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Butcher Boy

Profit In Your Poetry Lyrics

by Butcher Boy on album Profit In Your Poetry

Chime, chime, chime, you chime like a melody. So comfortably lashed to sleeve, so settled into the rhyme. So I can see the detail so beautifully, the snow and the crane and the tree, your eyes reflect


Profit Lyrics

by Rittz on album Next to Nothing

feat, Shawty Fatt & Yelawolf Produced By: SupaHotBeats [Hook – Rittz] Yep, yep, yep, bitch I’m all about my (profit) Yep, yep, yep, don’t even try to count my (profit) Yep, yep, yep,


Profit Lyrics

by Vio-Lence on album Oppressing The Masses

[ Solo: Flynn ] Feeling Taken, God Do I Hate. Pinstripped, Blacktied, Corporate Minds That Hate. All That They See Fit To Be Theirs. Giving Nothing Except Only To Their Heirs. Desease Kills Constantly

Ocean Colour Scene

Profit In Peace Lyrics

by Ocean Colour Scene on album Miscellaneous

All the people under broken homes Don't wanna fight no more All the people nursing shattered bones Don't wanna fight no more But there's no profit in peace So we've gotta fight some more And all thos


Profit From The Weak Lyrics

by Arise on album The Beautiful New World

I stand here working, chained to the ground to make my bed and hope to survive. My body hurts and my stomach turns and that's the way I feel about you too. Suffer... Suffer... Bigger pockets need

Gwen Stacy

Profit Motive Lyrics

by Gwen Stacy on album A Dialogue

You gave your life away in hopes for something more You gave your life away, your life away Did you think you would find the answer To questions centuries old by sitting on your hands? By sitting on


Profit Before Protocol Lyrics

by Reciprocal on album New Order of the Ages

Fire and hell reign down from the skies No remorse, death refined Once human life, now dollar signs Brainwashing of sadistic minds Propagates brutal times Accumulation of your soul, give big br


Profit Over People Lyrics

by Warship on album Supply And Depend

I was lost in the woods and I adhered to a half truth I might regret this, but for now I trust you We get no inspiration if we give no inspiration Sought after self worth and found only degradation W

Fat Joe

The Profit [Clean] Lyrics

by Fat Joe on album Miscellaneous

We gettin' money, man, I'll show you how to turn profit In the hood, they call me 'Joey, The Profit' First you cop it, then you cook it, then you chop it What the ***, boy? ***, they can't stop us We

Fat Joe

The Profit Lyrics

by Fat Joe on album Me Myself & I

We gettin' money, man, I'll show you how to turn profit In the hood, they call me 'Joey, The Profit' First you cop it, then you cook it, then you chop it What the fuck, boy? Bitch ass niggaz, they can


What Profit Lyrics

by Dwele on album Greater Than One

My man was steady stacking chips, riding in the classy whips Livin everyday like his birthday.....and how's my door with a doorman, But it seems that your man, forgot what you need in the worse way


In the Words of the Profit Lyrics

by Hades on album SaviorSelf

Hades SaviorSelf In the Words of the Profit In The Words Of The Profit Fly out of this world we're on, you'll get a global point of view. Altered consciousness gives a perspective tha

Jesse Nadir

Non Profit Lyrics

by Jesse Nadir on album One of A Kind

someone get me a translator to tell me what you mean you giving me mixed signals i don’t know if its red or green I’m trying my best to show you how much you mean to me my words starting t


For Profit Lyrics

by Baptists on album Bloodmines

He's placed Our gain Home based So much for healing Money's just too short He'll cope We'll strive As long as he's eating You'd never know he's hurt There's cash to make In suffering So

Brutal Truth

Stench Of Profit Lyrics

by Brutal Truth on album Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

Brutal Truth Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses Stench Of Profit Motivation, greed and pride, you don=B9t care how many die. Mother earth raped once more, mutilated to the core - NEVER CARI

Alice Donut

World Profit Lyrics

by Alice Donut on album Donut Comes Alive

Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive World Profit Mormon Tabernacle screaming round the bend: Your ship is coming in, your ship is coming in. And all the economic forecast predict: My ship is coming in,