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Ian Hunter

Sons And Daughters Lyrics

by Ian Hunter on album Miscellaneous

There's a place in the city they call the Archway Where we rented three rooms for a dollar a day And I worked semi skilled at the capstans for years And my wife was a good woman but the love disappear

The Decemberists

Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by The Decemberists on album The Crane Wife

When we arrive, sons and daughters We We We These currents pull us Steady your boats, arms to shoulder Making this cold harbor now home Take up your arm, sons and daughters We will aris

The 88

Sons And Daughters Lyrics

by The 88 on album Not Only... But Also

Well it all began like a new routine We were drunk we were taught we were sick we were in between And the jig was up when the sun went down It was dark it was mean it was black there was not a sound A

Ernest Ellis & The Panamas

Sons And Daughters Lyrics

by Ernest Ellis & The Panamas on album Kings Canyon

Ghost of faith, call my name and leave a light on. On an eight mile sea, the time goes faster with the light on. Well there you go with your islands for islands, I know, I can see it. But

Bebo Norman

Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Bebo Norman on album Big Blue Sky

Tonight I dreamed that I could not catch my breath Tonight I dreamed that you were gone And I could feel the ocean pound against my chest In this world on my own This frozen world alone But i


Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Tribes on album Wish To Scream

Heard the story of the world last night Where the kids don't read, and the kids don't write Where the girls don't sing, and the boys don't fight And no-one believes anything Shut my eyes and I t

Jeremy Horn

Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Jeremy Horn on album Sound of the Broken

Verse 1: Here we are, we are sons and daughters of The One He surrounds us and sustains us by his love He has poured out in our hearts We will live and the best things of You Lord Chorus:


Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Tongue&Pen on album The Likeness EP

Out of the dust, You called us Your children Written love on our hearts; Your blood flows through us We are orphans no longer: We are Yours We are orphans no longer We, Your sons and daughters,

Damh the Bard

Sons and Daughters (Of Robin Hood) Lyrics

by Damh the Bard on album Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

We all watched you on our TV, Right honourable gentleman, apparently. Different voices with only one aim, To win my vote, and to win the game. Now some have died to pave the way, So we can vote c


Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Verse on album Aggression

We're the sons and daughters of the poor man, the middle class man, forced down to serve by the rich man's hand. This is the perspective of a poor dead man's son, another kid that had to run, anothe


Sons And Daughters Lyrics

by Samestate on album The Alignment

We are the product of our memories All the shattered hearts and the broken dreams But it's funny how the footsteps we follow Can let us down We wanna walk with a legacy Make waves in the dying

Jason Boland & The Stragglers

Sons And Daughters Of Dixie Lyrics

by Jason Boland & The Stragglers on album Comal County Blue

(*Jason Boland) God bless you Mississippi* God bless you New Orleans For holding through the hard times Like few have ever seen Otherwise left high and dry With nothing there to use Into the arms of

The Ember Days

Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by The Ember Days on album More Than You Think

Take my love My sons my daughters Take my love My child my one I will never leave In me is everything You're my beloved for eternity I am your father I will always be

Matt Maher

Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Matt Maher on album Saints and Sinners

How free is anyone, when some are still in chains Slaves to brokenness, all this blindness How free is anyone, when all these doubts remain In the dead of night, no sign of the light Child donâ€

Truth & Salvage Co.

Brothers, Sons And Daughters Lyrics

by Truth & Salvage Co. on album Truth & Salvage Co.

Lisa at the Five and Dime Would sell her heart so her eyes could shine Cause everyone here they just want to be loved You ask me for a buck and change but hell You don’t even know my name Everyone

John Farnham

All Our Sons And Daughters Lyrics

by John Farnham on album Miscellaneous

I've got a question, can you answer me? Do you sleep when you're alone? Hey, all you captains of industry You line your pockets but you poison me You're sitting on the edge of an emergency Tell me ho

Wolf Parade

Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts Lyrics

by Wolf Parade on album Apologies To The Queen Mary

I got a hand* So I got a fist So I got a plan It's the best that I can do Now we'll say it's in God's hands But God doesn't always have the best goddamn plans, does he? I ain

Matt & Toby

Prodigal Sons and Daughters Lyrics

by Matt & Toby on album Matt & Toby

With each passing day I am certain That I need my life in Your hands This world that I cling to is never enough To bring me the joy that You can Words always fail in my trouble And my hands see

The Decemberists

Sons & Daughters Lyrics

by The Decemberists on album Miscellaneous

When we arrive sons and daughters We'll make our homes on the water We'll build our walls of aluminum We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon now These currents pull us 'cross the border Steady your boat