don't look at me See right through me Understand my heartbeat Murmurs to mock your rhythm Yeah, my nuts, the other girls want em, But they can't have At least for the moment I

Jody Watley

Whenever... Lyrics

by Jody Watley on album Miscellaneous

Life can be a challenge At times it's so overwhelming Everybody needs someone to love, someone to care Everybody needs someone to love, someone to care Baby that's you Whenever I'm with you, it's alr

Dirty Lips

Whenever Lyrics

by Dirty Lips on album From Nothing to Now

You're the reason I'm alive I'm outta my head without you I can't stop thinking of you You own me, I'm possessed by you Whenever you breathe, I will be the air Whenever you're hurt, I'll ease y


Whenever Lyrics

by Sita on album Miscellaneous

Sita Miscellaneous Whenever You don't look happy much at all these days I count the tears of a clown rolling down your face I'm sad to say Don't you know that I could put that sweet smile back on y


Whenever Lyrics

by Nemesea on album The Quiet Resistance

If I could tell you That you’re the only one to blame It doesn’t matter ‘cos you wouldn’t change ‘Cos you don’t listen And you don’t even feel ashamed So I don’t feel the need to

The Cliks

Whenever Lyrics

by The Cliks on album Miscellaneous

I sailed this boat I made you home I played my cards And lost hard I've been seeing double In a world of trouble I've been waiting patient Won't you listen, won't you listen? I bathed in salt With o

Orton Beth

Whenever Lyrics

by Orton Beth on album Trailerpark

Orton Beth Trailerpark Whenever Whenever I need a friend It's you that I come round to seeing again You know that I'll always be near You're flesh and

Five Star

Whenever You're Ready Lyrics

by Five Star on album Miscellaneous

Whenever you're ready Whenever you're ready (Whenever you are ready) Whenever you're ready Whenever you're ready just call me Don't take too long to read between the lines Got a feeling that you're n

La Bouche

Whenever You Want Lyrics

by La Bouche on album Miscellaneous

Whenever you want my love, call me I'll be there Whenever you need my love, call me I'll be there Whenever you want my love, call me I'll be there Whenever you need my love, call me I'll be there We'

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Whenever You're Ready Lyrics

by Mary Chapin Carpenter on album Time* Sex* Love*

Whenever you're ready I've got the car and the engine running It's such a bore when you know what's coming all the time Whenever you're ready To slam the door 'til the hinges fly Trace an arc cross th

Ace of Base

Whenever You're near Me Lyrics

by Ace of Base on album Cruel Summer

Whenever you're near me I give you everything I have Someone to believe in When things are good and when they're bad You know how to please me Ooh, like nobody can Someone to believe in Be my lover,

Kylie Minogue

Whenever You Feel Like It Lyrics

by Kylie Minogue on album Non-Album Releases

Whenever you feel like it Wherever you feel like it However you feel like it, I like it You're wild, you're crazy You're not like other people, baby You're a devil, you're a rebel That's why I need y